This “Women’s Humor” Page Is a Disaster

R Funny waman! D: Funny waman? R: Funny waman R: You know people like Amy Schumer but funny :O R: There’s loads of funny women out there. There’s a lot of female humor that makes me EL OH EL R: But today I want to talk about a Facebook page R: It’s called “Women’s Humor” and we’re gonna look at a bit of what kind of humor do they feature. Spoiler alert, It’s not good.. R: I’m here with my friend, Dave. from Boyinaband. D: Hi, I’m a man R: And my name is Joel from RoomieOfficial R: Let’s get this video going. Let’s not wait any more let’s not stall this video R: Let’s not just keep talking just to get to watch time. Let’s actually just get started with (mumbo jumbo) (At the same time) D: Yeah, let’s begin the video. R: The MEATS of the video. D: YEAH, No more vegatables, D: PURE meat! SO much protein! (Sorry vegans) D: No gristle- R: Now I actually want to start the video. LET’S start the video R: (reading) The only one who came when I said dinner was ready. It’s a cat D: it’s kind of cute R: This is a bit of a soft introduction to women’s humor. At first glance may be like, oh, this is a cute pic! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ R: How cute that the cats came to dinner, right? D: Yeah. R: Yeah, yeah R: Then you start thinking deeper about this women’s humor page and you’re like, there’s a complaint built into this joke R: No one but the cat comes when I say dinner is ready R: No fricking cat has more manners than my husband :O D: I can see that.. R: there’s something in the bottom there, but maybe I’m reading into the jokes too much. That would be unthinkable ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) R: (reading) Awake but at what cost? And a very sad cat. Everyone: Awhhh (ᵔᴥᵔ) R: Here’s another staple, of the cute animal but this is also just relatable whining R:It’s a common type of humor on the internet obviously R: I’m so bad and everything’s bad just like R: Whining, but kind of like throwing in something in there so that people want to see the joke ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) D: So this isn’t even like legitimately upset. Well, that’s was it’s stolen from legitimately upset. R: Well, yeah, it is (laughter) R: Which makes it worse! R: (reading) How can lawyers argue without crying D: Oh, I get it because when women argue, they always start crying R: EXACTLY! D: Oh my god, like when you start an argument with a woman and she starts crying. R: Yeah, it’s so funny (laughter from evil people) R: This isn’t bad obviously, but it’s a slow start into another aspect of what I found on the “Women’s Humor” Facebook page R: Which is owning and being somehow proud of behaviors that aren’t good R: I don’t mind it too much until it starts sounding like justification and like there’s no real joke there apart from HAHA R: I don’t act in a good way. I want to make a distinction between R: Women’s humor, like just women making jokes and the “Women’s Humor” Facebook page. When I say women’s humor in this video R: It means- D: Specifically all women– R: NO!!! D: IT MEANS all women have this same type of humor. R: Oh my god- D: And this is what we’re addressing. R: Oh my god stop! R: (reading) I love the fact that people who peaked in high school are now miserable and R: UGLY while I was miserable and UGLY back then and I still am! Consistency is the key!! There’s just also okay humor R: It’s whatever. I don’t really care R: It’s just I’m the trash and the people who were popular in high school are also trash now haha! D: I wonder if you could have like “Toddler’s Humor” where toddlers would say the exact same joke How can lawyers argue without crying? (I’m too lazy 2 do the rest) everytime I Argue, I have a tantrum ha ha. Am I right guys, let’s continue doing this when you pull your diaper This when you put your dog, it’s just a funny face that Oprah face Me if I just had one day to get all my stuff done has today to do stuff so Once again, just someone like oh I didn’t do my responsibilities, lull You’re just reducing it down to its this most fundamental Concept that is ridiculous when you really think about this. Yeah, why is it funny? I don’t really find it funny This is the kind of joke that I would see at wouldn’t even like smut now like it would just be I understand this Yeah, continue. Am a really pleasant person to be around unless I’m hungry, tired, hot, cold, thirsty, anxious, dealing with idiots Wearing a bra, or I’m otherwise uncomfortable. I also hate wearing a bra. Yeah, the joke here is- Hi, I’m a woman I’m gonna Be around I will be a dick to you no matter what happens at the end of the day. There’s no real joke there There’s no real like oh that was a twist I guess a twist this I’m awful and I’m owning it rather than I’m awful and I’m trying my best Yeah, those jokes are funny like when you’re trying in your failings. Yeah, but this is like, haha. Yeah. I’m also a Girls with house plants make the best girlfriends because they’ve learned how to care for something that sits around all