Time Travel to Golden Age of Airlines | The Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles CA

Cocaine: the Perils and the Glamour Wow! John Travolta and cocaine. What’s up everybody? And welcome back to the channel. I’m Alex. I’m Marko And you are watching Vagabrothers. Today is a very special episode And that’s because we are traveling back in time. We’re going to the Golden Age of air travel here at Air Hollywood. It’s a movie set that’s been recreated to be an exact replica of a 1973 Pan Am flight. So if you guys know us, you know that our mother used to fly for Pan Am. So basically we’re going to treat her, taking her back in time with us, bringing our dad as well and seeing if this little slice of deja- vu is what it was really like to fly in 1973. Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s go Who are you guys? We’re your parents. Really? This is our mom. Jill and Roberto. When did you start flying for Pan Am? That is a good one…1977. Wow. I know. And Dad, where did you meet our mother? I met her on a train in Switzerland on September 12, 1980. I’d bought a one-way ticket from New Zealand, and I was traveling around the world and I met as I was changing trains. I saw these three women getting on a train, and one of them was your mum and the other two were her siblings. We were traveling together for a month on Pan Am. When you weren’t married, they gave you $25 tickets to go around the world with your siblings So we were the four of us traveling together when we ran into this guy who followed us onto the train in Switzerland. As you might tell, it’s like something out of a Bollywood movie. Our parents really did meet like that. So any of our globe-trotting skills come from these two people. Thank you both. You guys ready to travel back to the year 1973 and board a Pan Am flight?. We are. We are ready. So first things first, we’ve got to check in. Then we’ve got 30 minutes here in the lounge before the flight departs. She’s this one. Oh my god. How cool is that? Wait a second, Mom…. you could smoke on the plane? You could smoke in the plane, and it was divided in half, and when I had to work on the plane, the junior people always had to work in the smoking zone because you’d get off the plane and you’d be coughing. I remember doing a transatlantic and we were one row behind the smoking behind the smoking row. OMG You’d might as well be in the smoking zone. What about a doobie? Did anybody ever take doobies on there? No, they didn’t. Yeah, they did. That’s a yes. I would have. We should just give a massive thank you to our parents for the opportunity to travel when we were young. so thank you Pan Am and thank you Delta Air Lines for all those Buddy passes and all the standby tickets and for giving us, you know, a sense of the world at a young age. The flight crew and the pilots have just arrived. That usually means the plane’s going to take off pretty soon. First thoughts, Bro? This is like nostalgia porn. This is like something that’s really cool for us because not only is it extremely accurate, but it’s really crazy for us because we’ve grown up hearing about the glory days in Pan Am with our mom telling stories, which we’ve never really seen ourselves. Are you excited? I’m excited to enter Pan Am’s world. It’s only been over 25 years since I stepped on a Pan Am Clipper. What made you want to be a flight attendant? I wanted to be a flight attendant because I loved studying foreign languages Hello, you two. I studied them in high school and in college. I had never left the U.S. , and I wanted to be able to see the world. I thought the only way to do that is to become a Pan Am stewardess, and I was hired because I spoke Italian at the time. I went to New York ,flew to Rome, flew to Venice flew everywhere speaking Italian. At this time I’d like to invite our First Class and Clipper Class passengers to board. We also invite any Pan Am FT members board at your leisure. You guys will be sitting in the Clipper Class this evening, which is right back behind us. But until we take off, you’re welcome to check out the upper deck or the main cabin. Enjoy. Thank you for flying Pan Am. Look at this. This is great. Great to see your mother in an element that she used to enjoy. This is the interior of a 747, and they’ve given it the name of Juan Trippe, which was the founder of Pan Am. And that was the first 747 off the assembly line at Boeing, which is I think pretty cool. This is a picture of my training class. We were all trained in New York, and then the whole class was shipped to London as for our first base. Pan Am gave us three nights in a hotel, and then we had to find our own place to live. Where did you live? I lived with one gal next to the airport, and I didn’t like it. So finally I found my other friends, and they had an opening in the house they had just rented, and we were called the Fulham Five. I don’t think I brought that picture. So this was where I lived in London, and that was right before a trip. Here we are upstairs. This is the upstairs dining. There I am. When I first met your mum, she was flying..she was based in New York and she was flying New York-Tokyo, Narita. In the course of that, they first released the Walkman I’m not sure what year this was. I think it’s actually….I think it’s 70s, but it’s the first Walkman ever. Here we are on the plane in the Pan Am Clipper going to Europe where we were in Switzerland. Yes, my sisters and I are here, and Rob sees us standing there and follows us onto the train. There we are talking. He’s already explaining life to me. You can see she doesn’t quite understand me, and already I really like him. How do you date someone when you travel? How do you date? Because back then there were no cell phones, no internet.No instant message. No Facebook. We would write each other letters on aerograms, those blue things that you fold into one another and send. We would have to go to American Express to pick up the letters. So you never really knew if anything was going to happen, but I would say I’m going to have a layover in London or in Frankfurt, and this is the date I’ll be there ;and this is the hotel; and then he showed up. Wow. So after I left your mother, I went down to Greece and then N. Africa. We agreed that we were going to meet two months later in Rome in November. That’s for the second time we met each other. And then after that we had a week in Rome together. And then and after that we met in London. Rob came in with his backpack, and we went walking that afternoon. It was freezing cold and the ducks were skidding off the Thames, and he says, “How about I come to California for Christmas?” This is a 1980, and I said, “Sure, why not?” So he came, and he never left. He did not leave, no. Cheers to Pan Am. Without the airline, you guys would never have met. Right, exactly. All I’ve got to say is what happened? What happened to the airlines? This is amazing. We ought to bring it back… the good old days. The good old days. Make air travel great again. Tell us about luxury. What was the luxury level like then? We had a stand-up bar, and we would make cocktails out of big bottles, not the little minis, but you know you mix the drink, you do it. I learned how to cook in a really small area. And we would get raw meat, raw filet mignon. It wasn’t a microwaved meal? No, you had to cook everything and even in the back for economy. There was a huge galley in the back and you’d get big tin pans full of food and you’d heat the food and then you would actually….we call it “dishing up.” You’d stand in the back galley, and you’d say vegetable, meat, salad, whatever. You’d put it on the plate, and you would hand carry the trays up to hundreds of people in the back. All right, we’ve landed safely back in Los Angeles, and it’s time to deboard. Thank you. Goodbye. What was your favorite part of the evening? The meal. It was so authentic. The cart, the roast beef, everything fresh carved in front of us. And also the uniforms, and all through the ages. They look absolutely great. What made you the most nostalgic, Mom? I guess the interior of the airplane. Just knowing that I was on those planes for so many years, and now they’re gone. Everything was super immersive. I think having grown up with photos of our parents, especially our mom on Pan Am airplanes ( with Jimmy Carter). This was such an authentic experience I actually felt like I was in the 1970s. Really authentic. I think like you said it kind of gave gravitas to all these photos and kind of took a scrapbook and made it real. Mom back in the day, this would have been gold. I’m kind of sad that the glory days of air travel are gone because the service was impeccable. the fashion show was great. I think that was a really fun, unique experience. So big thanks to Air Hollywood for hosting us. 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  1. Great job recreating Pan A'm World the way it used to be. I miss it.
    Joined Pan Am in 1964. My son Taylor fell asleep in the pillow compartment in the upper deck lounge on our way to Germany.
    Thank you.

