The idea that Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook is a joke I mean, have you seen those staring eyes in absolute terror and that bewildered face when he’s being questioned on Capitol Hill I mean the idea he’s running a company like Facebook is ridiculous Obviously there are other forces involved here and that’s where you get your coordination from That’s why Amazon Facebook Google Twitter and Apple are all Censoring in unison because it’s coordinating towards this goal of complete control of information This whole conspiracy to enslave humanity is a psychological game Where does human behavior come from it comes from human perception where does perception come from comes from information received? Whether it’s personal experience, which is a form of information whether it’s newspaper Facebook post or whatever it’s information received Now if you go deep in the shadows beyond the politicians you reach that level of this web where they Understand a how reality works they don’t want us to know and be how the mind works how psychology works and what we’re looking at because It’s a few manipulating so many the only way that you can achieve that is by Controlling the perceptions of the many and by dividing and ruling the many as well But you’ve got to control the perceptions of the many and to do that you control information How long could you live without your smartphone You can’t put your phone down and if you do within a few minutes you pick it up again because you’re addicted to it So are you controlling that bit of Technology in your hand or is that controlling you that’s controlling? You people became addicted to Facebook and Google Became by far the biggest search engine then came the point where yes The Internet is the central pillar of human society and it’s now irreversible who you’re going to go to If not, then who you’re going to go to to get any numbers watching your videos? If not YouTube owned by Google, of course, so now we’re in a position of power and strength Now the Internet’s going to become what it was always planned to be now Facebook and Google and Twitter and Amazon are now all gonna be what they’re always planned to be which wire gate gatekeepers on the information that people can see in here and because of that human perception is increasingly being given a narrow and narrower band of Information from which to form those perceptions so perceptions are being manipulated They had to get the Internet to a point where it was the central pillar of human society the central pillar of where all our information came from the central pillar of control This is why we now have the Internet of Things where? Billions of pieces of technology everything from your fridge to your car to your telly are connected to the Internet we’ve been through a process of preparation of Getting people first of all stage one Addicted to technology that they hold whole doubles smartphones tablets that I mean that’s basically achieved I mean, you’ve got to walk through a city and you see the addiction and they’re targeting specifically the young why Because the young of today and the children of today are going to be the adults when they want to bring this AI connection in full-blown for that to happen They have to get people addicted to technology to the point where they’ll accept it and where it’s the most Natural thing in the world. I’m coming up 67. I was born in 1952. So I have a compass I know what the world was like before People being born into the world. Now. This is the world only world have ever known and So they don’t have that compass of what the world was like before but this is the world in Technology, and this is how it works. So the first stage is to get people addicted to technology to the point Where at the most extreme they’ll get up in the dead of night and they’ll will they’ll queue standing line outside an Apple store to get the first of the new technology and what they want eventually and Not-too-distant into the future is people basically lie To be connected to AI in the same way that people in Sweden now are having parties to celebrate Someone being microchipped, right? So the next stage because the idea is to get in the body. The next stage is to Get on the body so we went from just hold herbals. We went to wearables We went to Bluetooth and Google glass and Apple watches and all these other gadgets that go on the body now Even what they call electronic tattoos that are basically microchips on the skin and the next stage is to go in the body which is already starting in places like sweet and the idea is to take this on and People like Ray Kurzweil who is a Google executive I mean Google and Facebook are really at the cutting edge of this stuff people think it’s a social media Operation over the Orang a search engine, you know, no no this whole Google group now which has given the name alphabet Oh, absolutely at the cutting edge of this whole AI technology So he’s Amazon Amazon got contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the CIA and the Pentagon For cloud services. Yeah, they have massive data services massive Yeah, humorously so the idea is to is to take this on and what Kurzweil is saying and he claims that 80% success rate in in his predictions of Incoming technology, the sales pitch is when we connect to artificial intelligence Will be superhuman does for the sales pitches. That’s his sales pitch, right? That’s from here. He knows Alexa all these things. Yeah Well, I’ve come to them in a second. They’re very very interesting very important. Ok, so What you’ve got is the idea that connect to AI and you’ll become Superhuman intelligent. No, you’ll become sub Yuman intelligent. You’ll become a vehicle for Artificial intelligence and whoever controls artificial intelligence will control the perceptions of every mind that it’s connected to these Alexa’s and these echoes and these so-called office assistants or personal assistants you start to interact With them as if they’re human and now they’re bringing in Internet-connected toys for kids and little kids and Barbie dolls They can actually have conversations with artificial intelligence they’re now bringing in these synthetic robots that are looking more and more like humans a lot of them coming in from the east and This is a whole psychological process of Familiarizing us with artificial intelligence to getting people to interact with it until it becomes the most natural thing in the world Well, is this a positive thing? What if it makes us live better lives? Could it be well if you want to use Artificial intelligence to make things happen in a more efficient way well There’s an argument for that but that’s not an argument for connecting AI to the human brain and the human perceptual processes so that artificial intelligence Becomes those processes and I’m not just saying that Ray Kurzweil says this by 2030 the connections will be start to be made between Artificial intelligence and the human brain and the human brain will be connected to what he calls the cloud another name for this is the smart grid basically – artificial Intelligence and he says this – because he’s sales pitches. It will be fantastic. It will be superhuman that as time passes artificial intelligence will be More and more of human thinking and human perception until basically it’s the totality of human thinking human perception at which point we Won’t be human anymore. In terms of the consciousness processes. We are using today we will be Artificial intelligence and this is the assimilation I’m talking about and the point is that if you are Connecting the human mind to a grid a global technological grid That grid can be centrally controlled It will take at the center point Very very few people to run it and even fewer to decide how it’s run I I have a kind of very simple rule of thumb when people say to say to me, well, what are the areas that there are of the agenda and I say Look at anything. You cannot have an alternative opinion about Look at any subject where? To say something different from the official narrative. You’re going to get abuse you’re going to get called and not see a nest of some kind and You’re basically going to get shut down they are the key areas of the Agenda or many key areas of the agenda and there’s a see this is the whole point if I want you to believe something or I want the public to believe something and I know that what I’m saying is so utterly flawed in my justification of it That if there was an open debate where all opinions facts and evidence could be freely available And discussed I’m going to lose the debate so what I want to happen is Not going to happen because I’ll lose the debate because I won’t be able to justify it in an open debate What do you do? You don’t have the debate you shut it down

