Things I Would Tell My 20 – Something Year Old Self

I’m 31 years old and I’m doing things that I am proud of However, I wish I did them sooner and I wish I started in my 20s It’s better to start now and to never start I have a different mentality Now than I did when I was in my 20s As a 31 year old woman If I was to meet my twenty-something year old self These are the things that I would tell my twenty-something year old self to do I would tell her To open up a credit card account and to build your credit history I Know you’re scared to have a credit card and to build credit history because You’re not good with money and you think that you’re going to be in debts But this credit card is for the sole purpose of building and excellent credit scoring and a credit history so that you can have Many Financial opportunities open to you because of excellent credit and because of a good long credit history So because it’s 2014 and you finally have a permanent job Apply for a credit card if you’re approved use that $300 credit card only to buy groceries and use only 10% of the card Twenty seven to twenty nine dollars of the three hundred dollar card ten percent not thirty percent ten percent Because based on the articles that I have read they say that most people that have an excellent credit score They use ten percent not 30 percent of their credit card ten percent. So you use ten percent of your credit $300 at credit card 27 – $29 but make it 27 Pay off the full balance not the minimum balance because that is a track Into debt you pay the full balance every month And once you have a credit card Ten years from now or eight years from now or even five years from now You will have either very good credit or excellent credit You will have a long credit score Now a long credit history Only spend the credit card on groceries Don’t spend it on hair don’t spend it on makeup don’t spend it on clothes. Don’t spend it on shoes don’t Spend it on really nice things. Don’t spend it on Amazon Spend it on food only if you’re gonna go on Amazon buy food with it Another thing that I would tell my twenty-something year old self is to finish your college degree Don’t give a damn thatis a General Studies degree don’t think that the degree is useless and that Employers are not going to like it the hell with them. This isn’t about that. This is about getting a college degree so you can have a better future a better paying job and So you can get the general courses out of the way just in case you want to go to a four-year school for your bachelor’s degree but get the college degree because again this degree is going to complete your general courses and it’s going to get you a better paying job and it’s going to prepare you for a Bachelor’s degree in case you ever want to go back to school for that The next thing that I would tell her Is to get rid of those disgusting nasty makeups that you have because they have chemicals in them that are terrible for your eyes your mouth Your pores your skin and your cheeks They will break you out You’re wondering why your eyes are so itchy you’re wondering why you know, you’re always breaking out It’s because of those chemicals those disgusting nasty ass chemicals See you don’t know that is because of the makeup you don’t know that but I know that so get rid of that shit get rid of the DeLoreans and the Maybelline’s and the L’Oreal’s And get with the Burt’s Bees get with companies that only make Natural Skincare products and natural Cosmetics that are made with plant-based and oil-based Ingredients because those are good for the skin. They’re not going to mess up your eyes They’re not going to mess up your pores and they’re not gonna mess up your your skin and your lips and all that stuff Yes, they are expensive the eye liner and the blush is expensive but they are worth it Another thing that I would tell her is to eat better Stop eating all those desserts all the time. Stop only eating Mostly desserts You know stop Eating in a way where you’re not eating complete whole meals eat at least three meals a day with one snack a day or Three meals a day and two snacks a day but focus on eating at least three meals a day and one snack a day and focus on foods that have been are fortified with vitamins minerals and antioxidants Don’t be so concerned about What foods are going to make me gain weight, how am I going to gain weight fast don’t be concerned about that Don’t worry about that. The weight gain will come and if you don’t gain a lot of weight, that’s okay as long as you can say that you’re healthy as long as you can say that your foods have a lot of vitamins minerals and Antioxidants. I think you’re good to go That’s all you got to do. As long as you can say that you’re not malnourished You know or yeah, that’s the word Yeah, as long as you can say that you know you That you are nourished that you are healthy that you have vitamins and minerals and antioxidants in your body. Then you’re good to go Another thing that I would tell my twenty-something year old self is to wear What you wanna wear and do not give a damn What anybody might say or might think I might feel about you because it’s not about those motherfuckers It’s about you and your happiness and about your self-expression Because if you keep on restricting yourself or not wearing whatever you want You are not being yourself and you’re restricting yourself and you’re preventing yourself from being the person that you want to be See you are a talented unique Stylish person that stands out you’re not boring. You’re not mediocre You are not average you are amazing you Aren’t different So dress the part look the part You are talented so look the part you are stylish so look the part you are interesting so look the part you are different So look the part You have different ideas and different Perspectives and different outlooks