The Most Haunted Dolls Available on eBay

– How you doing? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at
the most haunted dolls available on eBay right now. So hit that subscribe button and get ready for more creepy content just like this. (ambient bass) A seller named Terry put a
porcelain doll up for sale on eBay that she calls Sheila. According to Terry, Sheila
is a perfect paranormal doll because her large wide eyes
are extremely lifelike, and are an accurate representation of the spirit residing within. Sheila also carries a
teddy bear that may be an important trigger object for the spirit haunting the doll. Terry states that she’s taken
EVP recordings from the doll, and gotten very clear results. During sessions with the doll,
the paranormal investigator asked if she could take the teddy bear that Sheila always holds. The spirit gave a very
clear and emphatic no as the answer. Terry has attested to
find out what would happen if the bear were to be taken away, but the spirit seems quite attached to it and parting her from the toy could have disastrous consequences. Many sellers of haunted dolls don’t know much about their backstories. In this case of this
disturbing looking toy, the seller speculates
that the doll might’ve been created by using a death mold of a recently deceased infant. The seller states that the
doll is incredibly detailed, especially around the spinal column, face, and soft spots on the skull, suggesting that it was made using a real live child as a mold. The seller of this doll
states that numerous people have sensed a presence within the doll. Since bringing the doll into their home, they’ve noted that brand new lightbulbs have been shattering without explanation with an alarming frequency. They also noted that their young daughter has been experiencing
night terrors frequently. She was not prone to
night terrors previously, so the doll could be the cause. In addition, the young
girl has been speaking to someone no one else can see. She calls this person Anna. These haunted dolls have an eerie history rooted in the practice of voodoo. The dolls are oddly out of proportion, making their smaller heads
seem creepy and out of place. Their facial expressions
seem to suggest fear, making one wonder what
it is the dolls have seen in their long lives. According to the seller
of these particular dolls modeled after a southern
belle and a lady in waiting, these dolls have been part
of a collection of dolls owned by Marie Laveau. During her lifetime, Laveau
was one of Louisiana’s most infamous voodoo priestesses. Stories of her frightening powers have been passed down for generations. It is said that Laveau
is one of the founders of Creole voodoo, that
still has a presence in New Orleans today. The seller doesn’t note any
particular paranormal activity associated with the doll,
but if it was owned by Marie Laveau, there’s a very good chance that it was used in her voodoo practice and could have a spirit attached to it. Some haunted dolls are
creepy because of how lifelike they are. This doll’s eerie aura is frightening for the exact opposite reason. The doll’s head was fashioned
using a shriveled apple, making the toy look
like a withered old hag. The seller states that the
doll was made in the 1970’s, and that she acquired
it from an estate of a recently deceased woman. The seller is an avid collector of dolls, but she doesn’t feel
comfortable keeping these dolls with the rest of her collection. The seller doesn’t describe any specific paranormal events associated with this supposedly haunted doll. However, they claim that
the dolls acquired from the deceased woman’s estate all
have a terrifying energy that makes the seller believe
that they may be haunted. This 100 year old doll was well
loved by its original owner. The wear on the doll suggests
that it was played with frequently, and the wear
on the face in particular makes the toy’s features
blurry and indistinct. Still, the eyes of the doll
seem to be always watching. According to the seller, the
doll was originally owned by a young boy who was
extremely attached to it. When the boy died at age eight
of an asthma related illness, his spirit seems to have
remained attached to the doll. The boy’s parents claim that
after their son passed away, they saw an apparition that
looked like him near the doll. They also claim to have
heard his voice and footsteps in the vicinity, and had
occasional electrical disturbances while the doll was still in the house. The faces of some haunted
dolls such as this one are eerie because of their contradictions. This doll’s mouth is wide
open as if screaming, yet its eyes are dead and lifeless, making the you truly
frightening to look at. According to the seller of this doll, the toy is haunted by the spirit of an ancient Sumerian demon called Sar’gomos. The seller states that
the owners of the doll will hear the demon’s voice and screams, which will gradually get louder the longer it remains in the home. The seller has also experienced
electrical disturbances and the sudden feeling of
being tapped on the shoulder while the doll was around. The seller believes that the
previous owner of the doll was a practitioner of black magic who used the doll to keep their spirit bound to the mortal world. Although the disturbances
associated with the doll have not yet been violent,
there is the possibility that darker occurrences are in its future. Sally is a unique doll in
that her eyes are closed. Most dolls get their
creepy aura from their lifelike yet dead eyes. However, because Sally’s
closed eyelids are discolored, she almost appears to have pure white eyes that stare wildly at
anyone who gazes at her. The story goes that Sally was a young farm girl in Massachusets. She always wanted to cut her hair but her parents forbade it. She often played with the
doll, excited by how much the doll resembled her. At age 10, Sally tragically drowned. The seller of the doll
believes that Sally’s spirit remained attached to her beloved toy. The owners of the doll have
noted that it moves randomly between rooms and that they
sometimes hear the sounds of splashing water and screams
when the doll is nearby. The toy’s hair also seems to grow, very similar to Sally’s
long hair that she was never allowed to cut. The doll’s next owner
may also have to contend with disturbing nightmares
of Sally’s death. So this eBay listing is
not for the faint of heart. The seller of this haunted
doll states that the toy was obtained along with
a group of other dolls. However, the seller is eager to be rid of the new collection, as
odd and disturbing things have been happening in
the doll’s presence. The doll has wide, dark eyes
that seem to stare sadly at anyone who looks at her. The eyes are so dark that from a distance, they look like voids in the doll’s head. The seller is deliberately
vague about the haunted activity the doll has caused, so
the buyer of this toy would have to be very
brave or very foolish. As far as creepy doll eyes
go, it’s hard to beat Laci. Her large eyes staring out
from above her chubby cheeks are pale red in color. It’s difficult to
believe that a doll maker would have fashioned eyes in such an unrealistic and terrifying color. So what could’ve happened
to turn Laci’s eyes such a disturbing shade? According to the seller,
the spirit within Laci was a young girl who went to
meet her biological father against her mother’s wishes. She never returned from the trip. Now anyone who owns the doll
can speak to her spirit. The seller states that these conversations are often unnerving, as Laci
knows everything about you. Even things you may have forgotten. What remains to be seen is how Laci will use
her sinister knowledge. Before we get to that number
one spot and take a look at one of the creepiest haunted
dolls ever listed on eBay, remember to hit that Subscribe button and tickle the bell icon. That way, you’ll be updated
about all our latest content. Of all the dolls on this list, this doll has the most terrifying history. The doll was in the home of a woman who was a member of a Satanic cult. The woman ended up murdering
her husband and children in a ritual and their
spirits seem to have become bound to the dolls that were in the home. The seller states that
they visited the home and got a strong sense of evil. They were forced to leave
the house because of an overwhelming feeling of nausea. Since owning the doll,
the seller has heard whispering voices often late at night. The doll also sometimes
moves its arm on its own as if reaching towards something. The seller believes that
the spirit within the doll wants to protect those around it, but they can’t be sure
of its true intentions. (creepy music) If you want some more
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section below, let us know whether you’d actually
consider buying one of these creepy dolls off eBay. And that’s it from me,
I’ll see you all next time. Pew! (creepy music)

