Thrifted vintage style haul November 2019 [CC]

Hello my beautiful butterflies welcome
back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Beverley and it is just so lovely
to see you today in this video we’re going to be taking a
look at what I thrifted in November it’s a lot so let’s get to it [Vintage style music plays] so November’s been really good to me
thrifting wise I found a lot of really great finds a lot of knitwear and skirts
that was my main focus this month I just needed a lot of warm clothes that I can
layer and put together cute outfits because I like that but I got some home
ware and a record and a book and lots of clothes so let’s just get to it
so I think we’ll start off and get the home goods out of the way and then we’ll get
to all the clothing because there’s a lot so
the first thing I got is home wear item and it’s this can you see that it’s like
an old-fashioned little oil lamp as you can see here I’ve got like a curiosity
cabinet it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a while in my house to make it
look like a little Museum that’s every girl’s dream surely this cost me £2.95
and I just thought this is just perfect for that kind of old fashioned look to
my house and it fits so nicely and looks so nice in the curiosity cupboard I was
like I’m so glad I got this this is so nice it’s really fragile and I think it
actually would work but I’m not going to try it I’ll set my house on fire knowing
me so the next thing is a record this is ooh this is the kids from Fame and did
you love Fame when you were a kid this is one of my favourite favourite shows I just
loved this when I was a kid I wanted to go to New York dance all day in the
cafeteria just like these kids so when I saw the record it was 99 pence
and I was just like be rude not to because my husband collects vinyl and
he’s got my dad’s like entire record collection which is quite extensive and
so I like to add a little bit of guilty pleasure to it to just balance out the
cool you know can’t be too cool in life the next thing I’ve managed to find was
this Downton Abbey book I love Downton Abbey this period of time
is just one of my favourite periods the clothing this goes through all the props
the actors the characters it’s such a beautiful book looking on the inside
cover it was initially £20 and it is quite a thick book but I got this for
£2.95 so definitely go and look through the book section if you love
books like this there’s a- you’ll find a lot of like Harry Potter books and
things like that if there’s like a popular film that came out the year
before you’ll usually find stuff like this for it the year after so definitely
keep your peepers peeled and then I was looking for a Tarot book I’ve been
looking for a book on Tarot for a while and I came across this when I was
thrifting this was £1.50 originally it was £4.99 so I
saved a little bit of money I think it’s from the eighties from what I can tell
yeah 1985 this was in print so it’s the origin meaning and divinatory
significance of the cards and how to use them in readings I’m gonna be reading
this soon I’m really excited to like go in depth on each of the cards it’s
something that I’m really really looking forward to doing and for that price
second hand I mean the cards they don’t change they’re always the same so it
doesn’t matter what book you get it’s it’s just having you know something that
you can go through and I am all for recycling so I’m really happy somebody
gave this book up that’s it for the home wares and books now for the massive
massive pile of clothes I’m leaving the best til last I have two
amazing no three amazing items at the end so definitely keep watching the
first thing I got was this really nice cardigan so it’s cream-coloured and then
it’s got roses in red and dark blue it’s just a normal everyday cardigan it has got a
little bit of a rip at the bottom but I can easily sew that up and repair it I
think too much in our society nowadays we just kind of give up on things before
we should it’s important that we repair and reuse fast fashion needs to be gone
so I am really pleased with this cardigan it’s gonna see me through
the seasons I think I really like it I think it’s such a nice cardigan and I
cannot wait to wear it this cardigan cost me £3 and tucked in with
a skirt over the top it’s just gonna look so nice and it’s not gonna matter
that the bottom is a little bit discoloured and ripped I don’t think it’s
gonna matter at all so I probably will tuck it into clothes it’s just gonna
keep me warm I just need to be warm it is so cold at the moment here we live
with a pond straight outside our front door and it’s so cold that there is
like a fog all outside and frost everywhere it’s not defrosted at all
it’s so cold it was horrible walking the dogs today
