THIS WAS A MISTAKE… | Pogostuck #1

I’m gonna try to join Wade’s game here. Oh My god, I just went in on my life. Oh Boy, howdy. Oh Hi Alright, okay, I got where are you guys? White like grayscale when I’m like inside Boy me like Ripoff Bennett foggy vibes. Oh ho this is such a ripoff of Bennett body. All right, I can already tell him and I hate this Well, you made progress. I’m not making progress. I wish I could get back down to you guys I can’t get back over the banana. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god okay, so we do a full flip in the air without touching anything you get a bigger boost on the jump Oh zing Things that we had to learn slowly over time. Oh that helps Okay. Yeah, you can’t touch anything, okay Why do you always This next section sucks. Hmm. Okay, guys, did we win? Oh my god How do you oh? There’s a banana in the air Oh pick it up on the top and Anna and then boost off of it. I think Frick Oh my god, Wade. This is the worst It’s funny Okay Why are there levels you might level up your character or something? I’m not good at this but I like this and you know, I kind of liked Bennet foggy at first too but I feel like I Just found so far away. Oh wait. Oh Man oh god. Oh god, I just And a half that we’re at right now mark wait, where are we supposed to go We’re supposed to go up. I want to see it so bad I just I can’t do I Can’t do floaty controls guys. I just can’t I did it. That’s great No, oh my god screw this noise Nonsense, wait did I just can’t do floaty controls? I need my controls to be nice and precise and fordable floating Floating. Oh my god. I’m gonna die all backwards. That’s the way There’s a reason I stopped playing rage games is because I have a visceral reaction to like controls that I don’t like I just Will not relax he’ll get I will be good at this because getting good at You’re only saying that cuz you know, it’ll make me matter I’m back up here I Didn’t take two hours like last time I didn’t see shit wait you didn’t I? Got a pause for a second. I’m just oh Yes, hey, thank you, thank you perfect chick-fil-a time. Thank you Lunch, I got some chick-fil-a. Oh just take a little breather in 30 seconds. I Don’t care what Wade is accomplishing I have what I need right here So I just got this as far as I got in two hours. I just reached Get further up there becomes wind. Oh, no, what mark what take you back? I love this game It’s fine everything’s fine No, no, no, I’m not cheating. I’m just you paused. Yeah, I’m reading the controls Okay You’re fakie, why does your finger hurt? What are you talking about? button too hard because he’s Oh, you’re playing on controller. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a controller is easier. Ah God, damn it. It’s oh, hey, well, I’m starting to get a feel of it What did I just get the worst is when you bounce up somewhere and then you know, you’re sick lands on it and yeah I Swear I was getting bigger boost jumps before oh My god the Flies, why do the Flies exist that’s the water mmm wait, I’m so glad you’re having fun up there Oh There’s a bit Okay So you got to hold it down like all the way you mean you have to hold it down like all the way You don’t have to let go of it is what I’m saying Oh, it’s so much better. If you just hold down space the whole time. It’s so much better. It’s like infinitely better Chill kid chill, who’s what who’s kid me? I Don’t work concerning me I don’t know my boots seem to be working good Oh my god, that was like the superest boost ever jump so high oh my god, I can’t I can’t with this I literally I can’t It makes no sense the inconsistency of the power. Yeah, the power seems crazy to me I don’t I’m not Auto percent sure What the deal is with the power flip jumpy. Oh my god The whole the whole wall jumping concept, but see oh my god, it’s okay Mark, it’s fine. Oh Fuck. Yes Wait, I didn’t do it. I have a fuckup I’m angry sad because I wanted to succeed I know I I thought I was done. I fucked up. I think I could have made it if I understood what was happening I Do feel like I’m getting better though, like this feels like it might actually be What someone just came tumbling down by me? All right. So leave is this game hackable. Are we about to get fucking hackers in here? Well, there’s there’s somebody fuck. All right. Oh, yeah Oh my god, oh my god Oh My god, stop jumping off of the walls. Oh my god You can’t stop jumping Interesting. I just I need them. I need a moment. You need a moment. Hi, you need a moment I’ve got nice nice sandwiches that are just going nice and cold Well, I’m trying to oh my god. Stop jumping up the wall. I’m So happy that it’s not me down there for once it’s just if it would Stay it do why is it with JP? We’re in a better place. Why does it do that? Oh, is it because I’m holding down space? Oh, that makes sense No, no god. Oh My god, I swear I swear – I swear – fuck I swear to fuck just be Played this oh, oh, oh my god. Oh, it’s so hard to just get it in to where I need it to be there We go. Yes, okay. I’m here. I’m gonna stop. Okay, here we go. And oh Stop stop moving. Oh my god. Why did I did the biggest super jump I’ve ever done in my existence Oh my god. Okay. I know how to do this. I know Okay, everything’s fine Here’s the hill with the window yes. Oh my god, okay My friend is here no wait, how’s it going? Where’s mark? I got min. I’m coming. I Fucking Oh Laxus game you guys like this game. I love this game. Hey, dr. Pope is over here. Whoever the fuck that is I don’t know. Dr. Pope. I almost dr. Pepper day. I heard that name though Fucking fuck go away. Hey Marco You sound different why would I sound different so same old