The Untold Truth Of American Pickers

The cast of American Pickers is known for
finding treasures inside mountains of garbage. And just like the Pickers themselves, we’ve
scrounged through the lives of Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby, as well as
some of their more notable guests. Sit back and enjoy some behind-the-scenes facts from
American Pickers. You won’t even have to get your hands dirty. They have humble beginnings The art of finding a valuable item in a pile
of junk isn’t something that can be learned overnight. It takes years of practice to hone
those trashy skills, and Mike Wolfe definitely has plenty of practice. His passion for junk
started during his childhood, after he sold a bike he found for $5. From there, he began
lurking in alleyways and derelict houses hoping to find anything worth a couple of bucks.
He also made a habit of harassing farmers until they let him look through their barns
for old bicycles, which he bought for $50 and sold for up to $5,000. Quite the racket. Frank, on the other hand, was a building inspector
before he signed on with longtime friend Mike. So, while his interest was casual, it hit
hard once the show started to film. Mike is an author There’s always the danger that some more curious
vocations will become a lost art. Well, Mike Wolfe has already taken action to make sure
that doesn’t happen to picking. First, Wolfe penned Kid Pickers: How to Turn Junk into
Treasure, a children’s tome on how to do what he does. He also started a website with the
same name, providing little pickers with a social media outlet and community to keep
them all connected. Looks like Wolfe’s got a little junk army forming. Mike doesn’t want to be a star Despite all the fame Wolfe and company have
gained since American Pickers captured American hearts, he doesn’t think they deserve it.
According to Wolfe, the real stars are the eclectic characters, like Hippie Tom, Hobo
Jack, and Prince Mongo, who allow the pickers to root through their belongings in search
of gold. Wolfe goes on to say that viewers remember the people, not what was bought from
them. Wolfe remarked in an interview with, “it’s always been an honor
that people open their homes and their hearts to us.” Quite the honor. Mike doesn’t seem to have too many skeletons
in his closet. Well, except for this one: “Hahahahaha!” Frank, on the other hand… Frank Fritz was taken to court One of the criticisms of American Pickers
is that they basically rip people off by buying things cheap so they can sell them for a huge
profit. It other words, capitalism. It didn’t help when Frank Fritz was sued for allegedly
swindling a South Carolina man named Jerry Bruce. The collector needed a polarimeter
for a museum he wanted to open, he offered to buy one from the Pickers, since he saw
them purchase one on their show. Fritz offered to sell it to him for $300, but after Bruce
sent his check, he never got his purchase, nor was the check cashed. Bruce took Fritz
to court, and Fritz wound up losing the case by simply not showing up. Ultimately, Bruce
was awarded $1000 for an investment of zero dollars, which is a deal even the Pickers
would be envious of. Danielle wears more than one hat Ever the entrepreneur, American Pickers’
Danielle Colby doesn’t limit herself to picking through junk. Before she gained fame on the
History Channel hit series, she earned a living by working as a burlesque dancer, which she
continues to do. But she doesn’t just dance. Her devotion to this art form is such that
she’s also produced a documentary focusing on Tempest Storm, a legendary dancer with
a career that spans decades. For a time, Danielle also owned a little boutique of her own, 4
Miles 2 Memphis, which was located not far from American Pickers headquarters, and is
also a former roller derby competitor. Danielle may also be a tax dodger Perhaps because she has her hands in so many
vocations, Colby’s had a habit of forgetting to give Uncle Sam his cut of the action. Back
in 2013, the IRS informed Colby that she owed just under $6,000 in unpaid taxes from her
boutique. And that was just her first notice. Over the next couple of years, she received
at least four more warnings. By 2015, she reportedly hadn’t paid any of the money she
owed, which continued to snowball, even though she clearly understands business. Let’s hope
her other business ventures are squared away. Hobo Jack is an author too World renowned hobo and American Pickers regular
“Hobo Jack” Sophir isn’t any ordinary hobo. He’s published three books, including the
classic Amazing Adventures of the Tramp Prince. In addition to his literary ambitions, Backwoods
Jack, as he’s also known, fancies himself a musician. Playing guitar and piano by ear,
Jack has released five albums. According to his website, since he handles the orders himself,
it could take “weeks or months” for orders to be fulfilled. Get your copies now! Prince Mongo has political aspirations Though he only appeared on the show once,
Robert “Prince Mongo” Hodges is quite unforgettable, as the residents of his hometown know all
too well: “I’ve come to Earth, to save the Earthlings.” When we met the Memphis resident, he dwelled
within a crumbling castle that he called Ashlar Hall. As the King of Zambodia, he gave away
his castle in 2014 to businessman Kenny Medlin. The only problem was that he’d kinda already
given it to someone else first, resulting in a complicated legal situation. He’s also
run for mayor numerous times since 1991: “May the good spirits be with you! All the
way!” People have tried to cash in on “Mole Man”
Ron’s fame “Mole Man” Ron appeared in one episode of
American Pickers’ first season, during which the guys crawled through his insane burrow
hoping to find some goodies. The purple-hooded Marty Feldman lookalike gained enough fame
that someone else attempted to cash in on it. In June of 2011, an ad was posted on Yard
Sales Pittsburgh promoting a sale featuring items from the Mole Man’s burrow. Mole Man
himself wasn’t listed as an attendee, but the ad did mention he’d be stopping by from
time to time. It’s very possible that almost everyone who went to this sale “just missed
him.” Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let
us know which dark secrets you think the American Pickers are hiding…

