The Untold Truth Of Baby Yoda

The Disney+ original series The Mandalorian
is a massive hit, and its fans have about a million questions about the series’ breakout
star. We’re not entirely sure what the deal with
Baby Yoda is, but here’s everything we know so far. Yoda’s species is extremely mysterious: George
Lucas famously never gave it a name, wishing the wizened Jedi Master to remain an enigma
in as many ways as possible. One thing we do know, however, is that members
of this race are not asexual, as illustrated by Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. That film gave us a few fleeting glimpses
of Yaddle, a female member of Yoda’s species who was a member of the Jedi High Council
and even assisted in the training of a young Qui-Gon Jinn. While The Mandalorian doesn’t go out of its
way to clue us in as to the gender of Baby Yoda, Doctor Pershing, an employee of the
Client, reveals the truth in the series’ third episode. “What did you do to it?” “I protected him! I protected him! If it wasn’t for me, he’d already be dead!” And the little tyke is referred to as “he”
several times in episode 4, and Omera even calls him the Mandolorian’s “boy.” So at least one mystery has been solved for
sure: Baby Yoda’s a baby boy! With that out of the way, let’s move on to
a question that might sound silly at first: Is “Baby Yoda” actually the Yoda we all know
and love? After all, the Jedi Master was a baby once,
and it would certainly explain the little guy’s importance to the remnants of the Empire
and the Rebellion alike. Of course, giving this question a few moments’
thought produces an obvious answer: no way. At least, not unless Yoda’s species practices
reincarnation. The Mandalorian takes place between the events
of the original Star Wars trilogy and the sequel films, and you may remember that Yoda
“became one with the Force” and died during the events of Return of the Jedi. While we suppose it’s possible that the series
could throw us a curveball with an “actual Yoda in an infant’s body” reveal, nothing
in the show’s plotting thus far indicates, to be frank, that it would take a route that’s
quite so lazy. No, we’re pretty sure that a new character
Baby Yoda is; the reincarnation of Yoda, he is not. Of course, there is another possibility: that
Baby Yoda could be a clone of the late Jedi Master. It’s been pointed out by astute fans that
in a promotional image featuring Doctor Pershing, he appears to be wearing a patch with an insignia
that is very, very similar to those worn by the clones of Jango Fett produced on the planet
Kamino, as seen in Attack of the Clones. This could be a coincidence, it could be misdirection,
or, it could be a dead giveaway. Of course, if the little dude isn’t Yoda,
this raises the question: what is his name? Yes, we can all be pretty sure that the internet
would have initially named him “Baby Yoda” in any event, but it only continues to do
so because we haven’t been clued in to what his real name is…have we? The answer: no, we have not. According to Dave Filoni, who directed the
first and fifth episodes of The Mandalorian’s first season, this is by design. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Filoni
said, “We still want to keep a lot of things a mystery,
we don’t want to go around answering things and making them less special.” Told that people were simply referring to
the tot as “Baby Yoda” for lack of anything else to call him, Filoni replied, quote, “That’s
fine! All part of the mystery.” Well, that clears up nothing, but since we
haven’t even gotten official confirmation of the Mandalorian’s name yet, we suppose
that shouldn’t be too surprising. One of the most dramatic moments in The Mandalorian
so far came in the second episode, when “Mando” is nearly killed by a vicious Mudhorn. Wielding nothing but a knife, the Mandalorian
lowers his head as the beast charges, but the charge is interrupted by Baby Yoda, who
uses the Force to levitate the snarling monster, allowing the Mandalorian to finish it off. So, how the heck is an infant able to use
the Force? Doesn’t that require super-intensive training? Well…yes and no. Don’t forget that, as revealed by The Phantom
Menace, children can indeed be Force-sensitive, and tap into its power, with little-to-no
training. Consider Anakin Skywalker, whose status as
one of the best pod racers in the galaxy as a mere youngling was thanks to his insane
midichlorian count, “even higher than Master Yoda,” as we recall Obi-Wan Kenobi saying. Sure, Anakin wasn’t levitating stuff as a
child, but we find it highly likely that members of Yoda’s species are naturally Force-sensitive,
taking into account that the only two to be introduced prior to Baby Yoda’s arrival were
both esteemed Jedi Masters. Until The Mandalorian gives us a better explanation
for the little guy’s Force abilities, anyway, that’s the best one we’ve got. With the release of Star Wars Episode IX:
The Rise of Skywalker swiftly approaching, fans have obviously taken to wondering if
the cute and cuddly character’s introduction in The Mandalorian is setting us up for an
appearance in the Skywalker Saga’s conclusion. Since the series takes place some time before
the events of the sequel trilogy, it could be that by the time of the events of Rise
of Skywalker, Baby Yoda would be…well, we’re not sure. Kid Yoda? Tween Yoda, perhaps? Old enough, at any rate, to potentially play
a key part in the story. However, we find this to be highly unlikely. There’s no evidence that The Mandalorian’s
creator and lead writer, Jon Favreau, has coordinated in any way, shape, or form with
Skywalker writer/director J.J. Abrams, and a Young Yoda cameo, while likely a crowd-pleaser,
would be off-the-charts distracting, not to mention shoehorned in, considering what we
know about the plot of Skywalker. No, we’re thinking that Baby Yoda will be
a character specific to The Mandalorian, and that’s just fine by us. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about The Mandalorian
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100 Replies to “The Untold Truth Of Baby Yoda”

