Thrifted vintage style haul August 2019 [CC]

hello my beautiful butterflies welcome
back to my channel if you new here my name is Beverley this is gizmo and it’s
just lovely to see you today in this video we’re gonna be just
showing you what I thrifted this month there’s a lot it’s from ebay it’s from
charity shops (gasps) sit tight (giggles) [Vintage style music plays] [upbeat folk music plays] so um as you all know I go thrifting
about once a month somewhere around there and it’s haphazard
about how successful you’re gonna be some months you don’t find anything some
months you get the mother lode and this month I was thrifting with autumn in
mind with layering and with just thinking about how I can put different
outfits together as it gets cooler it’s too hot (laughs) it is it’s way too hot at
the moment um but here’s all my new clothes I
can’t wear most of them at the moment it’s too warm but I’m looking forward to
autumn yes so the first thing that we have here is this really nice lace top
it’s a very simple design it’s just lacing it’s completely see-through but
it has this beautiful black peter pan collar and two laces that can be tied in
a bow I think it’s gonna look really cute with a jumper over the top so it’s
got no sleeves but that makes it perfect to put a jumper over the top I think
it’s gonna look so cute and it’s just gonna make my jumpers look a little bit
more vintage a little bit more special because most of my clothes I get from
charity shops or I get from like supermarkets and things when I happen to
be able to go so I don’t have a lot of like brand-new shiny stuff which I don’t
mind at all and I’m not a fan of fast fashion but it
means that I can just make things look a bit vintage when they actually are far
from it so this is gonna be a really good staple in the autumn months so this
shirt is originally atmosphere is that that peacocks
or Topshop or something I don’t know but it was £2.25 for a brand new top
it looks like it’s barely been worn to be honest it’s one of these where people
wear it like once or twice and then get rid of it but um good news for me now
this next one you’ve probably seen if you follow me on Instagram in my outfits
of the day I love this top already it’s just a really classic cap sleeves it’s
got a little bit of lace detailing down the top of the shoulders and it’s got
this beautiful button detailing along the back and then at the bottom it’s got
a couple of rows of lace if you can see I’ve been my own this both tucked in
over a skirt which is really cute I’ve also worn it with like a top over the
top of it and dresses over the top of it it’s just a really versatile piece it’s
perfect for this hot weather and I’m really looking forward to seeing it
transition into autumn where I can wear it underneath some of my pinafore
dresses and that sort of thing just a really cute top and I really love it
already so you’ll be seeing this a lot I think this top was £4.49 which is
really good for how much use I’m gonna get out of it it’s just a really
good staple I love blouses like this if ever I see
like a white blouse I’m straight for it because they’re just really really
versatile and really easy to layer they’re just they’re just great next is
a piece that I fell in love with the moment I saw it then when I got it home
I was like this is handmade so this is a really cute blouse
it’s very autumnal…colours it’s got very autumnal colours it’s like a grey and
then on that is very small flowers in like a beige a pale peach and an orange
it’s got little ruffle detailing it’s very small but it’s really cute down the
front I’m not sure if you can see it um and then it’s got
little cap sleeves again this is so cute I cannot wait to wear this in the autumn
it’s gonna be perfect what gave it away as being handmade
was this little piece on the front here and charity shops will often remove the
labels so that doesn’t just because it doesn’t have labels- Oh completely not
in frame I’m so professional (laughs) and a
lot of the time they will cut the labels out so you will find that you’ll think
that’s handmade because it hasn’t got any labels
in but they do remove them but when it it’s got like the tapering and hand
stitching which gave it away so this is really cute I cannot wait to wear it and
roll on autumn that’s what I say that’s what I always say I’m gonna be honest
that is what I always say this handmade shirt cost me £2.50 £2.50
and it’s so nice I I kind of love it yeah kind of do then I got this gorgeous
skirt it’s comes to just under knee length for me which is my comfort zone
I’m not a big fan of my knees I know it’s a weird thing to not like but I’m a
human and I’m weird so this is like it looks like denim but it’s not it’s
actually quite a lightweight cotton and then it’s got stitched in white flowers
all over it I love flowers anything floral really grabs me this is
such a nice skirt who’s this by this is from Marks and Spencers this is from
Marks and Spencers it’s quite straight skirt but it has got a little bit of
twirl at the bottom which I love this skirt is so nice I cannot wait to to
wear it all the time and I have worn it a couple of times so
definitely again if you’re on my Instagram you have already seen
but you didn’t know I just thrifted it because I’m sneaky like that it’s such a
pretty skirt I absolutely love it it fits really well and what is great is it
has a little bit of elastic on the sides now why this is great for me at the
moment is because I’m having a lot of stomach issues I’m having a lot I’m
having like a battery of tests done over the next month or so and my stomach
keeps swelling up so I look about 6 months pregnant a skirt with elastic
means that it’s not gonna hurt it’s not gonna feel tight if my stomach blows up
and I’m out somewhere it’s not gonna be that much of a big deal so I’m really
grateful for that this skirt believe it or not was
£3 I mean £3 such a good deal and I’m gonna be wearing the heckers
out of this all year long because it’s thin enough to do for summer and
spring but it looks it looks denim so you could get away with it for autumn
and winter as well yeah this is gonna get a lot of wear out I can just tell I
got two other skirts as well I’m gonna show you one side so this is a long
skirt that comes down to my ankles it’s quite flary at the bottom and it’s a
brown with little spots on it in like different shades of beige is the best
very small spots this is so autumnal I cannot wait to wear it it fits really
well it’s got elasticated waist which is my favourite kind for the same reason as
with the flowered skirt but this skirt is just so nice this oh they’ve taken the
label out I don’t know who made it oh hold on no I don’t know I don’t know
who made this but it’s really nice skirt and it’s a sort of thing that I would
just throw on with some leggings underneath or tights
some boots and I’m good to go anywhere it’s just a really nice basic skirt to
wear through the autumn this skirt was £2.79 I know really cheap and
I’m so glad that I got it and then I’m gonna flip you around because I’ve got a
very different skirt here this is a what I call a hippy skirt and yeah it’s
brown it’s got how would I explain this um it’s like layers of different
Brown material put together yeah I don’t know how to explain this and then at the
top it’s got all different metal pieces little leaves some of them look like
they’re supposed to be coins it’s just it makes me want to take up belly
dancing maybe I will this is such a nice skirt it comes to like mid-calf I want
to say it’s by a company called Claudia C I’m assuming it’s one of those places
you know you buy from like a hippy shop or a festival it looks like that kind of
a skirt if you can picture that in your head if you’re unable to see it so
believe it or not this skirt was in the sale and it was 99p I mean I would