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  1. Regarding Mike from. American Pickers had (has) a big crush on Adrian Partridge, so much it made me uncomfortable. I mean she's young and was dating Cory a BMX rider and surfer. I didn't see her wanting to date an old guy that isn't attractive. IMO Just saying….

  2. No one lives without skeletons in their closet. Take myself for example. I could do all kinds of nasty little things with Danielle. ;)))))))))))))))))))))))!

  3. Yeah they kept most of the stuff they picked for themselves. The station was giving them $500,000 a year. I would go look threw trash for that kind of money.

  4. I knew she was a shiester. It's in all her mannerism. Like she expects free stuff and that she thinks shes better than people. Typical entitled whore. I would still hit it though.

  5. In one episode she planned to go to a "witch school"…. as we all know that is opening yourself up to the demonic realm. Mike and Frank seemed fine with it. They cant possibly care about her if they are fine with her openness to witchcraft.

  6. Danielle is the girl from the movie Blair Witch project.I didn't realize it until it came in the other day and was shocked I never knew that.

  7. Danyell. I love how this pair always jerk their gherkins when she gives them a lead??‍♂️ It’s her fucken job you desperate clowns? As if Frank isn’t smashing his noodles yelling “aaaaahhhhh Danyell ooooohhhhh”.

  8. In one of the first shows they roll up on an old man home alone and obviously senile and they rip him off blind. Only later does this big show of paying up and even over what is asked come into play.

  9. Danielle should never wear the gray hair color or the black glasses- she looks really old. But her tattoos look good

  10. Mike is really a good guy, a class act. Frank is too fat and is a class as_. Danyell is a tough character and I'm afraid of her. As for me, I need to brush up on the spelling and /or get new reading glasses. Take my advice son, fat, dishonest, and a crook is no way to go through life.

  11. In a recent episode Mike's brother said a hand painted sign about a $1.00 plane ride was a re-pop and not original. He stated that nobody would shoot a .22 bullet back in the thirties and that the paint outlines were too sharp and the rust was fabricated. I disagree. It is possible the sign was mounted with the back side facing the southern exposure and the front was shaded from direct sunlight. Also, the .22 bullet was developed in the early 19th Century so it is possible the holes were .22's. Some signs were mounted with a wood protective decorative 'roof', sometimes made of shingles, that kept rain and snow from damaging the sign. Even more evidence the sign may have been original is during the years between 1928 and 1932 the depression forced many folks to become creative to make money; pencils for a penny, apples for ten cents and plane rides for a dollar, etc. Even a crafted sign maker could make money during the economic crash, hence the perfect lettering on the sign. As far as 'no drunks and bloomers' there may be a little sarcasm or humor added to the owner's sign, as a 'hook' so to speak. So, it just might be an original hand-painted sign from the days of crop dusting and bi-wing planes.

