The Merc Renovation: Episode 4 MEET THE KITCHEN! | Vintage Revivals

What’s up you guys it’s Mandi and Court
from Vintage Revivals! We are back with episode 4 of the Merc renovation. We’re talking
about our favorite part of the Merc at this point. The kitchen! On this episode we are talking about
our countertops, we’re talking about appliances, cabinetry, pull handles, sink and
faucet and pretty much everything else that you can fit into a kitchen! I would
say probably eight out of ten people want open-concept houses. They want their
kitchen and their living room to be one giant family room area. With the Merc that’s
not the case. I don’t like open-concept. Like, if I am avoiding doing
my dishes it’s reminding me that I’m avoid them. Does that just bring stress into your life? Yeah!
You can’t Netflix and just chill right there. No. Just let me watch Friday
Night Lights in peace! Phase one of the renovation (we have the kitchen obviously
in) this wall right behind us right here is only temporary so we do Phase two
that will be knocked out and it will connect to our living room but it still
is a separate space. The brick wall in the corner is original. The original wall
that is behind the stove and all of the cabinetry had three doorways in it so we
could not keep that exposed so we had to sheetrock over that. But I loved this
little window it’s just like a cute little pass-through window totally
serves no purpose other than being adorable. Kind of like me. We had all
of our cabinets custom-made at a local cabinet shop. I wanted them to be
recessed because I feel like that’s very clean. A lot of kitchens from the 1930s
have recessed cabinetry but I also didn’t want to be too boring so we used
just a really small piece of molding on the trim around the doors. When I started
with the Merc design I thought we would have brass accents everywhere and its
really interesting as the design is going on we keep using this raw
steel to make it feel more industrial. So that’s what we did for our cabinets. And
I’m all for that. She had the guy that made our
trifold doors fabricate pull handles and they’re great. The great
thing about the cabinet pulls is that they look handmade. Once again it’s just
something that is just Merc. Just the Merc. Yeah Merc Perks might be turned
into something good that might be kind of turning the corner here. One thing that people might not catch at
first glance is that our cabinet color it’s actually really dark green. it’s not
black. That plays into the vintage vibe. it but it also it’s a little bit daring.
Because we don’t have a pantry we needed a lot of storage in here. So we
have tons of cupboard space and drawers and like really smart storage solutions.
One of the things that I heard for months before she began getting with the
cabinet guy and talking to him about how they’re gonna design it was the glass
fronts and the chicken wire running through it. It’s not chicken wire, its
safety glass. And now that we have them love them. You guys does this seem like a reoccurring situation? It might be! We needed a
place for people to congregate when they are in the kitchen and that’s where this
awesome island comes into play. We can fit four barstools underneath this
little Peninsula that comes off and the thing that I love about it so much is
that it is very DIYable. If you have a house you need more counter space in your
kitchen you could absolutely duplicate this idea. Yeah. The countertops that we
are using are Dekton. They are an ultra compact countertop. I have literally been
wanting these countertops for five years I was at a Home Depot store managers
meeting five years ago and Dekton has just come out and they
were demoing it for all the store managers and they literally lit it on
fire and all I have heard from that day
forward is Dekton Dekton Dekton we’re getting Dekton.
it’s basically indestructible it is scratch proof it is completely stainproof. Kids who spill fingernail polish, totally cleaned up. Sharpies. You don’t
have to worry about heat transference I mean we would never use a
knife in here because we don’t really cook food but maybe like a razor blade
cutting some wood. Yeah! It’s not gonna scratch it will dull the razor blade. I’m
feeling like I’m gonna start cooking at the Merc though. I feel like the Merc is
a new leaf. I’ve heard this all before I don’t believe it. I’m excited for that
episode. We have the coolest sink going in the Merc it’s a brand new product from
Elkay. It is a stainless steel apron front sink and the apron front is
interchangeable. You can change it out they have a whole bunch of different
colors, different metal finishes. The inside is stainless steel, that stays, but
the front is interchangeable. We also have a pot filler. Which was
a must-have for you for some reason. Well because it’s beautiful. I knew it wasn’t to fill up a spaghetti
bowl. Our faucet and potfiller are both from Elkay also, and they are this
really good dark steel finish. They have kind of a
traditional vintage vibe. All our appliances came from Home Depot they are
Kitchen Aid. In order to kind of stay in the true era vibe of the Merc we decided
to do a panel ready fridge. So you have a fridge that doesn’t have any door fronts
on it and then your cabinet maker makes
cabinet fronts that are then mounted to the door so it doesn’t really look like
a fridge. It just flows really seamlessly with the rest of our cabinetry. We also
did a panel ready dishwasher. Our microwave is integrated into our
cabinetry. We chose to put the microwave in the cabinetry because it saves space.
We have a gas burning range and one thing that I love about it is that it looks really high-end because it doesn’t have an electrical panel on the back of
it and it’s KitchenAid. It’s quite the debate on Vintage Revivals when I decided not
to put a range hood in above our stove. Now for people that cook a lot and use their
stove a lot you probably want one. It’s definitely necessary. For people that
don’t cook a lot you don’t need it. I mean I literally have turned on a range
hood like three times in my entire life and that is when I started things on
fire. This is not a normal setup so this room is actually in the Phase 2 portion
of the renovation. It has a dropped ceiling it’s like a little room inside
the big room. So there would just be a flat ceiling with a pipe going out of it
and that would be going up through the roof. So we veto’d the range hood. Which
is fine, we’re doing some really cool open shelving above it. We also have tile
going on that wall which is really simple 4×4 white tile from Home Depot
like you can buy it in stock it’s very inexpensive. We have a good amount of
open shelving. The open shelving that is going in front of our window is to
help with privacy and also because it looks cute and the open shelving that is
going above our stove that’s where we’re gonna store all of our dishes!
Hands down the star of the show in the kitchen is the floor though don’t you
think? I love the floor. The floor is awesome. We have a whole video about how we did the floor all the information about how easy it is and
how you can do it. Yep so go check that out and I’ll link
it below. Alright guys you want to thank you for watching the show! Yes, thank you
so much and thank you for joining us in the heart of our home. Or what should
be the heart of our home. I feel like the workshop is the heart of our home. I
don’t know where the heart of our home is You’re the heart of our home. All
right you guys we’ll see you next episode!

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