The REAL Perfect Instant Smile Press On Veneers Demo & Review

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. The Pretty Witch here. If you’re new here my channel is all about
beauty and fashion tips. As well I delve into any kind of lifestyle topics. I discuss real life issues and get personal
with you guys. One of the main things I love to do on my
channel is kind of test out and review those kind of crazy gadgets that you see that are
trending on social media. Anyways before we go ahead and get into the
actual video what I need you to do is please hit that subscribe button for me. I am trying to reach one thousand subscribers. And once I do I’m going to be doing a giveaway. Now if you don’t know anything about the giveaway
I will put that link down below for you. Okay guys so about six months ago I reviewed
one of those As Seen On TV products called the Instant Smile. Now this video has gained a bit of popularity
on YouTube. It has now reached currently over eighty thousand
views. In the video the product for me turned out
to be a complete fail. It didn’t work. However it was definitely a good time making
the video and turned out to be quite comical and funny. If you haven’t seen the video I will put that
link down below but here are just a few clips to catch you up. So let’s fast forward six months to where
we are now. I received an email out of the blue. It was from Billy Bob products. They are the creators of the Instant Smile
and they actually informed me that the product that I was using in that video was actually
a knockoff version of the product. Oops. I had no idea. I had actually purchased the product through
Amazon. I just assumed anything you are buying off
Amazon was legitite. I probably should have done some more research. The good news is the company has offered to
send me the real product to try out and test for you guys. So Billy Bob products did not sponsor me or
pay me in any way to do this video. They just sent me the product for free and
this is going to be a one hundred percent honest review. So the company was very generous and they
actually sent me two pairs of the Instant Smile. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to be
including one of them in my giveaway when I reach the one thousand subscribers. So first thing just looking at the packaging
I can already tell that this is a much better product than the previous one. I wish I had kept the original packaging from
that previous video but this one is just super quality nice and sleek. The package that I had received from Amazon
was actually kind of crushed a bit and the package just didn’t look all that great. The main purpose of this product is basically
for people who really can’t afford that expensive dental work to fix their teeth and they just
want like a nice simple solution to kind of restore any kind of confidence that they have. So if you can kind of see here there’s the
before picture where this person is missing a tooth and then this is supposed to be the
after here. Now this product is not actually considered
a denture so it is not meant to be used with chewing any kind of hard foods or anything. So it’s just simply used for appearance purposes. I’m going to read the instructions on the
back of the package because this time I want to make sure I am actually doing this one
hundred percent correctly. So step one you are to place the teeth into
a cup of hot almost boiling water. So this is going to make them flexible and
ready to custom fit. Step two uing a mirror firmly position the
Instant Smile teeth over your existing teeth. Press them firmly against your teeth and gently
pat the impression material with the thumbs behind your real teeth. Step three gently ease the teeth out of your
mouth after thirty seconds and then set them in a glass of cold water to cool. The impression material will turn white when
it is hardened. So these are basically the exact same instructions
that I had used in the previous video. So what it actually comes down to is essentially
the quality of the product. So let’s just see if the authentic real thing
is actually better. Once I opened up the box inside was this little
clear plastic container case here that you can store the teeth in after you use them
because they are reusable and can be used multiple times. So I pulled the teeth out of the package. Now I can tell just by looking at them that
these are so much better looking than the ones from the previous video. These actually look genuinly real and they
don’t look like gimmick teeth or anything. These are actually handmade. I actually did keep the teeth from the previous
video so just comparing you can see a huge difference. These look really plasticy and gimmicky. Okay guys so I’m just going to go boil some
hot water so that we can dive in and test out this product. So I’ve gone ahead and boiled some water and
I’m just going to go ahead and pour that into a bowl. So now we have the teeth in the hot water. We’re just going to let it sit in here for
one minute. Alright so it’s been one minute. I’m just going to go ahead and scoop out the
teeth. So then you’re supposed to firmly position
the teeth and press down for thirty seconds. Okay so I’ve just popped them out of my mouth. I’m just going to go ahead and put them into
some cold water. It says once the impression material turns
white then it’s going to be ready for use. So while we’re letting the impression material
harden I can tell you right now that the impression material on these teeth is so much better
than the ones in the previous video. The ones on the knockoff version were this
really thick gross amount of pink plastic. There was way too much impression material. It left a lot of overhang. This had just the right amount of impression
material. And it just. It felt different when I was applying it on my teeth. It actually felt like there was a grip and
a suction. So I’m actually super excited that these might
actually possibly work. So I’m going to go ahead and pop it in. Okay oh my god you guys they actually popped
into place. Oh my god and they’re not falling out. Okay so first thing I’m noticing is you can
see the impression material here is overhanging. So that’s not a problem of the product. That is likely something I did wrong and it
does say on the back of the package if you are unhappy with the fit you can simply remold
as many times as you want to. I think I might go ahead and retry molding
them because I really want to do this properly. So I’ve just gone ahead and popped them back
into some more hot water. Just letting all that impression material
soften up again so that I can remold them. Okay so I’ve just taken the teeth out of the
hot water and I’m just going to kind of play with that impression material just to move
it up a bit because it had a little bit of overhang. So let’s go ahead and try this again. I look just as sexy as I did in the last video. Okay I’m just going to pop it out. So I see some overhang at the top which I
don’t really care about because it’s going to be hidden under the gum but I don’t really
see any on the bottom of the teeth so I’m going to go ahead and put it in the cold water
and let that harden. So the teeth are ready. Let’s give this a go for the second time. Yup popped right back into place like it did
the first time except this time I don’t have any overhang. This is great. So if you seen my previous video I couldn’t
even talk with the last pair in. They were falling out of my mouth. It just looked horrible. They didn’t stay put. They were sagging. It was just ugh. This is actually really good quality. The colour is just perfect. They actually look like real gums. Okay so I’m just going to pop these out and
then we’ll finish up the video. Okay so here are my final thoughts. A the product actually did work. It wasn’t uncomfortable in my mouth. The fit was great. It just popped in so easily and stood in place. I could talk normal with it. Is this something that I would probably wear? Probably not because my teeth to begin with
aren’t that bad but if you are someone that is let’s say missing a tooth or you aren’t
confident about your smile this would be great for you. So I am so thankful that Billy Bob products
reached out and sent me the real product because this is actually the real deal. It is genuine. It is not a gimmick like you saw in the previous
video. So is it a product I would recommend? Definitely a thumbs up. So if you are interested in trying it out
for yourself or you have a friend or a family member you know who would love this. Christmas is coming up. This would make a perfect gift. I will put the link down below where you can
buy the real authentic version of the Instant Smile. However if you are one of the lucky people
you might actually win this in my giveaway so don’t forget to subscribe. So just as a little teaser Billy Bob products
did send me another product to try out and review. It is similar to the Instant Smile. I’m not going to tell you guys what it is
yet. You’ll have to wait for that in the future. So make sure you hit that little bell notification
beside the subscribe button. That way you get notified when my video gets
released. Thank you guys so much for watching. I am super thrilled that this product actually
worked and came through. If you know of any other products like this
that you would like me to test out and review please comment them down below. Make sure you check out any of my latest videos. Also be sure to follow me on social media
if you want to see any of my beauty or fashion looks. Those links will be down below and I will
see you guys next time.

