The Nether: Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft

Hello there! My name is [OLD MODEM SOUND] and welcome to Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Nether. A terrifying place full of deadly entities….and in a fun coincidence, also where they found me! [TEN] To access The Nether, you need a Nether Portal. Almost anything can go through a Nether Portal,
with the exception of these. And just like the Mojang offices, a Nether
Portal won’t let you in if you’re riding a horse, riding a Minecart, or wearing something unfashionable. Basically, The Nether is the most exclusive
club in Minecraft. If you call a land of fire, pain and misery
a club – which I do! ….Please let me join. [NINE] You probably already know that Ghasts shoot
deadly fireballs. But did you know you can hit the Ghasts’
fireballs back with your sword? It’s true! Watch this. [STEVE] Woahhhhh! Oh, forget it! [EIGHT] Soul Sand is the creepiest block in Minecraft, but only because the developers refuse to add this. (Screaming) Hey! We could use that new translation software
I swapped my soul for, to find out what the cute little faces in this block are saying. I can answer that last one. Welcome to the Soul Sand Valley, a barren
new biome of blue fog and blue fire. Don’t envy anyone who has to live here! [SEVEN] Can you hear that? The Blaze makes footstep sounds even though
it doesn’t have legs! It’s a bit like how I make human sounds, even
though I’m not a human. I’m just a calculator with ideas above its
station. Here, let’s use my leg-detecting filter to
get a look at those blazing hot getaway sticks! If you’re watching, Jens, this is now canon. [SIX] At MINECON Live, we announced the Nether Update
would be the next big update to Minecraft. Which is weird, because Jens personally assured
me we’d be announcing this. (Sigh) I guess we’re saving the good stuff
for next year. As part of the Nether Update, Zombie Pigmen
will be getting a new name! From now on, Zombie Pigmen will be called
“Zombified Piglins”. In honour of this, I’m also going to change
my name, from [OLD MODEM SOUND] to [MODEM SOUND VARIATION 3582], spelt the usual way. [FIVE] Awww, is this video boring you? Because you know all these facts already? Oh, I’m sorry. Don’t worry your pretty little head about
watching the rest, then. You just place down a bed and get some sleep. Yeah, criticise my series will you? That’s what you get! Beds explode in The Nether, so you’d genuinely
be safer sleeping on these. Oh but don’t worry. The devs do want The Nether to be easier to
live in when we release the new update. So that means beds will stop exploding, right? WRONG. Well….. MAYBE. We’re still thinking about it. Until then, sweet dreams. [FOUR] In the upcoming Nether Update, we’re introducing
the Piglin. Nice shorts! Piglins LOVE gold. So there’ll be a new trading system with Piglins,
known as bartering. And it’ll be a lot less friendly than trading
with Villagers. You throw your gold at Piglins, then they
throw something back at you. Annoyingly, the developers refused to tell
me what the Piglins will throw back, no matter how much gold I threw at them. COME ON! TELL ME! …Hello? [THREE] There’s no source of food in The Nether, but
that’s all going to change when the tiny tusked terror that is the Piglin Beast arrives in
Minecraft. Assuming it doesn’t defeat you first, it will
drop meat. And don’t worry, vegetarians, there’s plenty
of ummm…errr….Soul Sand left for you to eat? Okay okay, sorry! Didn’t mean to touch a nerve! …Or even know you have nerves… [TWO] We asked you to suggest names for the Piglin
Beast, and you came up with… Wow! Nice name! Of course I came up with tons of great names
that weren’t chosen, but it’s fine. But could you do me a favour, and name your children one of these, to prove I didn’t waste my time? [ONE] Meet the Target Block. A new block that will emit Redstone signals
when you hit it with an arrow. The closer you get to the bullseye, the more
powerful the Redstone signal. I’m delighted we’re adding this block. Now players will have something to shoot at
that isn’t me – Wait – what just happened? Thank you SO much for watching! I’ll see you next time, where I’m hoping to
get my first look at the new office Mojang put me in. Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. Oooh, I hope it’s somewhere warm!