on life. So look the part You’re not like everybody else. So don’t look like them wrote the parts Stand out be different be unique because you are different and you are unique Everybody else is looking like they just rolled out of bed and looking like they’ve been lounging around the house and walking around wearing certain things that that does not need to be seen out in public, but you know They they should have, you know, put that stuff back in the house, but they did not Just be looking like, you know, they didn’t take any showers or taking a bath They look like they haven’t been you know, freshing up combing their hair brushing their hair making their hair look meets They’re not looking, you know well-kept. They’re not groomed. None of that shit So why the hell do you? Care about what these these people think what they’re looking like that or people that they just have no sense of style No sense of individuality that look boring that look plain Why do you care about what those people that look like that think about you they’re not like you They don’t stand out like you You are meant to entertain people so look the part You are meant to influence people so look the part You are meant to be a leader not a follower so look the parts You are meant to be a different kind of person in this lifetime so look the part You are beautiful and talented and wise and intuitive so look the part You are creative to look the part you are original so look the part You’re supposed to be an entertainer You’re supposed to be like Michael Jackson and Prince and everybody else that were talented and and famous and and being influential to other people You know and having people love their Performance and being inspired that then that is like them that is you that is what you’re supposed to do You’re supposed to look the part. You’re supposed to look like a Super Mario supposed to look like a movie star you’re supposed to look like a Superstar Because that’s who you are or that’s what you are at heart. So look at the parts don’t be trying to You know blend in like everybody else Don’t try to like look like everybody else will be concerned with because that you don’t look like anybody else You’re not supposed to look like anybody else You don’t supposed to dress like anybody else Every time you want a local certain way or just a certain way or I put something on your body. It’s different That means you’re not supposed to be like everybody else. You’re not supposed to be mediocre and boring and plain You’re supposed to look creative and like a fashion trend ER and of n/m and a and and an influencer You’re supposed to do all this stuff. You’re supposed to set an example. You’re supposed to be a leader You’re supposed to look the part So that’s why it’s important for you to dress the way that you want to dress and and wear the things that you want to Wear and look the way you want to look if you stand out and you look like you’re not from here You look like you’re supposed to be in another era or another time or another place That it’s probably because you are supposed to be in another time another era in another place You’re not meant to be in this time. You’re not meant to be in this era but you know if you were born here, which you are then that is fine, but that doesn’t mean that you should Be like everybody else and look like everybody else and sound like everybody else to walk and move and act and think like everybody else You’re different. So be different And don’t be concerned with people You know what if people call you a slut or a whore a whore who cares you look better than them you’re prettier than them You’re more attractive than them. You smell better than them. You look better than them you have style You’re probably more talented than them. You have it going on They probably don’t so who cares they’re and if they were to say that there probably Would be hating on you because they don’t look like you they don’t look good like you You want to wear colored hair then do that, it doesn’t matter if other women are not doing it It doesn’t matter if you know You will look different you’re supposed to look different because you are different. You’re supposed to be different and stand out I would tell my twenty-something year old self to prepare to be a real estate investor in the future Because when you are in your 30s, you’re not going to want to have a regular job for the rest of your life You’re not going to want to Make the same amount of money and do the same damn thing and wake up in the same time and see the same people you’re Going to want to have it different like doing other things Get real estate investing books from bigger pockets Buy their books Read their books learn about real estate investing build credit so you can get business credit cards and so you can buy real estate investing properties and Make money off of that and make passive income. You’re gonna want to make passive income I know that you don’t know what passive income is in your 20s a passive income is when you know you have passive income you have you have any come come in to you and you don’t have to Work every single day to get that money and it’s legal Yes, you still want to make music and you can still do it But you want to be a real estate investor as your way of making money While you’re finishing your associate’s degree in general studies If you want to you can go to college for music production Now you don’t have to have you know a music production degree, but that’s something that you want for yourself That is something that you would be proud of having yourself you’re not doing it for the money you’re doing it because you’re sincerely interested in making your own music and you want to have a degree a background knowledge expertise in music production And if you can’t find any colleges where you can go to for