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  1. Second time is the charm! Enjoy! Sorry for all the confusion, help me get this video back to 10 million! You guys are the best 🙂

  2. I still dislike Voldemorts death scene in the movies.

    I'd prefer to just see him drop dead. Like anyone else. Oh the irony… <3

  3. Im so late to this video great job btw I just realised young tom riddle in the orphanage plays Hardin in after lmao what a downfall

  4. this story is sooooo confusing .How can snape be headmaster when everyone knows that he killed dumbledor

  5. "She started giving Tom Riddle love potions and eventually they got married and she became pregnant"
    Is it really hard to say she was a rapist?

  6. Lol if he had just never fucked with his soul he could have led a cool life instead of one constantly trying to become immortal and then became a Hogwarts ghost, being forever tied to the one place he enjoyed being near…but no. He damaged his soul so much that now it is in limbo, effectively providing him with exactly what he feared all along: not existing. What a dumb villain.

  7. Its not about views tat u r video is rated 🥰🙏 its about the content pls dont show 10 million views bla bla on your video 🙏🙏🙏 suggestion tanq 🙏🙏🙏

  8. The fact that little young Tom Riddle is Hero Fiennes Tiffin aka hot asf daddy aka HARDIN SCOTT FROM THE AFTER SERIES aka HANDSOME ASFF…………………………
    You're welcome😊

  9. before voldemort tried to kill harry they stole eachothers noses. Legend has it that voldemort didn't get his nose back.

  10. Adolf Hitler was not the most evil or one of the most evil. Do your research on EUROPEAN sites for the truth. WHO owns the world media? THAT is the source of the LIES ……

  11. Funny thing is, Dumbledore, who didn't split his soul and was considered a good guy died at the age of 150, and would've lived more had he not been killed; while Tom Riddle died at the age of 76 after trying so hard to become immortal!

  12. Jesus Christ is coming back people repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your savior today not tomorrow which is promised to noone.

  13. I think you messed it up at the end a bit! The fight already started at finished by neville killing the snake and destroying the horcrux and just seconds later Voldemort loses the fight to Harry and dies

  14. If Voldemort is your favorite villain ever, but not your favorite character in HP, that’d be an amazing compliment to the characters.

  15. Very nice video but I spotted an error. Nevil doesn't kill nagini before the final fight between Voldemort and Harry, he kills it during the fight. This is why at the beginning of the fight Harry seems overwhelmed and loosing but in the middle of the fight Nevil kills nagini to save Ron and Hermione whom are attacked by nagini and after that Harry kills Voldemort.

  16. Harry potter series has got to be one of the best movies in this generation and Voldemort is once of the best villains out there 💯

  17. finished watching mind hunter season 2. that whole detective series is based on exploring psychology of murderers and it seems like the FBI learnt from JK Rowling 😅

  18. LOL amazing you failed to mention this in the not second, but third reupload LOL I guess it is amateur hour. Why did he loose with the most powerful want, WOW U actually suck. I cant believe U forgot (if U didn't U just outright fail), lol maybe UR next video will be more informed!

  19. I’m pretty sure the Albanian forest was actually a forest in Scotland, another one of JK’s genius moves
    “Alba, a Gaelic name for Scotland, may be related to the Greek name of Britain Albion, Latinized as Albania during the High Medieval period (1001 – 1300- which by the way is the exact period the Ravenclaws existed..) and later passed into Middle English as Albany.”

  20. I watched all parts but BUT NEVER GRASPED THE WHOLE STORY UNTIL NOW only to realize how wonderful it was.

    THANKS A TON FOR THIS VIDEO. Love you bro. Love your work too.

  21. You forgot to mention that in the muggle world the Riddle family's gardner Frank Brice was the prime suspect in the murder. Brice was released but his reputation was ruined because of it. As for Tom Sr and Merope's relationship it created quite a scandel to his muggle neighbors. Then after he abandoned her he told his family and friends that he had been hoodwinked. His neighbors assumed that she lied about the baby.

  22. if tom riddle and harry potter are bothers; then that means that lillian is the descendant of tom's mom!!


  23. Hi i just want you to show a picture of Albanian mountainous forests and see yourself how magical the view is since it is mentioned in the video several times. https://www.instagram.com/p/B084Dg7gs-Q/?igshid=1k5qaqbf5hd2

  24. Wait what movie did they get the clips from is this a whole different movie are is it part of the Harry Potter movies

  25. That makes a lot of sense.. Tom conceived under a love potion.. hadn't thought of it that way…
    I don't think I will see Nagini the same after Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Crimes of Grindelwald… 🙁

  26. To the Albania forest o man the Nostalgia xd ( my parents are Albanian but I born on Greece nobody cares I know)

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