The Vintage Christmas Tree Quilling | Karen-Marie Klip & Papir

Now Christmas has arrived at Karen-Marie Klip. And I want to show you this beautiful, great Vintage Christmas Tree. We were inspired by these beautiful, old scrap pictures. Karen-Marie then felt like making a Quilling Christmas Tree. And I want to show you how to start with it. We used a long comb. And 5 mm green strips. You put the strip under two teeth. And then over one tooth. And again, two teeth under. And one tooth over. And we do that to create these fine branches and the trunk. I will start with the little trunk. And for that we will need 19 loops. If you are unsure, you can count it. 1, 2, 3, … 19. One too many. Make it so it fits with you stopping at tooth no. 10. Glue it upwards. And put your finger on it to make it set it. We cut off the little tip, put some glue on it and push it down. For the other side, we take another green strip. Put glue on it. Then it’s a good idea to squeeze it together a little bit so it won’t get too wide. Push it together on the top. From the middle up, you may squeeze it like this. And with that we have the trunk. Now we need the branches. And they look like that. I want to show you this one. And I do the same thing with the comb. And here’s something important. As you can see, all loops are turned down. But we want them to go in the other direction. So we we turn it up. This is the top of the Christmas tree. And the rest should point downwards. So we glide over it with our finger on both sides. And then slide over it with the nail. Then it looks like this. You will need two of them. And now I’ll show you how to position them with pins. We take the trunk and pin it first. There we go! Then we glue a branch to it. And you can leave a little bit of hanging over the top, so we have a nice pointy tree. That was the beginning. Then of course you’ll also need one on the other side. And remember: If you make these branches here, you have to turn the loops down again. Then you will have one like this and you can just cut it into parts. Sometimes you’ll need 3 teeth, sometimes 4 teeth and sometimes 5 teeth. So just cut it appropriately. Then we’ve made miniature Christmas decorations. We have classic, red colors; Scandinavian colors. But also an international version with pastel colors. The angels are included in both. We used these scrap pictures. So if you buy the kit, you’ll get everything: the angels, strips for decoration, stars… And now I would like to show you the little trumpet. So you can see some miniature quilling. When you make the trumpet, you’ll need this blue template. You cut it out so we can trace it. We’re using a golden strip to make a golden trumpet. You place it on a strip to draw with a pencil. We start with the wide side. We position the super fine quilling pen right at the top. And then you roll it. In the end, put some glue on it. And there you have the trumpet. You decide if you make the small grip. All of it is shown in the booklet. The Christmas tree is not that difficult to make. It has a level of difficulty of 2-3 of 7. But the Christmas decoration is a 6 out of 7 because it is very detailed. So this is something for both beginners and advanced quillers. Here you can see the big Christmas tree with the little flag festoons. And here is the other tree. Have a lot of fun!

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  1. Are you ready for Christmas? Now you can start with this beautiful Vintage Christmas Tree 🎄Have a lot of paper fun and let us know if you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Tusind tak for denne video 👍 Det var lige det jeg ventede på, så kan jeg godt gå i gang med min juletræ's kit 😀

  3. This tree is so beautiful ! It is just what I want to make this year . Thank you for sharing . I love your videos they all are so wonderful !

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