day being all useless Oh Women’s humor The punch line is that boyfriends are useless. That is the punch line. I’m a man and I’m offended by this Buttery good guys something I do. Sometimes I said I’d do the good old gender swap rights I’m like I know guy so all the privilege in the world and we can take a bit more because of that because we’re you know stronger and smarter That’s a voice with house plants make the best boyfriends because they’ve learned how to take care for something that sits around all day being useless all women of Useless. Yeah, that doesn’t play at all This really the best joke. We miss humor could fight if you’re gonna steal jokes you steal this joke clearly works I think a lot of people want to think that maybe it’s cuz the people who are responding to this have just a Terrible taste in man people who follow this Facebook page is just people who are stupid when it comes to picking partners States a gamer guy. He ain’t cheating or whining He’s sitting his ass on the couch being a virtual Cowboy and riding around on a horse named John bond Pony another top level joke Apparently the status quo is a boyfriend who whines and cheats all the time either You’re a dude who cheats and whine or you’re a guy with this Pretending to be a cowboy with an is like embarrassing name for his pony. You can only be these two things I’m not saying that people can’t make these jokes and you’re saying they’re easy not that funny and when they’re curator on the Facebook page It looks like women’s humor is just this I’m honestly just offended on women’s behalf But like there’s a page with almost million likes called women’s humor. And this is the stuff they feature There’s so many funny women out there. There’s so much funnier jokes This is such a sensitive topic as why I just wanna say like, you know You can leave comments and tell me I’m totally wrong think for yourself Ultimately all women of this funny the best that women have to offer is cumulated to this content exactly Last night at work I was bartending and this girl asked me to stop flirting with her Boyfriend and I looked her dead in the eye and I said I don’t want your man I just want his money and this chick stares back and just says same dead LMAO women’s humans human Oh my god, that’s so funny guys. This girl really went from why you’re flirting with my boyfriend – haha You’re just using your sexuality to get my boyfriend’s money. That’s I can approve that I’m gonna be friendly with you now and not only do I approve of that, but I also do the same thing But I actually dates if it were their money I do that on a longer term basis. It didn’t happen I’m gonna say it didn’t happen. It wouldn’t make any sense I’ve never met a girl that’s like that the cares that much about money that they would freaking use a boyfriend I mean if you work on tips, I think it gets pretty common to like flirt a little bit with guys But if you see that someone’s with their girlfriend or something, I was a waiter for a while. I never did that. I Was 16 oh maybe you could yeah Okay, so I think we learned something about women today or maybe more specifically What’s the people that curate this page think women are so apparently women hate their boyfriends They overthink social situations hate men in general a lot of times all women hate men. Yeah women whine and try to make an excuse by using cats if you want to make a woman laugh put a cat next to a Whiny statement get my vagina heard I don’t like to wear a bra when a man does something you don’t like After the main thing we learn today is that this page run by friary kind of sucks or we have only ever met nice people And like the majority of guys and girls are just terrible. They’re also just means I know That’s the end of the video. Yeah. Anyway, Dave thanks for coming onto my channel. Most of the women’s human. Yes. Oh God Thanks for watching guys, I appreciate you, buy the merch or I will fucking murder you– put a picture of the cat: “When you don’t buy merch” Yeah, thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video. Bye Okay, guys. Once again, this video is brought to you by Jonas this beautiful shirt my beautiful shirt there’s other beautiful shirts and we have a special offer for you guys that if you buy a shirt and you send a picture to Me over on Twitter. I will do something very special Let’s just try it out with Jonas one of you guys who send me a picture in One of the shirts will get this as you can see Jonas does not have enough glasses to be an attractive man So here’s an additional amount of glasses and it’s any more beautiful So for a chance to be featured like this in a future video send me a picture of yourself in the merger to Rumi official On Twitter. That’s it Go by the merch it’s also very nice And it feels really good on your body head over to the shop right now and out of yeah Huge thanks to my top patrons Kristian Gabrielsen, Matthew Barzyk, Qian Wang, #Vikki for Admin, Sebastion 707, Coralie, This is My Rent Money, Batoon, Alle Engdahl, and Freztor. Thank you. (◕‿◕✿)