  2. I really enjoyed the show. I joined Pan Am in 1963, employed for 28 years, it was a wonderful time in life. Thanks for the memories. I worked in New York, JFK and the PAB,. My name, Bill Wright.

  3. I was a Pan Am Stewardess way back around 1997 , stationed in New York after being
    hired in Oslo Norway.
    It was a dream job back then, people would dress up for the trip. and everything was
    elegant. The service and meals were so much more special , it was always a feeling of comfort and elegance on board a Pan Am Flight.
    I was so lucky to have had flights to Asia. Africa, India and a lot of Europe and the
    Caribbean during my time with Pan Am.
    And I was also so lucky to meet a pilot on one
    of my first flight, we married and he kept flying for more than 30 years while I was home taking care of our 3 daughters after that!
    We all thought that an Am would be there forever, I still wish that could have been possible!
    Such happy memories!
    Annie McKeown

  4. My friend showed me this: she was a Pan Am Stewardess and met her husband, a Pan Am Steward(?) while working on flights, also bilingual Italian. Like your parents, they are great people who still look fantastic — maybe there is something magic about Pan Am?

  5. Great video! Brought back many fond memories for me. I was a pilot for Pan Am flying the Boeing 747. I met both Jill and Roberto in Berlin last May at the PAA reunion. I was lucky like you dad I married a Stewardess from Pan Am they make incredible wives. Thanks for the memories Captain Tommy Carroll PAA

  6. I thought I recognized that lovely woman. As a LHR based, she undoubtedly flew with me on some of the gage change flights east out of LHR. I was Berlin based from March 1971 until the base closed after the wall came down – with a couple of short interruptions due seniority, or lack of same.

  7. Thanks for this guys. My mother flew for TWA for 30 years from the early 60s and I grew up in the 70s and 80s on the plane. Really brought back a lot of memories! Back then Pan Am and TWA were really of the only US international airlines and were in a class by themselves! Thanks again!

  8. It was an amazing video for both the Pan Am experience ( I didn´t even know it existed) and for getting to know your parents.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  9. Really enjoyed this video because my Dad worked for Pan Am for over forty years. Watching this video brought back many memories of a great airline.

