The Unbelievable Horrors of the Old City Jail

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  1. I've been there and heard an unexplainable growl. I 100% think human spirits and demons roam the place. A skeptic doing the tour with me ended up getting scratched on his back and left the building in tears from fear.

  2. I'm sure they couldn't have been the only ones in the jail that night. The figure moving almost appears to be a man. Maybe someone who works there? A guard?

  3. Dear Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej,
    Id like to submit a request you two to cover the disappearance of 2 year old boy, Deorr Kunz Jr. It's an ongoing case for more than 4 years. In summary, in Idaho, July 2015, 2 year old Deorr Kunz Jr disappeared while camping with his parents, great-grandfather, and a family friend. Speculation ranges from abduct, animal attacks, to the family killing him in someway.
    Please do an episode on Buzzfeed Unsolved whenever you possibly can.

    – Anonymous Viewer

  4. PLEASE go back to the Sallie house! It was some of the most compelling episodes and you didn't have all the equipment you currently do. Would love to see how it fares with the spirit box and such (and also seeing Ryan freak out is hilarious)

  5. shane talking to the demons trying to get then to talk

    demon or strange entity “true.”

    no one literally not a soul

    shane “gerbils???”


  6. Even Shane looked a little nervous in this one and as for Ryan …… seems like he’s getting closer to the men in the white coats .
    My favourite one so far

  7. Post Mortem: Are there any specific places that you guys refuse to visit? Maybe because they’re too creepy or something? Love your videos!!!

  8. You guys should check out the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield, California! I've heard so many spooky stories about that place. Could be interesting!

  9. Mate I'm looking the plot here that is definitely the ghost of the female serial killer get the bell out of there for God damn it run u folks

  10. Can you do the Deborah Hoyt story it’s about a mother and son got into a car crash name Christine and nick skubish the mom died but the son survived and now the mother haunts the location of where she died and Deborah Hoyt is a witness of seeing her spirit in that location.

  11. I love how shane go down stairs and tell ryan that he heard or saw something with a serious face. Good acting to scare ryan.hahaha

  12. Ryan : saying Shane will not enjoy inside the building
    Shane: actually enjoyed and advised ghosts to haunt Ryan

  13. Shane:if that ghost says choo choo pickle pie I'll start believing in them.

    Ghost into the spirit box: choo choo pickle pie !

    Shane: maybe my mind is tricking me .
    Ghost: can't get enough evidence!!!

  14. 25:41 looks like theres a women with a bonnet standing behind Ryan,,, then all the other times he turns its gone?

  15. am i the only one who thought of the movie scooby doo 2 monster's unleashed the scene where shaggy and scooby doo are rapping when shane and ryan started rapping? … "we're the greatest detectives! we're the greatest detectives!"

  16. I live in South Carolina, I've been to this jail and I know for a facts its haunted as I have experienced more things in and hour than I do on a daily on my haunted house. I also have a picture what could be a spirit.

  17. i truly dont understand how people take the "spirit box" seriously. you're hearing literal radio stations. You can literally hear music coming through. stop with this nonsense.

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