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  2. Thank you for this video
    So many idiots laughing at this product that donโ€™t need it and take it as a joke
    Iโ€™m so glad there are companies that make products for us who canโ€™t afford dental cosmetics. We have to pay rent and bills. Plus any money left goes to our kids needs…

  3. So I just ordered these the other day, and I was looking through the q & a section on Amazon, and a couple people mentioned the teeth getting stuck in, this made me very nervous. Has anyone ever had an issue with them getting stuck? Also anyone out there with an overbite that have tried these and if so how did it work?

  4. Hello Candy Dawn,it's great that we share the same name! By accident I stumbled onto your video sharing your insta smile teeth. I am going through some very dramatic dental work which has left me humbled to say the least. I am going to try this product thanks to your video . Thank you friend for an honest opinion.

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  18. U need to bite down when they are warm so your bite is right also. Then remove because if they get stuck in have to put hot water in your mouth to soften and remove. I did not realize rhat would work and my poor dentist drilled at them a half hour. Oops

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  22. you are beautiful, but why is nobody addressing the fact that you speak weirdly when you have them in? it makes you mouth a bit odd, and your talking is ? forced, i am not sure how to describe. ?maybe you can get used to it, or correct it by working on that, but right out of the box, like that, no i would think you mouth was odd if i just met you…

  23. I've been using these for years, and while they aren't useful for eating, they definitely look better than my missing teeth! One too I would offer is by using an electric file, or dremmel tool you can thin them out some from behind so they don't stick out, and also smooth down the edges from the fitting stuff so there aren't any little rough spots to run your tongue over. I have found that most people don't even realize that they're fake and most of my front teeth are actually missing. These have been a true life saver for me. For real.

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