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  1. When my daughter was little, she had a mechanical dog that would walk a few steps then stop and bark. Sometimes it would turn itself on. She was horrified. We had to take out the batteries and put it way back on the shelf. Think we ended up tossing it.

  2. I'm surprised that they weren't any haunted Barbies in this video, as I'm pretty sure those would have went for thousands of dollars on E-Bay. Nice video.

  3. I work as a pricer in a thrift shop … we get those dolls all the time, and sometimes i will get about 20 in a collection … i dont touch them except to throw them in the bins and yes i throw them, nor do i look them in the eye … i have often wonder if i am pricing one of these haunted dolls …


  5. This is why slapped Ham is my number 1 paranormal and scary clips channel no one does it better yes better then chills and top 10

  6. This dolls are scarier then the annabelle doll i would see this dolls and buried them while i would probably put the annabelle doll on display lol

  7. Laci’s iris color is actually real. It’s nearly always seen in Albino ppl however over my years I’ve known 2 non-albino ppl that had that shade & the other a bit darker/richer.
    As for dolls in general, haunted or not, I’ll take my 40+ yrs of dealing w the paranormal over ANY doll any day. I despise them & hated them as a child. Lucky for me I’ve not had to deal with a haunted doll.
    *do ppl get refunds from eBay when they buy an advertised haunted doll/object & it turns out not to cause any activity whatsoever?*😂

  8. BUYING creepy dolls, why. Using baby as a mold, frig. I would Paten ur voice KALLEN, 'and they call her ANNA', crap buddy. Till the next one.

  9. These days every box is a dybik and every doll is haunted. 😏
    Laci is so pretty! I wish dolls were made the way they used to be…

  10. I HATE dolls! When I was a kid, my alarm went off for school, so I got ready and stood in the living room, waiting for my friend to knock on my door, as we did every morning. We’d walk to the bus stop together. As I was waiting, I suddenly felt weirdly uncomfortable. Mums wind up doll suddenly started singing and was looking right at me. Suffice to say, my friend didn’t call for me that morning. Instead, I ran to his, terrified!

  11. “The doll’s head was fashioned using a shriveled apple, making the toy look like a withered, old hag.”
    I’m sorry, but I burst out laughing at the well-thought out description of this particular doll. Good job, Slapped Ham!

  12. I bought a haunted doll on eBay It’s not even haunted. It just jacks me off when I get a morning wood hahaha jk. It’s a joke geez

  13. I own over 100 "haunted" dolls. I bought 3 at a paranormal convention. Then people started sending me them and giving them to me. They seem to peaceful to me. Nothing ever happens.

