The Vintage Shopping Experience in Glasgow | Style Jaunt Glasgow: Episode 1/3

– The Style Jaunt concept to me is about bringing two totally different bloggers together. Often times you haven’t met each other before
so you’re kind of making a new friend and discovering a totally new city together. – I started fashion blogging because I really needed something to do on my own so I started a vintage clothing store and then I started blogging about the pieces. And then it evolved into a full-time personal style blog. It is called Xander Vintage. – Alanna has a really cool style, she has a great Instagram, beautiful photos, and her captions were really funny so I was certain that we would find a way to get along. – I wasn’t very familiar with Gracie, but I was so excited to just go on this venture with her. – Any trip, especially with Style Jaunt, it’s
all about finding what’s local, what’s unique, what’s independent to the city. – Why do you think vintage clothing is just so popular in Glasgow? – I would say Glasgow has always had kind of a history cause of the art school and because of the university, there’s like a really vibrant kind of student culture and we kind of get people from like children to people up to their 90’s and kind of men who are
still in their 80’s who still kind of wear proper full kind of Harris Tweed. – I love how the pieces aren’t just from the early 90’s. They’re actual vintage pieces. Pieces from the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s. – It’s an Irish dancing dress; I think it’s
from the 70’s. And obviously, it’s got like just amazing hand embroidery, and usually these are like kind of made for competitions and like ‎£500. And I just think it’s
a really special one. – It’s in amazing condition too! – Alanna, I feel like this has your name all over it. – I’m just thinking I really want to try that on. I’m going to try that on! – We’ve been in this store for three years.
The business started in 2011 with Jolyne Colburn, the business owner. She moved over from California when she married and met a Scottish man. And came over to have her child. So she collected a lot of vintage when Roddy was a baby and got so much she needed to start a store. – So this place is actually named after her son? – It’s named after her son Roddy. – I would have gone crazy in this store if
I was shopping for my own child. Everything is really really cute. Everything is good quality, it has like a serious coolness factor and it’s beyond the clothing, you’ve got
a lot of like toys and home stuff. I mean it even kinda seems like there’s things
I could buy even though I don’t have a kid. – Yeah it really is. We didn’t’ intend
to do it that way. But we do like anything that could be slightly childlike, maybe bring back memories for people; it tends to sell really well. – There’s a major rock and roll theme that I find very very unique, and that’s what draws me in. And plus Glasgow has a huge music scene and a vintage scene, so to combine the two is really really different. – We like to hand select a lot of vintage stock and we kind of choose certain areas that are maybe we think have real stand out pieces so we hand select from Germany, we have a warehouse in London we pick some 80’s pieces from,
so we like to have very special pieces that are unique to us, that we think a lot of our
clientele will enjoy. – What’s the most popular decade? – Right now it’s the 80’s, everyone loves the over size, real kind of funky pieces that they can wear. It’s almost like sports fashion, like a piece like this that’s quite fun,
you can play with the colour. – The selection at Niche Optical Tailor is
pretty incredible. – Glasgow is perfect. We love something different, we love being a bit eclectic, and having our own styles. And we’re such a tiny store so to have such a big following is really nice, it’s really good. – Well as a truly Canadian girl, I do love
Whisky, so I’m very excited to be in Scotland and get to try Scotch. We are heading to Ben Nevis, where there’s over 200 different kinds. I highly doubt I would get through
all of those, but it would be really great to learn from the locals you know what they love and all about the different Scotch.

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