100 Replies to “The World’s Darkest Secrets | YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!”

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  2. Human Grid. Electronic implants. One, big, hive mind – controlled by apple, twitter, google, facebook and amazon.

    We WILL litterally become like BORG from Star Trek. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

  3. Why Nobody says anything about Epstein funeral ??

    I personally don’t believe that he is dead and that he is in Israel but it is logical to ask

    If Epstein suicided or was killed then when did his funeral took place and who attended that funeral ? Why all type of media is completely silent about his ‘funeral’ ???

    As somebody else questioned “Why hasn’t the media asked if the “body” (if there was a dead body) was identified through DNA testing or dental forensics? But of course there probably was no DNA testing or dental forensics, and something very fishy went on with Epstein and his so-called “suicide””.

  4. I KNEW IT, thank you very much for sharing and clarifying information for me. I love the energy of nature, which technology will never give people. And it's all up to those people following this system, they just need to realize, because the world today is "hide, hunt or be hunted".

  5. I get what he is saying, but I'm really interested in having superhuman memory. Read a book and have all the info stored. Also immortality. Could this ever be achieved? We see that medicine can prolong life. But can it reverse aging? I don't think we need to be all pessimistic about future technology. It's not the technology that can be malevolent. As I said I get what he is saying and I think the key factor in having a orderly and peaceful society really boils down to politics and government.

  6. We are a product of our own imagination. Either be the dream you want or be someone else. And never give faith to anything but your own self. As believing in anyone else is devil worship. We are here to learn how to stand alone. Be your own you. Or be trapped by those you invite to help ease the pain of your existence. Taking away your pain and replacing it with theirs. We are an island in our selves. Beautiful and pure. Up until you wish for more and loos the ocean of eternity we are meant to learn to swim in.

    Something that is seen as completely nuts by most because the lie is so old that consciousness is now part of it. Made of many lifetimes to get us to this state of being we now have.

    The eath is dying. More than just from our involvement. Even if it will be us that ensures life never returns. 500 nuclear plants worldwide will eliminate any chance of future reincarnations here. Leaving the soul open to becoming part of a new one. What the aliens want from individuals from the human race. To give them the imagination of the earth to ad to theirs. Like children bringing new hope and life to them. They gave us all we know of reality. Thru religion and politics. Then grown over thousands of years.

    Very few know the mistery of the earth. Its harshness and the beautiful dream it bestows upon us. Some will ascend with it and its dream. Others already sold their dream for the magic of science and understanding alien life will bring. Ready to give faith because they have none in themselves.