  1. Untold truth of baby Yoda is he is not actually "baby Yoda", thats it. It triggers me everytime I see this baby Yoda nickname…

  2. If it’s 50 years old this means it’s the offspring of Yoda and the female version of yoda in the council on the Phantom Menace

  3. Didn't the actual Yoda appear to Luke on the last Jedi movie? So that settles that argument of the child being a 'reincarnation of Yoda'

  4. He’s probably a clone of Yoda or perhaps the baby of Yoda and Yaddle. Either way, “baby Yoda” will definitely have to be in the future trilogy.

  5. You seem to have forgotten that Baby Yoda is actually 50 years old, which means he could've spent 30 or 40 of those being trained. We wont know until the series explains his ability to use force powers though.

  6. When the Star Wars movies started coming out, the back story & names of every character that passed by the main characters was known & explained on the action figure's box.
    Yet,39 years later,we don't know what Yoda is or where he's from.

  7. What does "untold truth" are you talking about. None of this is untold. It's all been told. Puzzling why it's portrayed as some truth no one knows. I think it's a case of click bate.. instead of untold truth how about an "everything we know so far" episode.

  8. Yoda's race and planet are so rare and secluded it's likely to be given that the child was born as the same time as anakin Skywalker. That baby yoda is the Will of the force born just like anakin , there was Jedi prophecies and it's likely That this relates to a powerful child who will rebuild the order from generations of darkness.

  9. Why no one is talking about the fact that for baby yoda to exist that means he has parents somewhere…

  10. Im enjoying the Mandalorian and have no knowledge of it from a comic/novel.

    But is the time line not set where Yoda could not possibly be that young?

  11. Of all the terrible choices in recent star wars movies, I'm completely fine with him being the reincarnation of Yoda. It would explain his force powers and it's more mysterious than cloning.

  12. Well…ghosts are known to possess things.

    So, it's possible that it could be revealed that Yoda's force ghost is possessing "baby Yoda".

    That would explain how "baby Yoda" was able to use the force to levitate without having training because he already had that training because he's a force ghost Yoda possessed "baby Yoda".

  13. Yoda is nine hundred years old baby Yoda was alive before the clone wars I researched that the mandolarian was around the time baby Yoda was alive and before Vader later on these bounty hunters came to be about

  14. Lol i like how everyone is calling it baby yoda, just pushing the garbage clone line theat SW youtube junkies been pushing since thatvsad excuse for movies TFS TLJ. Hell everyone has been cloned, where is hammerhead? Where are Lando's 12 clones no wait those were legit bastards he dropped. Either way SW needs to drop all this clone garbage.

  15. Can we all agree that Star Wars should be left ALONE?

    First we get "girl power" in the new films, & now we get this hideous thing (toy merch) of Yoda?


  16. like my Real Property professor would say back in 1995, "… well we seem to have muddied the waters enough for one day!"

  17. I think they created baby Yoda for the next star wars story. He will be maybe 100-150 years old by then. So we will be able to see a young powerful Yoda species.

  18. One correction. The Mandalorian does have a name : Dyn Jarren. Pedro Pascal revealed it in an interview, plus it's on the Wikipedia page. It just hasn't been mentioned on the series yet.

  19. So how did baby Yoda come to be at that base where Mando saved him and why? Who were those protecting/holding him hostage there? Cool set piece for sure but never explained.

  20. @Looper Keep in mind Yoda does mention that Anakin was too old to start training in The Phantom Menace. So that means that the Jedi training starts young and they're obviously able to find Force Sensitives early.

  21. So, clones have souls and if this clone of b. Yoda dies, will he merge within the OG Yoda?

    More important, does Baby Yoda have all rights to his Facebook account?

  22. meh my theory is this.

    Everyone knew that any form of love was forbidden in the Jedi teaching rights? Can lead to a path to to the dark side yadda yadda.
    I believe that Yoda and Yaddle being the only two known beings of their species, had a secret love connection that they kept hidden from the
    Jedi order. Yoda…y'know..gave Yaddle some of that do or do not if ya catch my drift and knocked her up which they raised the baby in secrecy.
    In comes baby Yoda. I believe Yaddle at the time before order 66 was initiated, was keeping "baby yoda" hidden from any and all knowledge besides
    her lover Yoda but was later discovered during the Jedi purge and was exterminated. Seeing the child of Yoda as an opportunity to raise a sith more powerful
    than any sith before them Sidious ordered the pursuers to take the child as a means to clone and train it the ways of the dark side. Anything after that is a mystery hopefully the
    show reveals later on. Way I see it, why else was the empire so fixated on finding this child. How did he escape the empire is what I wish to learn.

  23. Actually Anakin was using The Force already at 9 years old, when he was doig pod racing (that's why a human so young was between the top of the racers).

  24. Yoda force ghost also appeared in revenge of the sith, so cant be yoda reincarnated… unless baby yoda re-dies between now and revenge of the sith and somehow remorphs into previous yoda…

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