Tiffany & Co. Sapphire & Diamond Ring, ca. 1913 | Newport, Hour 3 | Preview

GUEST: Well, I have a
ring that I had inherited
from my grandmother. And other than I know it’s
diamonds and a sapphire, I
don’t know much about it. APPRAISER: Okay. GUEST: I know that it’s
inscribed, “T.J.O.D.
to A.L.O.D., December,
or D-E-C, 25, 1913.” APPRAISER: Nice Christmas gift. GUEST: When I asked my
father what my grandfather
did– and it was actually
my maternal grandfather– he said, “Oh, he was retired.” And I said, “Retired from what?” (laughs) He said, “He
was just retired.” APPRAISER: Okay. GUEST: He’d never had to work. APPRAISER: Well, in
that case, they must
have been of some means. GUEST: Yes. APPRAISER: The ring is
a sapphire and diamond
three-stone ring. And it is signed by
Tiffany and Company. GUEST: Mm-hmm. APPRAISER: And looking
at the stones, we can
do weights by formula. Obviously, we can’t unmount
the stones, so by formula, that
center sapphire is probably about three and a half carats,
and each one of those side
diamonds is about one and a half carats. The side diamonds are beautiful. They’re very high-color
stones, they’re clean. They’re what we would call
Old European cut diamonds, and
they were very typical of what you would see in 1913, and
you can also see the sapphire. It’s a nice old cut,
also from the period. Now, what makes this ring
really special, in my
opinion, is that sapphire. In this period, Tiffany would’ve
only used the highest-quality
stones, and country of origin is very important. I’ve showed my colleagues at
the jewelry table, and we feel
that there is a good chance that this might be a
sapphire from Burma. Also, in this period, we would
not expect any treatments. It hasn’t been heated, so it
came out of the ground like
that, and that is very unusual. In the Tiffany mounting,
with the three-stone setting,
it’s a very desirable ring. It’s nice to think that
it could’ve been here at
Rosecliff at a party one day. GUEST: That’s right. APPRAISER: I think, at auction,
if we sent the stone to a
lab and could determine that it was a Burma sapphire with
no heat, you might be looking
at a value of $25,000 to $35,000 at auction. GUEST: (laughs) Oh, wow! Oh, my gosh. APPRAISER: Now, if you walked
into Tiffany’s and had to
replace this ring, I don’t think you could replace it
for under $100,000. It’s a really nice ring. GUEST: Whoo! Oh, my gosh. Thanks, Granddad! You made my day! APPRAISER: Thank
you, I’m glad we did. If this were not a Burma
sapphire, I still think you
would probably be looking in the $15,000 to $20,000 ballpark. The diamonds are a
significant size.

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  1. I think if it takes $100,000 to replace it; it's worth $100,000.. I am sick of hearing about retail vs auction vs insurance value… lets come to more of a consensus; the art world is kind of the same way.. I think the $20,000-$30,000 is a pretty low estimate..

  2. I find it odd that he used CT for a gemstone you usually use mm for gemstones. Kinda don't think he is a jeweler.

  3. an item is only worth what somebody is willing to pay for it. At an auction you need at least two people who want it who have money. If you put a high reserve on it, you could be holding on to it for a long time. Insurance value is always much higher and you have to pay the premiums which will be high for a piece of jewelry (besides, you can insure it for whatever you're willing to pay for up to the appraisal amount). What's it worth? If you use it as collateral you can only get a 50% value loan and pay interest. Tiffany isn't going to buy it back so replacement value is meaningless.

  4. "Its like…. Bombay Sapphires…. I can take you higher…….Whatever you desire……. I can mend your heart, I can mend you heart"…….

    "It's like …….Purple Haze…….It's there every day …….It's passion never fades ……..You know what I mean"……..
    ~Stevie Nicks~

  5. Those cloudy old fake stones. This show loves to inflate prices to generate viewership. That's nothing but junk costume jewelry

  6. 30,000 dollars for a ring that has 6.5 karats the guy is trying to hustle this women !! Tiffany’s sells rings today with less karats 4 that go for 650,000 dollars + !!!! Hopefully she kept it and passes it on to her grandson to get married if she has one !!!! I hate when I see people sell these beautiful pieces that have been passed on for generations and then you get selfish people that sell a family item that is rich not only in money but in story and live

  7. Diamonds aren't that rare – they're just withheld by De Beers et al to maintain a ridiculous value in one of the world's most corrupt swindles.

  8. All 3 stones looked same size. How can he say saffire is 3 1/2 tcw. and then say the diamonds are significant my smaller.
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. Lately, watching these videos, I've gotten the impression that the appraisers are seriously undervaluing the items. I wonder if it is their attempt to purchase it, when off camera. I showed this video to a friend of mine ( jeweller), and he agreed- this ring…. @ minimum is worth $500,000 +.

  10. This guy is Tiffany's a single unset 3 carat, high quality mine cut stone from their antique section would likely come in for what he appraised the entire ring.
    I do hope she went elsewhere, had the stones photographed (mapped) and then reappraised, asking to be present while handled…unless she takes it back to Tiffany's..the!! have the look of diamonds from the Golconda mine in India..very rare now. If the stones' origin is there, the value increases even, I'd like to know if I am correct..I sure think I am.

  11. LADY DO NOT SELL !!!!! AND DONT LET THEM TOUCH THE STONES !!!! 100% they will switch it !!!! I worked in diamond district in Manhattan !!!! They all are scammers !!!! I was gonna say 25K biggest BS !!!! This ring is minimum 100K for sure !!! Go to Tiffany store anything with silly tiny diamonds are 25-35k !!! This show wanna rip you off !!!!!!

  12. I worked at Tiffany & Co.

    The values stated are off. Given the period, size of stones, and country of origin, this ring is worth far more.

    Walk into Tiffany's and price a similar ring.

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