music production Then you can take courses you can take informal courses about music production You can pay for it or you can have it for free You can buy know you can you can take these courses for free or you can buy them These are all the things that I would tell her as A 30 something year old woman and she’s in her 20s And she doesn’t know what her futures gonna be. Like she doesn’t know what her future self is gonna be like she can only guess And I would tell her this is you ten years from now This is you eight years from now. This is you six years from now This is you five years from now four years from now three years from now This is you two years from now This is what I look like and and I’m not stopping here I’m going to dress the best that I can be I’m going to look like a superstar. I’m going to look like a supermodel I’m going to look like Like the one of the biggest names there And I’m not famous, you know People probably don’t even like know who I am, but they most likely don’t and they probably don’t even know what I look like, but I’m still going to look like a supermodel and In a superstar out in public, even if I’m just going grocery shopping or doing the laundry You know why because that is what I’m supposed to look like That is what I’m supposed to dress like that is what I’m supposed to be and they’re supposed to be ordinary. I’m supposed to be Regular I’m supposed to be original unique Eccentric that’s the way that I’m supposed to look like It doesn’t matter where I’m going or what I’m doing or who I’m with that is who I really am Because that’s what I wanted just like in this what I want to look like. That’s what I want to be like Now As a 31 year old woman, you know I’m doing these things and I’m trying to get my life together in my future get together my finances together You know, and I’m trying to be a real estate investor someday. I’m trying to get you know, a college degree finish it I’m Wearing natural cosmetics. I’m eating better. I am dressing the way that I want to dress, but there’s I’m not finished yet There are still things that I want to wear and I’m building my wardrobe again You know and I still have a lot to go but I just realized right now as I’m speaking I’m actually building myself I am building my my attire. I am building my appearance. I am building my health, which I am healthy, but You know, I want to eat better and I am eating better. I Want to look better, I mean to look the way I not I really think that I should be looking I think that I should be looking like a superstar even though I’m not famous I just have this gut feeling that that’s the way I’m supposed to look like. Who knows maybe I am a superstar Maybe I’m meant to be one, but I’m not right now. I’m just living a regular life I’m no celebrity, you know, I’m no famous person on YouTube I’m not famous at all. I’m just a regular person, but I feel like I’m supposed to be a superstar I feel like I’m supposed to dress like a superstar and I’ve been feeling this way for years, but I just realized that I Feel like I’m supposed to dress like and look like a superstar and I really don’t even know why I feel this way It’s just this gut feeling that I keep having And I even wanted me to regular people that dress like and that look like superstars I want to meet them too because there are probably people that look like superstars and supermodels, but they’re probably not famous but there’s probably something inside of them that That’s trying to get out. They’re superstars probably trying to get out of themselves Like I probably have a superstar within myself. That’s trying to get out And I’m slowly letting her get out And and that is – she is the true michaela Not not this, you know me camera that that’s walking around right now But she’s getting there but someday is going to be 100 percent there Where I’m wearing whatever I want without worrying about what anybody thinks with no restrictions no and none of that Now walking down the street looking like this, you know super starting action, you know and I’m like damn now that people are probably gonna be like damn – And that is okay because I’m supposed to look like a superstar I’m not supposed to tone it down I Was 15 years old when I was you know Dressing up in high school and my mother used to tell me that to tone it down She used to tell me that I was dressing fancy in high school 15 years old being told that 15 years old You know just not a certain way because I wasn’t meant to be regular I wasn’t meant to be normal I wasn’t that you look like that I Read about Cindy Lauper one time, you know all Wikipedia and they were talking about how she was walking around in high school with a similar experience and I heard other people but I don’t remember who they were, but I’ve I’ve heard of other people That were I think it was Bret Michaels that you know, like they used to walk around in high school Just you know serving away and it was like out of the ordinary And he stood out I noticed that when people are seniors and when they were like really famous And I’m not talking about people today. I’m not talking about people singers and entertainers today I’m talking about from the From the 80s that is what I’m talking about those people they used to dress up differently They used to look differently in high school and then they they they grew up to be singers and entertainers In the 80s and they were standing out So I am supposed to be an entertainer I’m supposed to be a It like I am a creative person supposed to be a creator we’re supposed to be a builder I’m supposed to be a fashion setter a Fashion shred trend trend or something like that And fashion a fashion something But I’m supposed to I’m supposed to Be an example of something. I’m supposed to influence something or someone. I’m supposed to I’m not supposed to live a regular life I’m