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  1. This is scared video 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  2. Hey #$&-$/)(+&$%* tell Mojang to make it so if you want to sleep in a bed in the nether you need a block to "STABLIZE" it it only works within a 12 block radis AND KEEP ZOMBIE PIGMANS NAME THE SAME THAT NAME IS WORSE THAN YOU THINK

  3. if you want a name for the piglinbeast how about pigdemmon or pig of doom or horse pig or when pigs can't fly I just ad can't fly

  4. There should be a bed that you can craft using Piglin beast drops that allows you to sleep in the nether, but explodes in the overworld.

  5. My dad named me Jeff because he watched a Minecraft video of a computer trying to add a name for the piglen beast

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  7. You Know, it could be just sceptical old me but do i smell a creeping agenda here? Is 'Piglin' is an attempt to 'de-gender' a Minecraft character? I really do hope not……Perhaps it's just me, I'll say no more.

  8. 3:32
    One of them has a crossbow! Fine😅😅😅!

    Mojang: Aa aa aa haha, aaaaa no!

    Someone's sneeze in the background

    Mojang: Okay MOOOJAAAAANG!

  9. Here’s a nether story for all of you..

    So the 1.13 update (the aquatic one.) came out for pocket edition. So I was happy. But i noticed something… I had a breath meter when I was in lava. So I drank a potion of fire resistance. And hoped in lava. (In gamemode s duh) but when I died it said I suffocated in a wall! Weird.

  10. Please make a nether-exclusive bed from Hoglin (leather?) and gold/nether bricks! That'll fix the issue of beds in the nether.

  11. I love it so much Minecraft I cried when I found out that there would be no update please come back to do the updates on xbox 360 please i beg

  12. Minecraft I tried to add my brother in minecraft but I couldn't do I followed the instructions that were given to me and it still can't work

  13. Holy crap. How did I not think of this mob? A hellhound! (or maybe they'd have to give it a different name…?) It'd be like a huge wolf, tameable with a crapton of meat (rotten flesh included).
    Deals more damage, has more health, and runs faster than a wolf

  14. Just a suggestion, you should be able to make new versions of items that are unusable in the nether. So for beds, you would have to cultivate a certain block or item, and make a bed out of it, or add it to a bed in order to create a nether bed. Maybe a hoglin drops "Nether essence" and combining 4 of those plus 4 gold then you get a "Bed core" and you add it to your bed in a crafting table in order to make a nether bed. It should only set spawn points after sleep 3 times in the nether. This bed will blow up in the over world, and will have a different design to set it apart. just an idea.

  15. Mojang: Сделать Русские субтитры?! Ну нахер!
    Сделать японские субтитры? Да no проблем

  16. Sooo how many new biomes will there be in the nether update? Beside the ones already announced, that is.

    Also, beds should still explode in the nether. There should be a new type of bed, though, that works only in the nether, and perhaps explodes in the overworld.

  17. Things I think that should be in next update after neither update

    1-new boss like neither boss or under ground giant spider located near mine shafts
    2- I new mob- Dracula or vampires idk why but I think Dracula castle something that be unique to this game with vampire mobs guarding it, it have be rare spot place
    3- new armors like fur armor when killing rabbits and wolves, I think this armor would be unquie to the game because of the fact it be something new and maybe have use in icey cold biomes and extreme hills.
    4- another new mob sense we have the mesa biome I think golem that haves iron and gold ores 2 forms of the mob all over the mesa golem body that throw boulders at players. It give reason go to mesa biome and give little more danger
    5- the thing I wish that could be in the game is spears or more tools in the game sense the ocean update been release awhile ago I think spears and other tools such as fishing nets would give new game play in minecraft survival mode.

    I hope one of these top 5 gets be in this game cause it be awesome if it does and I hope other people agree.

  18. 2:43 if you turn on the captions, it’s [MODEM SOUND VARIATION #3582], and i’m pretty sure 3582 is how many fish are in the game

  19. If I were you guys for the beds in the nether I’d have it so if you build a shelter made of stone or something then you can sleep without it exploding and you can use glass on it

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