#theWiRE S3:E17 – Krystal Reinhard and Old Soul Decor step into the SPOTLIGHT! Pennsylvania shops.

– Over the past several
years that Jill and I have produced the WiRE, you’ve trusted us and invited us into your homes, businesses, events and parties. – And Doug and I have been
there to capture it all, but unfortunately only
a tiny bit of your story actually makes it into the final cut. – That’s right. In order to keep the WiRE fast paced, entertaining and informative,
a majority of the footage shot winds up sitting on rows
and rows of hard drives. – But not anymore. Today we’re bringing you, your business and your story out of the archives. – Join us as Krystal Reinhard, of Old Soul Decor, steps
into the spotlight. – And remember it’s your story. – We just help you tell it. (funky music) – [Cameraman] You are in the spotlight. – Yay. – [Cameraman] You are in the spotlight. – Thank you. – What’s up Justin? All right guys. – So it’s called Old Soul Decor, specifically because
myself, I’m an old soul. I like to sell antique and vintage pieces, but it’s also a mix of
new home decor items. It’s not just large pieces of furniture. We also offer jewelry, home accessories and lighting as well. Yeah, we have a full
website, that’s eCommerce, that you can shop on, with current items. I also sell the antique and
vintage pieces on Etsy and Ebay. I love the history and
architecture of this area. I’m lucky, because I grew up here mostly. I traveled a bit, when we
were younger, with my family, but when I came back after
school I purchased a home and then when it came time to open up the retail side of things for myself, I looked for a really unique
space in West Chester. I have exposed brick, sort of the industrial age fact
exposed, the hardwood floors, the lap walls, so it was a creative space I new could showcase what
I was trying to sell well. Because I love architecture and history, a majority of the homes
that I do work on are older. Some are farm homes,
bank barns, but really I can work with any client, any style home as well as whatever style
they are familiar with or love as well. I think so. A lot of the issues I
see in current homeowners are just things that were
fads that were dated. So what was cool 15 years ago obviously isn’t the current trend, so you do see a lot of those
one painted accent walls. You see a lot of kind of dated drapery, whether they’re valances or curtains, that may not work with what’s going on now and there’s a lot of clean,
contemporary minimalist style going on, that everybody’s
kind of transitioning to. I’m a very eclectic designer, so I’m mixing in contemporary
with antique pieces. So again, just because
the architectural bones of the home is old, it doesn’t mean you can’t have that kind
of modern, minimalist look that’s kind of in right now, so no I don’t think it’s typical to bring that into older homes. What I’m doing a lot of right now are feature walls with
self removable wallpaper. It’s DIY friendly, so you’re
not breaking the bank. You can do it yourself. I promise it’s not that hard. What that means is that it’s
literally like a sticker. You peel off the back. You can reposition it. It’s very user friendly
and it’s also forgivable. I’ve actually crinkled a
roll up, in frustration, pulled it apart, put it back
up on the wall and it’s worked. Just like you can see,
sticky, it’ll adhere. This is one of my best sellers here. It’s the pallet wood. It’s in blue and warm tones. Again, for people who
don’t wanna spend the money for that pallet wood accent wall, this is your next best thing. It’s gonna give you the look. From afar, people actually
believe it’s wood. When they get up close and they touch it, they’re shocked that it’s not real. You can do staircase risers. We all know that they get
scuffed from daily life and kids. This is a really awesome way to hide that and give a little pop of color. I’ve done refrigerator doors. I have done the fronts of furniture. Small powder rooms are a fun way to do it, accent walls behind your
headboard or in a dining room. So it’s bang for you buck. It’s environmentally friendly
and it’s DIY friendly, so it’s a great piece to
add color to your home. A lot of what you see
featured in this showcase is a company called Soko. It’s make from recycled
brass aluminum chrome. It’s a fair trade company
out of Kenya, female founded. Some of the newer product
I carry at the store, I like for it to have a good cause, so whether giving back to that community, whether it’s fair trade or
again, nontoxic, organic content. That’s really important to
me and I think, currently, what’s important to a lot of people is conscious consumerism,