100 Replies to “This “Women’s Humor” Page Is a Disaster”

  1. There’s a page called “Too Sassy” which is worse. It’s literally just uneducated thots making sexist jokes towards men.

  2. 5:05 houseplants are not useless because they provide oxygen and it looks good to have some plants in your house

  3. I am in law school and the whole argue without crying thing is something i never thought about. Now i feel like dropping out hahaha i cry all the time

  4. Ironically enough, that rambling at the beggining actually got te video to over 10 minutes, good job XD

  5. I don't know why, but I think the editing might low key be the funniest thing about these videos. Something about stick-legged Dave appearing with the rocking chair in a new, random location gets me every time. Like, it's not the reason why I laugh, but it makes everything better! Like pineapple on a pizza!

    Edit: Okay I can't even let that sit in good conscience. I was gonna say "like ketchup on fries" or something and the pineapple line came to me and I thought since the video is about terrible humor it was a good substitute, but I feel like there's a shadow on my soul now so I had to come back and write this, I'm sorry

  6. When you said women start crying when they argue…. your not wrong
    Me and my friend had an argument a while ago, and I started crying, then she started crying.
    I look back at it now and feel sorry for the teacher that had to sort it out, because she probably thought it was just all round annoying

  7. I'm very confused by this video, mayhaps it's because I'm a whamen and therefore easily confused (probably dealing with a case of wandering uterus as I type, haha typical!), OR your reactions to these stupid jokes were pretty unfounded in a weird way. Are they truly complaining in these jokes? I didn't read it that way. Are they making spiteful fire-at-their-hearts digs at their spouses/the male companion of choice? Are they really trying to justify crying when arguing? It's a joke, like trying-to-establish-the-sister-hood- kind of joke. And if someone was to make a joke about trophy wives and the house plant, that would also work.

  8. I'm a girl and I have to say Jon Bon Pony is a brilliant horse name. A horrible pony name, but a brilliant horse name.

  9. 7:41 or maybe yall really are reading too much into it and it's just a joke and though I HIGHLY doubt it happened I could imagine it happened just as someone being humorous to a stranger and that stranger responding the same well. It happens to me sometimes, but rarely… but this is like when girls get sensitive over make me a sandwitch jokes. I realize yall may be sensitive bcs of the ridiculous political climate recently but I mean come on, we can still around. Some guys make kitchen jokes just to be humorous but others indeed have a sexist intent. Same with this kind if stuff. No need to take it so seriously.

  10. Boyfriends have to listen to girls complain all day and help girls get threw stuff then if we say one thing they tell us to grow up and man up or that it's not the same when it is

  11. OK so ik that these vids are just jokes and all and idek y but this sorta low key p****d me off lol

    Edit: I need my antis lol
    P.s love you roomie Dave Felix and Jonas

  12. I think the reason women complain alot to the point that it seeps into their humor is because they are miserable.
    I mean periods and all that other shit they have to deal with meanwhile guys struggle with? Eh horny-ness? Idk…

  13. Why are you talking about woman like some weird community with a dark stigmatic subculture, like everybody knows that page doesn't represent women's humour that's so dumb lmao. Still funny video.

  14. I had some problems when they said that women always cry in an argument. That highly untrue. That’s such a low percentage of women who cry that much it just makes me frustrated that men stereotype women based on the small percentage of women they’ve met.

  15. This Facebook page is a disgrace. I'm a woman and I like death and pain. And surrealism. With the rest of the Gen Zs. This is just old boomers complaining like whiny bitches.

  16. i live in Greece and i am more white than roomie AND HE IS SCANDINAVIAN like wtf i need to go outside more and like look at the sun for at least 5 hours..

