The Truth About Buying a Classic Car

rev up your engines,
Jim Kowalski says, Scotty I’m young 24-year old, I have a passion for classic
cars can you offer a recommendation on how to get started with a classic car
hobby and how I might learn to restore a car properly, okay you’re starting so
don’t go for a super-expensive classic like don’t go for a 67 Mustang Fastback,
it’s too much money, you’re gonna get, you might go for something like a 65 Falcon
or something, where you can get them cheaper,
they’re simple cars, they’re easier to work on, you’re not gonna have the
expensive parts and since it’s a Ford, there’s still tons
of parts out there that you can get at a reasonable price, that aren’t gonna cost
that much money and being simple you could do that,
go for that route, don’t go for you know the super expensive ones that are
worth a lot of money, you want to go a little bit lower and if you like it
and you do a good job, then maybe you’ll go for a little higher end one the next
time, that’s the best way to go, the dragon boy, says do you refuse customers
from bringing their own parts realize customers aren’t that rich to pay a lot
more to mechanics, okay here’s the thing, you have to buy good parts and I’ve been a
mechanic for 50 years, sometimes even I get the wrong parts, because I try to
save my customers money but sometimes I find you can’t buy the cheapest parts,
say you go online and buy a cheap alternator, I had a customer do that six
months ago, and I agreed well you don’t any money, you buy it I’ll put it on, well
he bought an alternator for his Honda bought it online,
I didn’t buy it, I put it on and guess what it didn’t work, so then he had to take it
back, his car is stuck here for days, if I would have bought the right alternator
it would have been out and you wouldn’t have any problems, so I warn people, I mean if
they want to buy their own part I’ll warn them, if it doesn’t work you still
got to pay me to take it off put another one on and your car’s gonna be stuck
there you’re better off having me buy the part
from a quality part at a good price, now yes a lot of mechanics are crooked, and
they’ll buy something for $100 sell it for $300, well you know I’m not into that
either, but the problem with having a customer
bringing the part is, a lot of times it’s not the right part or it’s a cheap part
that doesn’t work, and then it becomes a gigantic rollercoaster of who’s to blame
for somebody who wants their car fixed right, that’s why most mechanics will not take
parts from other people, and I can’t really blame them because a lot of times
you get the wrong part and then everybody’s stuck,
Kevin Williams says, Scotty I got a Toyota Camry 1996 whenever I turn on the AC the car
backfires when it starts and the power seems to be cut, okay the first thing you
want to check is have both your battery and your alternator load tested, places
like Auto Zone do that free, and realize that when you turn on the AC,
that stresses the electrical system and so you have a weak battery, weak
alternator it might backfire, now if they check out and alternator is good and the
battery is good it generally means the AC compressor
is starting to wear out, and if it does, it drags the engine too much and can make it
run poorly, but generally backfiring, that has to do with not enough electricity, so
have your alternator and battery load tested first on that one, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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