Things to do in Palm Springs on a Vacation Road Trip from L.A.

This is Christina from We Like L.A. and I’m taking a road trip to Palm Springs with my girls Corey and Daniella. As much as I like L.A. sometimes you need a quick getaway and Palm Springs is the perfect destination for a little ladies’ road trip. On our way we stopped in Cabazon for a little photo fun with these giants. Next up we arrive at our accommodations. Wait a minute, is this the same JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort featured in a 1991 episode of Saved by the Bell? You bet it is! Didn’t see Zack or Slater around, but the view from our room was pretty killer. After we get settled at our home away from home we decided our first key destination of the weekend: Desert X. The temporary art pop-up naturally brought out the Instagrammer in all of us. Made a quick change after Desert X, super hungry right now, so now we’re going to grab a bite at Reservoir. Danny went the healthy route with a salad and Corey and I went to town on several goodies like Captain Crunch French Toast, tacos, and a burger. My favorite was the build your own Bloody Mary bar. After Reservoir I was on a personal mission to hunt for as many bargains as I could find at local vintage stores and antique malls. And there are A LOT of options for vintage and antique shopping in the greater Palm Springs area. Day 2 started with a little spa treatment. Followed by pool time. Next up it was on to dinner and drinks at Truss & Twine. Danny was all about the spot prawn dog and I couldn’t get enough of the rabbit confit. My favorite was the Southside, a prohibition era cocktail. Day 3 we woke up and decided we were going to get in touch with nature. Right now we’re at the Palm Springs Visitor’s Center and we’re about to head over to the Aerial Tramway which is going to take us 8500 feet up into the San Jacinto Mountains. The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is the world’s largest rotating tram car providing a ten minute ride that takes you 8500 feet up to the visitor’s center at Mt. San Jacinto State Park. And trust me, the view is even better in person. After three full days it was time to head back to L.A. exhausted, yet somehow invigorated by our desert adventures. As much as we did over the weekend we barely scratched the surface of all the things to do in the Coachella Valley. But don’t worry, we’ll be back.

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  1. We all day dream, right? Well I wasn’t an exception. Palm Springs is a wildly cool place to visit and hang out from the abundant pools, hotels, hip stores and not to mention Coachella! Check out my “dream”!

  2. Looks like it would be fun to visit, but thank God I’ve been blessed to live in Alabama. I love trees, lakes, Mts etc. The desert wouldn’t be for me I don’t believe. But I bet it is breath taking on clear nights around a fire looking at the stars. Too many lights now in the south to enjoy the stars as we did when I was young. Nice video…

  3. Stupid video. I dont have drive to far for me to do all that i can do all that right here where i live. Show us something different to do in palm spring

  4. 0:40 Oh wow. Was it the scene where the father of the tall blond lady owned the hotel, and the tall lady swimming fight with Tiffany Amber Thiesen?

  5. Thinking about moving to Palm Springs. Anyone have any suggestions of websites or groups online to visit to get more info about jobs, life, fun, shopping, rents, housing, car insurance, medical care, schooling for adults, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  6. I love Palm Springs, I moved to it 20 years ago, I love the mountain, the beautiful sky, and the very perfect weather all year around. Thank you for a very nice video.

  7. Palm Springs has been ruined by the YUCKY LA kids that have discovered PS's because of Coachella….I just sit and wonder how dumb they really are, when their wearing their WOOL Hats and its 100….im thinking damn their heads must be on fire….These cheesy people have ruined the Vibe, and ruined the city…..Just FYI….ur Urban Outfitters look is YUCK sweety… head back to LA, another beautiful city thats been ruined by you people ….and get back to driving for Uber LOL !!!

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