have bought it anyway because it is really my style I love any kind of
hippy stuff I’ve always dressed a bit hippy like I love it but 99p I
had to grab it I just had to I mean how could I leave that behind
would have been a travesty okay I’ve got to tell you a little story before I show
you the next couple of dresses that I want to show you because when I was a
child me and my mom used to go shopping in our local like we called it a city
it’s not a city Stafford it’s not a city but erm it’s
bigger than where we live put it that way and they had a monsoon
shop there and me my mom used to look in the window and dream of one day owning a
monsoon dress we used to literally look in the window
and just be like oh look at that dress I’d have that dress but if you looked at
the prices they were like £70 to £100 and we’re talking like 20 years
ago 30 years ago so I don’t know how much their dresses are now but they’re
going to be expensive so I always dreamed of owning a monsoon dress and
then I go into my local charity shop and they have a monsoon dress I mean oh yes
I nearly fainted when I saw it it is beautiful this dress is gorgeous it
comes to about mid-calf it’s black it has like a pattern white lacing stitching
and a scalloped neck and cap sleeves I do love a cap sleeve it’s just a
really nice dress it reminds me of a silhouette from like the 1930s that kind
of era it’s a really really gorgeous dress I don’t know how much this was but
I went for a date night with my husband and I wore this dress and I felt like a
million dollars I don’t know how much it was originally but I felt fabulous in it
its a dream come true I was like my own a monsoon dress this dress believe it or not
was £5.50 I mean £5.50 for monsoon that’s insane and when
I when I went to the till the woman was like that’s monsoon I was like I know
and it’s mine so hands off lady but isn’t it gorgeous I love it then I
got home and realised I had accidentally bought another monsoon dress I assume
this is from the same person but it is green it reminds me of like in
1970s pattern it’s quite a bright green and then in blues and different coloured
greens and browns and massive flowers all over it it is gorgeous it goes out
it’s very twirly it goes down to probably just above my ankles and it has
these gorgeous little button details in silver bottom buttons along the front I
love this dress what I love is that I can just throw it on at the moment while
it’s sunny still here in the UK and it’s really comfortable and nice but I can
also wear this in the winter I could layer it with like a polo neck black
jumper underneath and some boots and it would be so 70s it’s just such such a
great dress it’s so me it’s fabulous I love the 70s and yeah can you believe
I’ve managed to get two monsoon dresses I showed my mom and my mom’s like you’re
living the dream it really was one of those moments because I just I always
wanted you know so this again was £5 £5 isn’t that crazy
£5 it’s so nice it’s really comfortable it’s a little bit loose on
me and I like that because of my my pain levels sometimes clothes that are too
tight on me will hurt this is just so good I love it now quick disclaimer I
know this is not what women wore in the 20s okay before my vintage gals come for me
disclaimer I know but I always wanted one of these flapper dresses it’s got
all the fringe in at the bottom it’s got mad detail all over it it’s got its I
mean I just I literally have always wanted one of
these dresses ever since I was a little kid um I love anything 20s 30s
is just mwah and even though I know that people didn’t wear dresses like this
they just didn’t I saw it it was £6 and I thought £6 can I
really walk away it still had the label in it so it was like it still had the
price tag on it so somebody had bought it obviously for like fancy dress or a
themed weekend or something and never worn it and I was just like what are you
doing this is amazing I love it the detail on it is beautiful I love all
the sequins and stuff and yeah I know I know that they didn’t wear dresses like
this but I couldn’t I couldn’t resist I just I couldn’t resist so
next thing I got was a cardigan I love looking
through the knitwear this is atmosphere again I think I might be peacocks but
I’m not sure it’s a lovely dark green I thought it’d be perfect for autumn it’s
such a lovely cardigan the wool in it is so soft like I can’t even begin to tell
you how soft this cardigan is the buttons are very simple plastic button
it’s just a really simple really cheap little cardigan it was £2.99
definitely don’t be afraid to go through the woollen sections because you can just
stick them in the washing machine and everything’s alright and the last thing
I’ve got from the charity shop was this this is like a little kimono I think
it’s supposed to be worn at night you know over your pyjamas if you’re trying to
seduce someone but I wore it as like an over shirt kind of thing I love kimonos
it’s a lovely cream colour it’s got a half sleeve with a lot of lace on it I
love the lace on the back it’s just beautiful, its got a little tie so
you can tie it around you its just a gorgeous simple little top I love
kimonos they’re really easy to just throw on over a dress
thrown over a shirt and it just completes your look I really like it and I always
keep my peepers peeled for them and so I was really happy when I found this so
this was £2.26 which is nothing and it was originally next so it would have
been like £20 plus that was everything I got from our local charity
shops but one place that I rarely look is eBay and this month I looked and I
shouldn’t have done but I did and I got two dresses that will be perfect for
autumn I’m so excited for it to get cooler so I can wear them the first one
I got is gorgeous it’s a black colour it’s got a high neck which is perfect
for later in the year a long sleeve which ties at the bottom it’s got I
think they’re lilies lilies and spots all over it and like pink and green it’s
a very long dress I cannot wait to pair this with some boots and thick tights
and get out there in the autumn and winter months I cannot wait this w-
this is such a lovely dress I honestly just fell in love with it moment I saw
it I love that it’s got like wide like what you call these sort of sleeves like
bell sleeves I love that and it’s just a really nice dress again the silhouette
of it is very like 70s 80s I dont know where it was originally from let me have a look
hmm so it was £25 I got it for £9.99 so I got it a lot cheaper it’s really nice
it’s quite a thin fabric like you can see through it can you see me
you can see through it but I don’t mind not to be honest because I am
as I said earlier a layerer and the very last piece that I got this year has a
very similar style to the one that I just showed you as long sleeves but more
of a shirt sleeve rather than a tie up it is navy blue it’s quite long
it has different flowers on it and butterflies I’ve just noticed it’s got
butterflies on I’m so excited now different kinds of flowers and stuff in
like blues and reds and creams it’s gorgeous
this cost me £7.99 and I don’t know who its atmosphere I end up accidentally
buying atmosphere a lot and I don’t know what who they are but um I think it’s
one of the high street shops like peacocks something like that but um yes
£7.99 is what I paid on ebay that was everything I got um yeah there was quite
a lot there wasn’t there oh I would love to know how you would style these pieces
which things you like the most I always love talking fashion so let me know down
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this time with you I hope you enjoyed it I hope you have a really fabulous week
ahead I hope September is incredible for you and I hope you’re having a lovely
day I’ll see you here next time bye [Vintage style music plays]