  7. I thank God i didn't fall for an unreliable hacker, [email protected] is actually the right source to contact if you need to spy your partners phone, I have been able to find out all my wife had been up to. she always locks her phone and kept it far but i don't really need to worry, everything works fine from my phone.. if you need this services [email protected] should be contacted.

  8. I'm so intuitive i saw all this coming decades ago and did not like the idea of technology at all…you can imagine me now. It makes me very uncomfortable and nervous for later generations who will not know what to do w themselves without technology. Theyd b lost literally….they won't know history…only what they r shown and told a lot like now but on grander scale. Bunch of cloned robots walking around 100% controlled no thank you. Unplug me please. I love nature I cannot will not live without it. I'm against technology smash the machine. This phone is too much to handle. I don't own any new technology and don't want to. Dont care.

  9. The Only Way to Stop the System is to UNPLUG FROM IT!
    Technology Addiction is real, look at yourself, your spouse, your kids, people at a restaurant, all of us eat sleep and breath with technology. If you feel you need to have your phone by your side because you're going to miss something, You're addicted! Here's the sad part, Its Only Going To Get Worse! Make it a rule not to allow Technology when eating, meeting people socially or in bed! try to do that for a week! See what happens, you'll be in the Here & Now! Technology is the Greatest THREAT to Humanity & Social Conversation. We are raising our children on how NOT TO COMMUNICATE! Ask yourself this question!
    What if all the information we receive from the internet was False, Corrupted, Designed to Create HATE, FEAR & ANGER? We are All being Manipulated, Distracted & Controlled! We are Not Free, We are under ATTACK by an Unseen Enemy who lives in the Shadows! SO WAKE UP!

  10. Sweden might be a crazy country but we do NOT have parties while being microchipped. Except for a tiny crazy minority perhaps.

  11. If we are going to save the world we need to stop feeling anger and having negative enger please help the world it dos not have much time left we have to get our heads out of this control from our government and become one with all and unlock our higher consciousness

  12. i was born around the time things changed a lot, and im five years behind, just got my first phone last week, iPhone 4 came out a year later after I was born

  13. Blimey David Icke talking a lot of sense. Does this mean that the reports about him in the past being crazy were fake news trying to shut him up?

  14. Everything you said is true , but, it’s mad,. No boogeyman behind all this scientific advancement, really. This is similar to critiquing the industrial revolution, right ? The temptation for bright people is always wild imagination run wild. No single group of people or individuals or government set secret agenda. This is just computer science, just like rockets, medicine, philosophy. Can they be abused misused by us, of course. If anyone sets up some agenda it will be science and technology set the agenda of daily living. Anyone can abandon scientific advancement, ie antibiotics, but it’s mad to do so. Right? Anyone can go to study or major in AI at universities.

  15. I’ll live on my 17 acres ,I don’t want the internet or to be connected to anything. What’s wrong with people.

  16. I believe that hospitals all collect cord blood for the purpose of harvesting stem cells…
    My gf had to have an emergency c-section,
    I happened to be able to be present during the procedure, when the baby came out, I noticed that the nurse was collecting the stem cell rich blood, I asked what she was doing and was told that is how we test the blood type.
    Then it was time for me to go… Fast.
    I was escorted right out..
    Now I know why..
    I was not supposed to see what they were doing.
    Shady as shit right?
    Has anyone else had a similar experience with this type scenario?

  17. I quit FB and i still get text telling me i have notifications.they all want as much info on you as they can get know matter how small or irrelevant why who know but its already out of the box us Americans have no privacy might think you do but you dont

  18. What a bunch of bullsh1t. It's amazing how language can be used to alter facts and simple logic and therefore make them look mysterious and in this case dark and conspicuous.

  19. Our soul are being used and unwilling expedited by the dominate alien race.used then abused till u sell ur soul, its all a game.its to late just give them ur soul..:( 🙁

  20. No i do believe it. And its not that mind blowing. Any asshole can do what you did. Im not impressed. Do you sleep good in the dark web. Betchoo didnt know there is a darker web..

  21. So are we really welcoming in our own destruction? Skynet anyone. It's actually happening right now! I fear for future generations.

  22. Go to everyone and brush up on Tsarion's work if you want to know more about the who's, why's, and how's of this story. Also, how to empower yourself.