  14. As a child in the early 1970’s I was given a teddy dressed in a long Edwardian style dress with matching long pantaloon style knickers. She was really lovely and had been given to me by a work colleague of my Dad’s. It was only a few months after giving me the teddy, my Dad’s work friend took a holiday to the coast of north/east Scotland. One wet and windy day while on holiday she took a breezy walk round a fishing village and the harbour. While walking along the harbour wall, fishermen witnessed her stop to watch the seagulls battling against the high winds. It was then they saw her hit by a freak wave. The wave took her off the wall into the sea. A massive search was launched, but sadly her body was never found, presumably taken out into the North Sea by the strong currents. Sometime after her disappearance my teddy would often without explanation appear to be wet. It didn’t matter where I kept it, how I stored it, it would still on occasions feel wet and damp to the touch. Sadly over time, my teddy had ‘got wet’ so many times she turned very mouldy and even desperately trying to clean her did not help at all. Regrettably I had to throw her away a few years ago. Although not before I had a spiritualist tell me that I had a toy given to me by a lady that was feeling very cold and wet, she was in the dark and could not breathe. I felt so sorry for my Dad’s friend, such an awful way to have your life taken from you.🤷‍♀️🌊😰

  15. I used to have a Stretch Armstrong when I was nine years old. It was haunted. It will try to tease me at night. It will stretch every part except the arms or legs.

  16. #9 take that crap out your house, end of story, and please don't sell it to other innocent, people, on eBay so they can be cursed? Duh! 🙄😟

  17. Thanks so much for watching!
    If you love what we do, consider supporting us on #patreon!

  18. I would totally buy a haunted doll if the price was right. You're potentially buying something haunted every time you shop at a thrift store so to me it wouldn't be any different to just buy something that is straight up presented as haunted.

  19. These are reasons I hate dolls! Actually I just hate them haunted or not they're creepy! The only dolls I played with were Barbies and PJ Sparkles. Anyone remember her? She wasn't too creepy! My mom hates dolls too lol which is funny to me and my daughter doesn't like them!

  20. Once I was browsing these beautiful haunted dolls online just for the heck of it & later on that very same night ended up having s damn dream about the one I liked the most. It was creepy for sure because under the description it did state that the doll can manipulate dreams. I was so freaked out, I never browsed for em again. And now here I am 😆

  21. That " supposedly " apple head doll- looks nothing like any folk art apple dolls I've ever seen. This dolls head looks like something a cat or an owl gakked up.

  22. If anyone bought any of those dolls they would be foolish indeed. 😂 Foolish for believing in any of this, and spending ur hard earned cash

  23. Why do I watch shit like this at night? 😂 Im 18 but damn I still get scared😂… Plus my lil sister have around 7dolls an one looks like a doll in the video 😐

  24. people will buy anything on ebay. I wonder if I can sell a pair of haunted undercrackers with a terrible back story… Let's see
    These pants were once owned by a hard working man and were his lucky underpants, which he frequently wore when attending football matches and visiting betting shops.
    Unfortunately one day, whilst on his way to a local match to see his favourite team he was struck by a rival fan's vehicle, corrupting all of the luck contained in the underpants, cursing them forever and leaving and empty place where their owner once was. Unfortunately this empty space was filled by a Sumerian demon called " Thundercrack" whom now inhabits them and preys on whomever dares don the ghastly grundies.

  25. Great channel. Was super into it. But you’re starting to sound like a psycho girlfriend asking if you’re pretty enough. Not only does every video have at least 3 ads, you ask to like and subscribe way too much. It’s repetitive and super annoying. Please stop.

  26. So, eBay sellers wanting to mark up the usual markup by claiming their dolls are haunted. 😀 Anyone who buys that, literally or figuratively is an idiot.

  27. About halfway through the video I asked myself why I was watching it. I've been staying at my grandmother's house and she has dolls everywhere!

  28. I reeeeeeally f***king hate dolls! Yuck! Those eyes, the lifelike appearance, it just gives me the creeps. I even hated Barbie as a kid.

  29. no not buying a haunted doll. Already have one who doesn't like sharing my attention or me making clothes for my non-haunted dolls. She throws them around enough as it is don't need a war between her and another haunted doll.

  30. Not sure why, but there was something about the way you tilted your head at the very beginning of the video, when saying, "How ya doing?" Not sure what it was exactly, but I really liked it for some reason. Haha. Maybe it just seemed more realistic or relatable. I dunno.

  31. Anybody can buy a doll at Good Will, garage sale, etc. and make up a big fat lie about it and sell it on eBay. You could make a fortune off gullible people who will believe anything. Not that I would buy one of these hideous dolls. I wouldn’t even want them in my house, but that one doll that is supposed to be haunted by a demon, sounds like total bullshit and dishonest people suck.

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