not supposed to be like everybody else. Am I supposed to look like everybody else? We’re supposed to entertain people I’m supposed to set an example. I’m supposed to influence people. I’m supposed to Set the trend. I’m supposed to be an example of something and I just have that gut feeling within myself And when I was feeling all different in feeling like why am I different? Why do I want to do these things? I should have told myself that’s years ago but I’m telling myself that now because I feel like I understand and know myself better than I ever did but this comes with age you’re not going to get this win when you’re in your 20s unless You just come to this realization when you’re in your 20s because some people when they’re in if their 20s they’re really wise and They allow themselves to be wise But then there are other people that are in their 20s who are wise but they don’t know that they’re wise Or they they know it but you know, they still do stupid stuff and then you have people in your 20s that are not wise and that are just Confused and they don’t know what’s going on. They don’t understand anything in their immature There are people who are in there there is 40 50 60 s and they stand there still like that Some people never grow they never they never learn they never listened. They’ll never improve because Because they stand in the way of their own growth But I’m the opposite I’ll stand in the way of my own growth You know, I’m gonna keep on growing we’re gonna keep on improving Some dams. I hope to get where I really want to be in terms of finances and career But these are the things that I wish I did when I was in my 20s, I was just started earlier I wish I started when I was in my 20s But I realized that as a 31 year old woman, I’m on the right track she’s not realize that her growing You know, I have all of these changes that are being made in my life And I remember there were times where I would have dreams You know of me dying And I didn’t understand why I was having these dreams and then I would look them up and you know It says that when you have dreams about yourself dying, that means that you know You’re changing on the inside are they you’re you’re becoming a different person and I don’t remember the last time I had a dream of me dying, but Now I realize that I’ve changed I’ve changed there so many ways like there are things that I’m not afraid of anymore And there are things that I don’t care about anymore and There are things that I used to be afraid of that. I’m not as afraid of and I am Passive-aggressive, and I am assertive and I didn’t used to be in my in I didn’t used to be assertive And adding needs to be passive regard suit I’m so I’m growing and I’m changing and I’m learning and And I’m allowing. So my I’m allowing myself to be the person that I think that I really should be in life And those dreams that I had you know of me dying That was my soul telling me that my about a change is gonna come that I’m going to change I’m going to be a different person and Here I am You know a different person and I’m going to keep on changing. I’m going to keep on you know, having layers Taken out of me like lettuce And I’m going to become the person that I really want to be and someday. I hope I get my finances together. I Would love to make six figures I would love to be a millionaire because I want all that money And I know that makes me sound like, you know bad because we’re programmed to not want money But I want a lot of money Because I want to live comfortably and I don’t want to have to want in need for anything. I Want to have everything that I’ve ever wanted I would have everything that I ever needed Because that is the way that we’re supposed to live We’re supposed to want the things that we want every so no Principles to have the things that we want every supposed to have things that we need I am supposed to have the things that I want and I deserve the things that I want because I’m a good person Now I’m a generous person and I have a good heart. So I deserve everything that is good and I’m not ashamed to say that because I’m a decent person and I have a good heart And I’m a great and I’m a decent person now I want to do what’s best for myself and I want to improve other people’s lives and I know that I deserve the damn very best and I deserve good things and I want things And I hope to have a lot of money and I hope to have a lot of great things and hope to have a house And and I helped you to have a great car to have a lot of money and to and to have like a great partner To be with and to have you know, great close and to look like a superstar. I would love to have that now, I love to – to sing and dance and write songs and entertain people and and being an example being influenced be a Trendsetter that was the word that I was looking for trendsetter or Chancellor or trendsetter I’m supposed to do all these things And I don’t know what my future’s going to hold for me. I don’t know how long I’m going to live as This person. I don’t know what I’m going to look like in the future, but I think I’m gonna look like a you know a Superstar, I don’t know what kind of curve I’m gonna have. I don’t know what kind of money I’m going to make But I hope that I don’t have a regular job forever, I hope I’m not working for it for someone forever I hope to be an investor forever until I have a music career and to walk around looking like You know a superstar, even if I am going to the grocery store or doing the laundry. I don’t give a shit I’m not supposed to look like other people were supposed to be normal and I supposed to look regular that is not who Michaela is Michaela is not like that. Michaela is is is an entertainer and she is a person that looks like a superstar, and she she She sets the tone for everything

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