  23. The guy talking in the video is right and what he's saying is very important. Though he didn't mention the extreme stuff because that would make him look crazy. Do you guys really think that the government is to be trusted 100%? Do we trust the government and all of these people that created social media because they're in a higher position than us and have more knowledge and opportunities? Or because we have no other choice? The world could've been different , different in a good way. But certain groups of people have planned on agendas that won't save the human kind but ruin it , in many ways. If I had no internet I would be very bored, even more depressed. All of that because I'm one of the unlucky people to live in a not so good environment .
    Do you really trust that one little chip in your body? Don't you have any doubts about it? Technology is very advanced already , do you think that they won't take advantage of that little chip? Don't you think it can control you or track you down? They're gonna use lame but convincing excuses to desensitise us so we think that's the right way of living our one life.. as "gods"

  24. They closed all the youth clubs, nearly all the working mens clubs, so few pubs left now and more dropping every day. All these places people met and discussed life.Then they are stopping people smoking and drinking ( although it could be argued its not a bad thing ) but all these activites brought people together when people get together they cant be monitored. Scary, well done David.

  25. I was born in 1996. I considered myself to be one of the last few kids to have grown up without relying on the internet. We had a computer that ran on dialup, but I hardly used it. I played outside, I rode bikes and if I wanted to play with friends I rode to their house and knocked on the door. Life was so much simpler. I glad I was able to experience that time. Today's kids are addicted to their phones and tablets. They ARE controlled by them, they can't get away from them and it's sad.

  26. Isn't this the guy who thinks lizard people run the world? I'm not discounting that some of the ideas he expressed here aren't true in some way especially about divide and conquer tactics….. But it's hard to take seriously anything from someone who believes in things like that

  27. You maybe 67 years old but you're foresight is much more advanced. You're more than accurate here. Thank you for telling the masses.

  28. The problem is not these companies, the problem is us people. They are just giving us what we are looking for. People in public are different but between 4 walls, they are very different. It’s easy to point at someone else or blame on something collective rather than being individually responsible. We humans have demonstrated this time and time.

  29. This is all explained in the book "Between 2 Ages" by Zgniew Brzenski written in 1970. Brzenski knew and defined the future, what was to be. Read just the quotes from tis book. Truly disturbing.

  30. 4th Industrial Revolution is the Plan to End Humanity
    Does Society Realize It Is Being Initiated?
    'Royal' Illuminazi Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order
    One Card to Rule Them All

  31. That is what the CENTER tries to do to fundamentalist Christians…shut them down. The TOPS of this Nation within the Inside Fold is where Unconstitutionalism and UnGodliness are alive and well; Not a very large population of them too.

  32. In my opinion everything like video games, social media, electronics, tablets and I phones are not going to designate your future…
    Only you can decide what are you going to do with your live in the future.
    And by the way if you hear in the news every day…
    you are listening for distractions, fires and merders.
    And if you think a little bit in this point you will notice
    that in like 40 or 50 years the planet will be destroyed.
    So I suggest to you guys to live your lives as good as you can, have fun, do good things, help other people,
    create a great family and take care of your self👍
    👇 Anyway have a beautiful day

  33. when are the aliens coming to save us? ai will be the death of us. i have no social media footprint and hate that my smartphone can be used to spy on me, wouldn't get alexa or siri, always listening.

  34. Not a very impressive presentation from a self described “Jesus Christ”, I would’ve expected more miracles and references to God the Father.

  35. I don't know about ya'll, but I for one cannot imagine a life in which my fridge isn't connected to the Internet.

  36. Nat rely it is van bank hum cotrol them alle it hav Alves bi corne 66 3 99 cvitserland von bank hum kotrols the olle nazolist to ia adi
    Is vat them ar stravig fore silikon vely en sajentiste
    Wolfstrit and copret hospitals
    Globole nzalis sitisenar
    Ar in on it

  37. Hum is it hum sik kontroll en trajing dren the lit off the skildren dej kom in nazolist capitalism global forme dej hav all redy don dis bi for long long time egov de vot tu mek kopi off yu bat dej vill fel yu kan tek luk
    Vat copret israel en America ar diving in the beset
    Bot rely it is sajonist svitserland
    Von bak hum kotrols the alle mister mistery bobilen en taver off Bell en god🐍 mi gog the dualety dej sik tu in trap yu
    For bisnes

  38. Hi is surpen Dron or robot from bi lov fea boke is kan remember antykras nids theknoletgi for kontroll bat i is setans devases perhapse en th dejol

  39. Dark forces are gathering pace …. towards the 666 and the AntiChrist.
    This is foretold by in the book of Revelation.