  12. She looks like one of those burlesque dancers that would probably take you into the back room for extra money and give you a BJ she has that look which I guess is becoming the norm in today's society I'm just saying I guess we know why the guys keep her around

  13. I wish to God they would go back to just keeping Frank and Mike on the road. I cannot absolutely stand Danielle Colby and extremely unattractive woman with Gastly tats in the personality of a grape! I don't watch any episodes where she's on the road!!!

  14. Danielle Colby if I do ever watch American butt-lickers, Danielle Colby it would be the reason why she is sexy as hell, like Mary padian is on storage wars

  15. May the good spirits b w/u….all tha way….lmfao….seems like these arnt just random ppl….american pickers….just happens 2 come across….

  16. Always laugh at people who can't grasp that nobody that is going to sell the things themselves is going to pay full retail price for something….it's fucking ridiculous to think that they would. Funny how the don't say boo when "Old Pete" looks in the camera and says that thing he just sold Mike or Frank for $220 he got for free or paid $5 for 30 years previously.

  17. I loved Danielle before ? but now I find out she is a burlesque dancer, & is dodging the tax man, I love her even more ????????

  18. Maybe she didn't pay her taxes but that's none of our business.??? I don't even know why it's on here thats sad but what the government is doing with taxpayers money is horrible (wasting it)we are taxed to death we should be taxed only once.

  19. I enjoyed American Pickers until it came out that they have a small army in the background who actually find these “deals” which are negotiated beforehand & for the fact that these two jokers don’t drive around the country in their van…all fake

  20. "They rip people off by buying things cheap and selling it for a profit…" That's called "a business"

  21. This chick is fuckin gross those tattoos are sickening what a fat ass nasty bitch and this Mike is a weird fucker and Frank is a fat fuck

  22. I think Danielle and Robbie be messing around on the road that's why she not paired with him anymore on the road

  23. Some of the items are literally "junk" rusted and frankly disgusting. Do the Pickers clean them up and restore them? If not, I cannot imagine anyone buying these junks!

  24. american pickers are basically ripping off good and honest people. Just like american corporations. Danielle is a good looking slut. Mike and Frank con men that you wouldn't believe if you met them on the street.

  25. How would a judge award $1000 on a $300 check that was never cashed? He never lost any money, all he'd have to do is call the bank and tell them to void the check. From the sounds of it there wasn't even a receipt of purchase, so anyone could just file a claim, and if the pickers don't show up to court you'll get a pay day.

  26. She's kinda hot but the tats are a huge turnoff. Plus she needs to exercise more and lay off the Twinkies. And I hope the IRS freezes her assets until she pays her back taxes. If the rest of us have to pay our taxes, then so should that bitch!!!!!

  27. Yes I have always said that Frank is one thief that always talk about leaving a piece of meat on the Bone but he's the Dog who is doing all the EATING with his THEIF short fat Butt,. Seller be AWARE of Frank and leaving that Meat on Frank's Bone that's his RipOff to make sure he Steal what he's trying to get from YOU, Watch his FAT ASS ? and that's a SHAME.Frank is one who eats a lot Meat on the Bone when he's Stealing from the Buyer.PIG

  28. People that find something to complain about, well, to me, you are just JEALOUS. Frank and Mike have made a good life for themselves by doing something they loved and took it further. Most people do things, but, it is left at that. I LOVE Pickers. I am a 55 yr. old female and I watch it everytime it is on, numerous times a day & back to back episodes on Saturdays.

  29. I have LOVED Yard Sales for many years..long before Pickers. I totally enjoy them, but, since Pickers, I enjoy them even more. I always play a game with my boyfriend when we go..Each of guesses what might be at the yard sale, that Mike and Frank would buy. They seem like great guys and to me are very honest with people, unlike the Pawn Star people, who rip people off terribly. Frank is my favorite, but, I like the whole cast of American Pickers..not really the new blonde girl, but, all the rest.

  30. Danielle is fucking smoking hot! Who cars if shes a dancer she has the looks and body to do it. She also dances using these huge rings and oh my god is so dame fine doing it.

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