The Vintage Voyageur SEASON 3!

– Let’s get shopping,
and go on an adventure. How many times do you think I’ve said that since we started this series? (both laughing) (upbeat music) This is so amazing. My name is Allison Maldonado. Two years ago, I set out to
create a reality show about one of my favorite things in
the world, vintage shopping. Oh my gosh. Ohh! Oh, here we go, here we go to the races. The concept of the show was simple. Visit some of my favorite vintage stores, highlight the ins and outs of
how these businesses are run, show off their amazing clothing. – Yeah.
– Oh my, oh my gosh. – We were really excited about this. – And, also inspire people to find their personal style through
fashions of the past. – I don’t think I’ve ever put
on anything like this before. – Obsessed. – Before the Vintage Voyageur,
it always surprised me that there wasn’t a series highlighting the unique experience of
shopping vintage, as well as the amazing pieces you can find
that are so rich in history. I, basically, made the show
that I wanted to watch. Over the past two years, I’ve
traveled to six different American cities, visited
17 different stores. Along the way, I’ve met the
most awesome store owners and, of course, I’ve been able to try on some pretty amazing clothes. The series has been nominated
for various awards in two different film festivals, and
the best part is it’s inspired so many of you to get out
there and shop vintage. But now, I’m ready to
take it to the next level and bring you guys the
Vintage Voyageur Season Three. Oh my God, yes, I am so excited! This season, I wanna visit more vintage stores in more American cities. Possibly some Europeans cities, as well. I don’t just wanna cover
vintage clothing in this season, either, I wanna cover vintage
furniture, vintage cars. I wanna continue to bring
you guys the things you love, like Vintage 101s and
fashion history lessons, and also bring in some
new aspects to the show, like featuring other vintage enthusiasts so you can see how different
people style their vintage, and also show you guys how
things are made as well as how to repair the beloved
items that you have. Here’s the thing,
though, I need your help. Making a television series is not just something that happens
magically overnight. It takes a lot of work and,
of course, a lot of money. When I started the series,
I created it from a place of passion and not
necessarily a place of skill. To this day, the series is still a completely independently-produced show, and I wanna keep it that way to keep the integrity of the show intact. But, this time, I wanna bring
in industry professionals to elevate the quality
and content of the show to make it the absolute
best that it can be. That’s why I am looking to raise $28,000 to $30,000 for this season. This is money that will go
straight into production. It’ll go to production
cost, permits, advertising, it’ll go, of course, to
traveling, to lodging. Everyone’s favorite, to
food, and it will allow me to pay my small crew a livable wage. This is a series that
is so close to my heart and, on the surface, it might
seem like it’s just about fashion and clothing, but it
goes so much deeper than that. It is about the importance
of shopping small business as well as the importance
of shopping sustainably in a time when fast fashion is having a severely negative
impact on our environment. If you guys wanna see
more Vintage Voyageur, head on over to my Indiegogo
page and donate what you can. Anything helps. For those of you who decide to donate certain dollar amounts,
there’ll be some really fun swag and prizes for you guys. What are we waiting for? Let’s get shopping,
and go on an adventure. (laughing)

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