    1. It will happen cos Satan will put up a last struggle to prevent men from coming to Salvation in Christ.
    2. Christians and all decent people will be dismayed or even despair…. Yet Christ will never leave nor forsake us. He had gone through the Darkest Sufferings on that Cross…just to save us. He will walk with us through the dark valley.
    3. Ours is the Bible, the Faith in God.

  40. Satan's first lie to Adam and Eve is : you will be like God.
    Satan's last lie in this digital world is similar: you will be God !

    Then men become zombies. … beyond ability to understand God's Love

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  42. Though this is pretty much true and good to get off the internet moreso….I dont fear it…I've always believed greatly in freedom and individual responsibility and self sufficiency! Basically run your own life! I also have God and fear nothing from the world! Just stay free!! Dont let the BS control you! Cut it off as easy as cutting off the TV. I dont watch the news medias any more at all! I stopped that when obuma became President….no news media on has been great!

  43. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king. -1 Samuel 15:23 KJV

  44. Maybe. Maybe the reason videos like these are still up is because to remove them would make their message seem more valid to mankind. Maybe conspiracy theory is fundamentally flawed and that mankind is not as corrupt as it seems.

  45. How is it possible to be that elaborate in one's stupidity? Who would seriously believe that if internet companies had that "full blown AI" the narrator speaks out, ready, they would not launch it immediately ? (because yada yada yada it's planned yada yada yada it's a conspiracy).
    It's soooo easy to point fingers and accuse people of being evil. Much harder to admit that most of our evils come unintended. Frankly this is disheartening.

  46. One borg civilization Im here for it Capt Picard. Globalization on an A.I. scale might end human suffering jus hope the few running the show arent maniacal racists or greedy capitalists.

  47. oh snap. Here is some more information. Information received, and given. I trust my body on where to listen, this whole world is scary. Mother Earth is not scary and my body is safe.

  48. i can put my phone down and leave it all day i havnt been on facebook since 2016, but it keeps reminding me that i have notifications but i dont care, y do we need 5g, we need thing that are so quik, why

  49. "We The People" need to dismantle and remove the ruling class and take back our country! We must restore the constitution, abolish the federal reserve and IRS, overturn citizens United, set term limits on Congress, remove the lobbyists and private interests from our republic, and start taking care of Americans again!

  50. i am a global warming/climate shift/climate change/environmental transit/ozone depletion denier-ist !!!! I am racist and multi-phobic, transgenderphobic, islamaphobic, homophobic and phobicphobic….I am generally happy and healthy …love life and I have no concern to be politically correct. just happy and healthy

  51. I remember back in the seventies we did not have the information that we have now we only had the news network and TV to get information these entities were so bias or racist they use to laugh at people when the police used to kill their kids we talk about how the government is protecting serial killer police we could not talk about that in the seventies youtube has a lot of point of views we talk on facebook about how racist is our government we could not talk forget about the school they only taught a eurocentric ideas now we can say that the first Europeans were refugees that escape plaque torn Europe before the white supremacist would start crying

  52. If you don't know these people are the weirdos who want to control your mind you are an idiot. This guy looks more like a lizard then anyone I know. They use the whole, "Why would the bad guys reveal their own plan" idea that causes their victims to pay them again after they just sodomized your brain. Attention is payment enough for others will pay when they see you buying this crap not that it's not true but it's old and ancient news. They feed off of double negatives. They are spiritual butthole pokers.

  53. This is a double negative. This guy is one of them. They warn you of a coming control that already has control of you instead of telling you what already stripped you of your humanity. Its called Damnatio memoriae of your humanity which happened thousands of years ago even before Akhenaten who I believe was used to justify the destruction of our common grounds by turning it into a rigid idea with no comfortable connection to the human mind from which it came

  54. hey.
    K have seen different implementations of various programming.
    I can say for certain that, A.I. does not exist.
    A.I. cannot be established solely on programming. That is impossible.
    Also, the human brain is not, and will never be compatible with programming. By that, I mean that it is impossible for sequences of computer-code to define Artificial Intelligence.
    The only single thing that could be accomplished here, is that a computer, which humans still govern, will be programmed to recognize natural things. Then the computer will implement a subsequent directive. At this stage, everything understood as completely natural is immediately counterfeited.
    There is wrong to be noticed, and that is the only right.
    A computer can recognize something disagreeable.Even that was originally unnecessary. At this point, we need that stage of programming, in order to respect properly obvious distinct differences between humans and computers. That is the best that can come of this. I am correct.

  55. Narrow and stuck behind his own gate. His side as are true in a lower frequency of perception. No expansive thoughts on a much more amazing creality.

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