so I pay attention a lot to the companies who are offering that. This line here, that I carry,
is called Bash & Albert. It’s a nontoxic company. A lot of what you’re hearing right now is that the padding is toxic. This is not. It’s environmentally friendly. The patterns are really cool. This is vintage inspired. You’re seeing a lot of
Moroccan geometric prints coming in right now. That’s trending. The line is very versatile. This is nice and soft wool. We also have Cecils here, which are great for high traffic areas, so
covered porches, outdoor patios. And then it’s not just for living spaces. We have children’s patterns,
a wide color pallet and anything I have,
generally I have samples, but again we have the entire catalog, so I can order in a sample for
whatever you’re looking at. Old soul, for me it’s character. It’s worn rugs. These are one of kind antique and semi-vintage rugs you’re gonna find. I love things that have
geometric patterns to it. This is a little bit more funky, kind of what’s trending currently,
but then obviously some people like more traditional rugs, so this Sarouk here. The difference between newly manufactured and vintage and antique,
these are all handmade. So you’re gonna see the
actual weave on the backend. They’re not gonna be perfect. They’re gonna have some wear marks and it’s not gonna be
perfectly symmetrical. With antique and vintage
they’re not standard sizes. You’re gonna see 4×6, 9×13 versus your traditional machine made are gonna be 4×6, 5×8, 8×10 9×12. So it’s something unique that, I think, brings layers, character
and warmth to your home. A lot of the items are larger. You need something for everybody. You need giftables. This is one of our seasonal
scents that we carry. It’s Thymes. They are made in the U.S. Soy based product, so again
nontoxic to breathe in, very important. The packaging is beautiful
and it’s also reusable. Anything I’m carrying, I’m thinking about what can you do with it
after it’s used or complete. The simmer cider you
see in the copper pots. You see it in the votive. You see it in the mug. This is huge with the younger demographic. Everybody probably knows
about a Moscow mule. That is what it’s served
in, is the copper mug. You smell that wonderful apple scent and then you can reuse the
packaging that it comes in. We’re almost at the holidays. Retail, we’re already
putting out Christmas items. A little scary, but this
here is the Fraser fir. It smells like a pine tree. I think it’s a really
cool product to have, because not everybody can put a live Christmas tree in their home. This lit makes you feel
in the holiday spirit. It has beautiful packaging. The burn time on these are unreal. Honestly, the bigger ones are
gonna last you 70, 80 hours. This here, this silver packaging,
it’s buy one plant one. So for every candle you buy they plant a tree for your purchase. It has a serial number so you can actually go online and locate
where that tree was planted. Whether you’re treating yourself for it or you’re giving it as a
gift, it has a good cause. I think that’s important. I think what’s unique
about Old Soul, for me, is yes we sell antique and vintage, but we have that relationship
with large trade accounts, so we can really remove that
stress from your daily life, in terms of interior
design, or even going in and making a small purchase. When you go into the big box
store you feel pressured. People follow you around. That’s not the goal here at Old Soul. We want you to feel comfortable. We genuinely care about
you, what your style is, giving you great customer service. And a lot of people, I think, don’t realize this store is in the burrow and the depth of what we can offer you. We can design from start to finish. For some people your lives are busy, you have kids, you’re traveling. We can handle it from
one piece of furniture all the way to decorating
your entire home. What that means is we’re
installing it for you. We’re handling if something’s damaged. We’re there to receive the deliveries, which I think is very, very important. Thanks for visiting me at Old Soul today. I really hope to meet you all soon. And a huge thanks to Doug and Jill for visiting me and putting
me on the spotlight today. – Spotlight today, why Jill. – Because real estate’s about much more than homes, building and land. – It’s about the people
and the communities where they live, work and play. Until next time, I’m Doug. – And I’m Jill. – And I’m Krystal. – [All] Thanks for watching. – Done, that was it. – I was so half crouching. – I didn’t crouch, I stood straight. I was not crouching. (hip hop music)

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