me Know what mark? I feel your pain, you know, dude don’t my pain. Oh fuck If you can’t say that with the mouthful of chick-fil-a, I just I’m getting better is the thing I’m getting better at it Yeah, I mean I spent literally two hours we recorded for over two hours. You really don’t get past this Where where did you get to I guess where you just saw pee Really? Yes, isn’t that hard? I? I found the heck. I’m a hacker. I’m the best. Okay, I found the way I’m gonna get up this mountain through unbelievable pro skills Okay, that’s really difficult to do I’m not gonna try to do that when I can’t even do the basic way are there more flies Hears birds. No, I mean I’m saying are there more flies here where I am, it feels like there’s more Okay, here we go Do your clothes and stuff You know what my controller’s dying go fuck yes, I’m switching a mouse and keyboard. Oh you both on controller get in the hole. Oh I’m in a new area. I’ve never been here before. Yes. Yes. Yes guys guys guys guys Did what everyone else did thank you Fuck fuck I got it. Oh come on. The slipping is really unnecessary It’s such a narrow angle that you have to set goddamnit oh Not oh No Okay. No, why would you grab there Oh Bob I might kill My own I might kill Oh mark calm down. Everything’s fine. It’s working. Fuck you found your secret mantra Fuck calm down. It’s working. Everything’s fine It’s really difficult up here as well. Let you know. Where are you and why don’t I care? Good, it’s fine. This is uncharted territory for me What Bob Bob shut up don’t use me for your monster you’re stealing my skill Hey everything I keep slapping my Stupid round body where it doesn’t deserve to be so not like it. Oh, oh Oh Oh, I knew that was a dumb Sombrero Sombrero guys, that’s great. Yeah. Yeah, that’s cool. So proud of you. Oh, it’s the wind there’s wind Wind There’s clearly wind up here, please pull go to the right please God It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s fine. No God, why would you do that? That makes no sense Oh, no, no, no. No, no, don’t be like Mark. Don’t be what are you talking about? What are people saying about me, huh? I’m not no one’s saying anything Yeah, no no mark down like mark and shut your trap I swear I swear I don’t care what you think of me. Just it better be yes. Yes. Yes I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make wiser winks. Why is there some wind? I’m not gonna make it You fool. I feel like the wind is inconsistent I just want to say that straight up you have to jump it like a really sharp angle to like avoid the wind Wait, I just realized I didn’t want your advice I concur I’m offended that you thought I needed your help Who’s in the same place is me you so how does that feel? This is not me. Wow You’re into the top mark I’ve seen the golden the promised land you have not you have not you have not No one no one has I I have it’s golden. No one has no one has No one No one has it all I can’t get I can’t get these people and why aren’t they you too? I can’t get a steep angle cuz my stupid round body hits the thing and therefore I don’t get I Can’t I can’t do it’s impossible to do a steep angle. It just is Oh My oh my god, oh my god, it’s just it’s definitely not impossible. Ok, so just it is so Unbelievably impossible. Oh my god, really? Oh, Well, you’re keeping it together mark If I be quiet, I feel the path If I am loud the path eludes me Well, I think I see the path feel to you That also is true. Oh my gotten out there. I go fucking every god I’m oh Man what have I done mark you see where I am. No, I don’t Oh God Oh careful, Baha Oh God okay. Oh No, I was the hair bob once I reached my apex kill yo, fuck me you’re gonna see gameplay Gameplay the likes of which you’ve never seen Yes, yes, yes, what is this what this is not the top the top What no no, no not like this now like this ho boy here we go Power blast like that. I’m better than you. I think maybe yours is just uh, Okay. I’m at the boost effect of hearts. You’ve got the explosion. That’s why it’s all the same unit Here we go. Visit. I’m up out of here. Oh, fuck me. Well, it’s good to see you dude. Hey, bud. How you been? Nope. Oh god. No, no not like this. I am so close. Oh It’s not falling over you little you little bitch you okay? Why are you kidding me? No. Oh My god Hating everything about this entire game Yes, yes, yes, okay, I’m here my skill is too many people here. Oh my god. Oh my god There goes my momentum No, I’m not where’s the top I don’t know But not that bad here we go back to a controller the controller is so much better No, I’m making the keyboard work for me. You know what I mean? Just take a break Hey, I hate this so much guys I can’t describe my hate for this I’ve got a controller I’m ready Did you both get out of here while I was fucking around? No, yeah. Oh, wait what? All right. I’m not back down So I’m I’m the best if I could stop I mean I know why it’s happening But I refuse to let go of the spacebar because of principles that I have sure sure Yeah, I have principles unlike a certain Freshly shaven, man. I Will not let go of the spacebar. I just won’t Don’t you’re not boss now if you’re still down there. Oh stop Are you on top right now? Fucking try not to lose it? Yes, I am. But also I’m trying to progress because I’m skilled I it’s not just a constant fight to not lose. It’s a constant fight for victory. Here we go In it to win it Is the wrong way to go Oh God, okay. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my oh my. Oh my I Swear I swear there we go. I’m up. Oh My god, well, I’m back down again. Well, I’m up. Oh my god, I forgot that you get super Oh God