whoo the next one I got was this really like traditionally you know a vintage
style it’s striped black and white with a bow on the top it’s quite tightly
fitted it’s a really nice jumper it says Roman on it I don’t know who that is
what company that is but it’s just a really nice top to wear this was again
£3 which i think is great for knitwear and it’s so cute the le- the the
arms are just I think it’s about elbow length so it will definitely see me
through the spring and the autumn as well and then we have something
from next I very rarely shop in next it’s very expensive but um I saw this how
nice is that it’s got all like gold sequins in lines all down the front and
it’s a deep like burgundy purple so again this was £3 and it’s
just a really nice jumper it’s gonna look so nice with a lot of my clothes
and I could even wear this to go to a party or something not that I get
invited to parties because reasons but um how spangly is that I love it so
the next thing we have my mom hates this style but it’s like a crocheted little
cardigan it hasn’t got sleeves so it’s like a little vest it’s hard to show you
but it’s black and crocheted little cardigan to go over things this is so
cute I love this sort of thing so much my mom hates it I always have something
crocheted and in this haul I’ve got two crocheted things and she hated both of
them so that makes my life amazing this was again three pounds I think the place
where I got them from like all the knitwear was three pounds um winning
for me but isn’t that cute I love that um yeah I don’t ask me what my fashion
is at the moment it’s all over the place kind of witchy gothy kind of vintage
just go with it so next we’ve got the other crocheted
piece this is peach and it goes up on one side and it’s got like a flower in
the middle it’s so pretty it really makes me think of like the 90s I used to
wear stuff like this in the 90s it might even be from there the label says
magnifique I don’t know who made this this crocheted top was £3.95
but isn’t it cute the sleeves flare out a little bit as well and it’d be so cute
with like a vest top underneath such a sweet top I love it my mom was like
again with the crochet and I was like hell yeah
so next we have one of the softest jumpers in the world I love this jumper
this is a peach jumper it’s from Marks and Spencers and it’s just a really nice
soft like round necked jumper perfect for going underneath pinafores and things
like that it’s just a really nice basic that’s what I was kind of looking for this
month just like basics so I was really pleased to get this this cost me £4.50
just mwah perfect and if you follow me on instagram which you should you may have
seen some of these items on my Instagram because I couldn’t wait to wear them
usually I wait and I wear them after I film my monthly haul but I couldn’t I
couldn’t do it this month sorry so yeah but definitely go down below and
hit the little Instagram thing and subscribe or follow or whatever you do
on there do that I’m so cool so next thing we’ve got is this beautiful long
skirt comes to just like mid-calf which is a sweet spot for me this is David
Emmanuel which wasn’t he a thing in like the 90s and 2000’s I think he was think
he was like on like TV those like makeover shows remember anyway this is
like a grey and red tartan I like a lot of tartan I like it a lot of checks what
can I say it’s really nice it flutes out a little bit at the bottom it’s got very
much like that twenties 30s kind of silhouette to it and I really like it
it’s got um it did come with like a ribbon for a belt but I didn’t like that
but it has got belt loops so I appreciate that and it’s not too tight
on me which I’ve spoken about this before but with my stomach issues have a
lot of bloating you want clothes that are comfortable that’s what it’s all about
for me so this skirt cost me £4 which is really good and it’s definitely
become a favourite of mine over the last couple of weeks I don’t know if you’ve
noticed but yeah I’ve been wearing it a lot it’s a really nice skirt and it’s
thick wool so it keeps you warm I love that and then I found this this is so
nice it’s more of like a traditional fifties kind of silhouette with the
flare out and I could wear it with a petticoat very easily it’s black and
it’s like a silky material and then printed on it are roses and flowers and
then there’s sequins I don’t know if you can see that the light glinting off the
sequins but it’s such a pretty skirt it’s so nice and again this cost me
£4.50 which is really good who made this who made you bella Moda I don’t
know any of these companies or if you’ve heard of any of these companies let me
know down below I very rarely like check out how much things are online but um
£4.50 I’m just happy about that and then we’ve got a silhouette that’s
very like 90s yeah very 90s is a long black needlepoint corduroy