  17. So many great points here. Most women I know have awesome senses of humor, but social media and Hollywood make it seem like women's humor consists of "men suck, I'm lazy and do bad things but I'm still flawless, vagina"

  18. My humor is is just being weird, making puns, and just being downright silly. I literally just do this cause I like making people smile. 😁

  19. 5:04 roomie reacted really well and took the joke, but if the genders were swapped the feminazis would be making abuse and rape allegations.

    GeNdEr EqUaLiTy

    Me: This is the 3d time this week you caught him cheating…
    also my female friend: HE NEVER PAYS ATTANTION TO ME!!!
    Me: Then break up…
    (She actually broke p with him… 3 years later… and now she's got a new boyfriend)
    Me: So, how's Jake doing?
    My female friend: HE IS SO CLINGY! Like.. HE ACTUALLY (NO JOKE) Kissed me on my cheek before I left!
    Me: Thinking about my life choices Why am I friends with you again?

    (Because no one else will ;n;)

  21. Most women arnt that funny… thats mostly because they dont need to be 🙂
    If a guy isnt funny, he would probably not get the girl…

  22. Most of these women’s jokes are so misogynistic, but because it’s assumably coming from women, no one seems to have a problem with it…..

  23. I found some of the jokes just… jokes, making a joke about a thing that may not be good for you can still be funny, it doesn't mean they are encouraging people to do that. but some of the jokes were terribly awful and pretty lame.

  24. I am a girl and this is just rude. how is this funny this is the entitled people who think know everything. None of this is at all funny. Take no offense roomie and Dave this Facebook people who are making me mad.

  25. Wait
    But house plants are making oxygen…

    Also I like how you can see a “nut” button on the table behind Dave

  26. Man bashing really pisses me off. If you have a problem with your man don't attack all of us. Get a better man. Problem solved.

  27. So a bunny and a horse are sitting at a bar
    The bunny says to the horse "why the long face"
    "well you see, as a horse, this is the natural facial structure I was born with." says the horse
    "oh that's cool, I was just making a joke" the bunny says.
    Suddenly, a pelican runs into the bar. "Give me all your fish!" He says.
    "We don't have fish, this is a vegetarian bar" says the bunny.
    "Well do you know where there are fish?" asks the pelican.
    "no" says the bunny.
    "F*ck I just really want some fish!" Yells the pelican.
    "Of course there aren't any fish nearby, the only thing that is here is the bar. We only exist in some stupid joke someone is making in the youtube comment section." Says the horse.
    "What, that's impossible!" says the bunny.
    "well, do you remember anything before you entered the bar?" asks the horse.
    The bunny and pelican thought a bit before bunny answered "no, no I don't."
    "Wait, but if we live inside an internet joke, what will happen when the joke stops?" asked the pelican.
    "well it seems we would stop existing." says the horse.
    which the bunny and pelican answered with
    "there's got to be something we can do" said the bunny. "What if we make the joke go on forever?"
    "It doesn't work that way." said the horse.
    "Jeez guys, I feel really bad for robbing you now" said the pelican.
    "It's ok" says the horse.
    "Well guys." the bunny says while preparing three shots. "I guess this is it. We're not going to exist once they end the joke."
    Each animal took a shot.
    "To when she says the joke again." The pelican said.
    And they all took a sip.

  28. Ok, but why is this deadass all the shit girls at my school post. Keep in mind we are in 8th grade wtf are 13-15 years old girls posting this shit.

  29. Idk what you expected from a facebook page. Of course the jokes are garbage. At least these are semi-relatable as opposed to men's humor pages that're all haha hate my wife haha meat.

    Also, I dont get why Roomie brought up that it's joking about actually negative behavior on the 'how do lawyers argue without crying' thing. Its just a joke how lots of people can start to cry when in high stress situations, such as arguing, why is a woman crying inherently negative? It never said it was for guilting, or to pass on the blame, literally all it was talking about was the tearing-up part. Both genders do that, you can cry during an argument, it's sometimes just not controllable, but still carry on the discussion best as possible, or take a breather and come back with a better mindset. WTF roomie? Crying in high stress is a negative behavior?

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