100 Replies to “THIS WAS A MISTAKE… | Pogostuck #1”

  1. I love how mark just plays random games with his friends, not many youtubers post videos like this. So good job👍😁

  2. Videos like this teach me that watching human pain is funny. But at the same time utterly terrifying sometimes

  3. I'm telling you, someone seriously needs to animate this. It'd be nice just to see a 2-minute long animation of Mark screaming. He is just such an angel ♡♡♡

  4. If I end up getting a youtuber boyfriend, I'd do the exact same thing Amy's doing every episode 😂🥰 Lots of love for Amy!! You're best girl ^-^

  5. Did they rip off Super Mario Bros. sound effects? I thought I could hear some in there. That makes it even worse when they remind you of a much better game you could be playing instead…

  6. Me, watching Mark: “That’s easy!”

    *10 Minute Later*

    *YOUR PERSONALITY TRAIT HAS CHANGED TO “Your Language is More Foul that an Otyugh Nest”*

    Otyugh’s are garbage eating monsters, BTW

  7. I feel like Mark playing a rage game is the closest I’ve ever seen a real human man become the Incredible Hulk in real life.
    Truly terrifying.

  8. I honestly haven’t laughed this hard in so long! Thank you lads for the tears of laughter…. I needed the laugh more then I knew!


    oops my caps lock was still on from me scream texting on another video oops

  10. Mak-
    this is kinda like the fish game that would have made you rage quite because you kept on falling, so funny ! when you see someone get angry at games

  11. I like how everyone's like "Amy knew when Mark was about to rage so she brought food."

    Me, "Then why wasn't she walking in every 2 seconds?"

  12. I know that to some, this may seem very funny, but to me, this is just frustrating. I get frustrated just watching this, almost as frustrated when someone D A B S. It's so frustrating that I can't describe how frustrating it is! How Many Times Have I Said That Word?! WHERE IS MY LATE SQUAD!?!??!?!?!?

    uh… Me buff. Me name Arnold.

  13. I literally almost cried from my OCD because of that janky little loss of momentum when you go to far to the right or left.

  14. There's something sadistically satisfying about letting the video play in the background while you answer some texts, only to click back on the video to see him still hopping around the same spot

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