The Tradition Antique Cigar Humidor

The Tradition Antique Cigar Humidor
This humidor holds up to 150 cigars. It measures 16 in. wide, 11 in. deep, and 8 1/4 in. tall.
It has a deep cherry finish and a solid wood construction. The front of the humidor has a antique tarnished
brass lock and key and the side of the humidor has an antique tarnished brass handle. This
humidor features beautiful scalloped edges and the back of the humidor has a piano hinge
and two hidden quadrant hinges. This humidor comes with two foam-based rectangular
humidifiers and one analog hygrometer that is attached to the lid. This humidor has the
sure seal technology which is the Spanish cedar on the top meshes well with the Spanish
cedar below to create a nice tight seal. This humidor is fully lined in 100 percent kiln
dried Spanish cedar and the top features a Spanish cedar tray with a removable divider.
Below are two removable Spanish cedar dividers as well as an aerator.

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