12 Replies to “Thrifted vintage style haul August 2019 [CC]”

  1. Such a great haul. I love the first white lace shirt and the Monsoon dress with the capped sleeves. That flapper dress was made for you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i love the word thrift – googled and i think atmosphere is primark brand. my fav item is the dress the 1920's or 30s ยฃ6 that is bargain but some great buys x

  3. Love the brown skirt! Also the last dress. I am having massive stomach issues but have had severe IBS since I was 6. The dr told me today that Fibro effects the stomach as it is a muscle and it makes it spasm! Interesting.

  4. So many fab pieces! So special that you found a handmade top! & what a bargain for those gorgeous Monsoon dresses! & those last two dresses are PERFECT for autumn & so, so pretty!

  5. I love the monsoon dresses! I have got more into thrift shopping and recently Iโ€™ve had some amazing bargains from Sue Ryder, recently all clothes were on sale for ยฃ2 each and I found some great autumn winter pieces. Iโ€™ve also discovered re fashion uk online and they have some great stuff too xx

  6. What a haul! And ridiculous prices LOL!

    Charity shops are awesome. Most of my clothes come from them! I HATE clothes shopping as I find it stressful & frustrating: charity shops are super cheap, the money's going to a good cause, it's recycling and I can always find fab stuff like M&S or Next that's barely been worn (if at all!). My poor Hubby would love to do the same but men seem to wear clothes until they fall apart so little seems to end up in charity shops!

    Two faves for me: the probably handmade beige/peach/turquoise blouse with little flowers is very cute. And the hippy skirt is so fun that I'd nick that off you if I got the chance!!!

    I hope your tummy issues resolve asap xxx

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