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  1. Ah yes, this guy is my kind of guy! I collected a bunch of film cameras too but I always have the bad habit of selling the less-used cameras so I always have only 6 or 7 cameras around.

  2. nice to see there are more weirdos out there like me;) I have a "small" collection of 56 vintage cameras, from AE1's to Medium formats, to Polaroid glass plates, and I actually am questing to use them all. Yep. All of them. I just think its a shame to keep them on the shelf. Check it out …

  3. I met Albert Einsteins nephew in 1979 and he was using a 1930 Leica in mint condition. He had used that camera to shoot all of those funny photos of Albert doing silly things.

  4. What a baws, and look at his style and color theme allover. The fresh 50's with the baby blue and the light yellow.
    I'm not a camera collector myself but this scene @ 2:18 🤤🤤🤤🤤

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