skirt it goes out flary at the bottom and I love down the side it’s got I
don’t know if you can even see it’s got little buttons down the side to do it up
it’s just a really comfortable really long black skirt I was looking for long
black skirts because I love the silhouette of like Edwardian Victorian
with the long skirts um and I don’t know how to sew yet that’s something that’s a
an adventure for January or December but I’m gonna be vlogging when I start
sewing so that will be fun to watch won’t it
kids? but yeah I really I really like this skirt it’s very warm it’s long it’s
comfortable it’s slightly too big which is good for me
again with the bloating this is a really good staple in my wardrobe I love long
skirts I really do this again was £4.50 so for the same price as the
others I think I got them all in the same shop isn’t that just a nice skirt
and I like that at the bottom it’s kind of ripped off and raggedy instead of
being like hemmed properly it just I love it and now now we’re getting
to the last three the last three things saved the best til last
definitely so I got this amazing dress I all through October I was looking for a
dress like this to do like a Morticia Addams kind of look and I didn’t find
one and then I found one like a couple of days ago so this is a long black
dress and the black part just like covers your breast and then
it’s lace work and netting and it comes down I think to mid calf but it’s just
a really nice dress just really well done I don’t know who made this
there’s no labels in it they do that sometimes they will cut the labels out
so I don’t know who made it but I appreciate it very much
it’s so nice this was £5 obviously somebody had got it for
Halloween for that kind of season but who doesn’t love a little black dress
and I’m always looking out for suits so for me the queen of suits is the
closet historian and she looks fabulous in suits just so beautiful and so I started
looking for suits and I found one this suit cost me £5.99 so
it’s a dress quite a structured dress there you go it’s like ruffled a bit at
the front and it’s like a navy very navy dark gray navy dark grey hmm I mean
black that’s my brain and it’s got little white dots all over it its so
nice the company the label says its CC but it’s not Coco Chanel
unfortunately so you have the dress which is so nice and you could layer that
with other things obviously and then a really nice structured jacket which I
love the jacket is so beautiful it’s got these like big buttons sections that go
across the back and oh it’s just gorgeous I just love this so much and for $5.99 you
can potentially make unlimited looks with this with that’s why I like suits I’m
just sorry that it didn’t come with a waistcoat because I love a waistcoat and
they’re hard to find here in the UK I think Rachel Maksy has stolen them all and
then the last thing we have I’ve been very lucky recently so I was looking for
Pinafore dresses so I saw this plane it’s like a pinky coral colour it’s a
long skirt just your normal everyday pinafore dress it’s got a zip down front
which is great because a lot of the time they zip up on the back and it’s hard to do
yourself up but then I saw its Laura Ashley yes it’s Laura Ashley and I love
this even if it wasn’t Laura Ashley I would love it so nice it’s gonna be able
to go with so many things I love it so much and this cost me £3.99 yes
Laura Ashley £3.99 this is like the best thing that my town has is the
thrifting the charity shops are amazing and I’m not going to tell you where I
live because then you’ll be able to fleece me out of all the good stuff mmm
always thinking so I managed to go out twice this month
I was really lucky and I managed to get all these things my closet needs a big
clear out I have stuff that I haven’t worn that I need to say goodbye to but
the stuff I’ve got at the moment I just love I’ve been so lucky and it
makes me happy don’t forget if you enjoyed this video and I
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your charity shop you don’t need to go and be buying fast fashion and wasting
your money just to throw it away afterwards you can go down to your local
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really fabulous week ahead of you I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I will
see you next time bye

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  1. You done good there, m'love! What a haul! I especially love the cream(?) cardi with the roses & the sparkly top & skirt. So beautiful! 😍 LOL your mum doesn't like crochet – almost all my jumpers are homemade crochet & I'm wearing one right now as I type 🤣 And YAYS for Fame! Yep, I grew up with that too – High Fidelity is still a favourite track & always makes me happy when I hear it x

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