  10. Guys that was great. It's such a shame that the corporations would rather make a ton of money by shoehorning people into these planes rather than giving them a bit of class. The almighty Dollar and Pound Sterling is king!

  11. My father worked for Pan American from the 60's-mid 70's. He worked out of New York, Stuttgart, Ankara (where he met and married my mother), Saigon and Kabul to name a few. He always looked back on his days with Pan Am as the best years of his life. He would have enjoyed watching this.

  12. You guys are so underrated. I adore your channel a lot. A lot of cheers from Vietnam! Thank you for the wondrous work.

  13. That was so cool! In one picture of your mom, she looked like Anne Margaret. I believe it was the one with her head down facing your Dad. You can tell how much your parents are still in love?

  14. Your parents are a beautiful example that love knows no borders! Great story! And that HAD to be the COOLEST experience ever!

  15. Awesome! A trip back in time for me. I remember 1973 well. I love a good "Love Story" and I know your parents are proud of you two.

  16. Most of this video is awesome, except the infantile hosts. The pot jokes are somehow mandatory and predictable, how one of them calls it 'nostalgia-porn' is disgusting! There's so many other ways to describe that experience, but NO- we get a couple of infants who don't know how to host a video!

  17. That was incredible. Your parents are incredible! That was so much fun. (your mom was and still is quite beautiful)
    I remember the days of smoking on planes (not me, I was a wee kid, early 80s).

  18. The only way to get inflight treatment similar these days is to fly International style First Class on airlines such as Emirates, Etihad, Singapore Airlines, Air France etc. Don't expect it on any American carriers even up front.

  19. Great video. Just as I remember flying with Pan Am. I will never forget the beef, could not believe how good it was. Always remember being asked if I wanted a second helping. And those whiskey sours before takeoff, how many did I have whilst taxiing out at LHR bound for LAX. What A great airline! Thanks for bringing back all these memories.

  20. This looks like an amazing experience. I flew on Pan Am back in the seventies, but in the cheap seats in the back. What a story about your mom's career and how she met your dad, a real-life love-at-first-sight story. Thumbs way up for this video.

  21. Cool video, great concept, badass parents & two hosts that are both walking examples of American metrosexuality. This has it all. ?

  22. Y'alls parents are SOOO cute!! Your mom was (well, she still is) GORGEOUS!! This ep is probably one of my favorite videos y'all have made so far. Love stories like that are the best.

  23. Thank you for the respect you've shown to your mother and our era. Besides glamorous, it was also a lot hard work, long hours and we paved the way to not only eliminate smoking aboard aircraft but set the guidelines on how to handling a hijacking and every other crazy event at 40,000 ft above the earth. Unfortunately both of the best Airlines Western and Pan Am were gone by 1991 swallowed up -victims of deregulation and too much upper level management spending.
    Our airline never even boarded us meals to eat as it was not in our contract. The Airline figured Stewardesses were super human and didnt need food- it might mess up our make up.?. I loved every minute of my profession as lonely as it was.
    God Bless

    Western Airlines Stewardess 20 years
    Of service -1970

  24. Have you guys ever seen the movie Before Sunrise? The story of your parents is the same exact one as the one that happens in the movie, where the two of them meets on a train in Austria. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out! 🙂

  25. Air traffic control and the pioneers of Air Travel??? Now we know who started the cover-up. The fact is that we live in the PLANE, an expanse which is an uninterrupted space, we live in an immense territory, a BELT. The controller world leaders lie to the PEOPLE with artificial and counterfeit observations. The leaders strike below the belt and NOT in accord with the principals of fairness, decency, or good sportsmanship. Air travel and its fabricated route system are a sham and false. The Earth is pretty smooth and labeled, a supporting band, like a belt around your hips.

  26. thanks for taking me down to memory lane…. i used to fly in PAN AM first class and boy what a royal treatment even in coach… beautiful flight attendants i used to climb the stair took pics with them…. i was a frequent traveler as we owned travel agency.,,,, i miss PAN AM///lolllll dieselboi91 taking a city bus,,,,,lolllllllllllllllllllllllll.. u r right…… GOD BLESS who recreated the PAN AM …….

  27. You guys did a wonderful job. Literally brought tears to my eyes. And what a great tribute, both to your parents, and to Pan Am. It was very classy the way you included Delta and the buddy passes, not many would have said what you did without some resentment. I did work for Delta here in Vancouver, and during the time Delta took over some of the Pan Am routes. Some of my colleagues from here in Vancouver were temporarily assigned to JFK for the transition. Even though I was with Delta, I felt that it was a very sad time. And I still feel sad when I see all the videos of Pan Am.

    Nevertheless, we do have to move on. And you guys get it! You have brought back the golden age of flight in your video. There was nothing to compare to air travel back in those days.


  28. I remember when I was 8yrs old we were flying on a Pan Am Boeing 707 back in 1972 leaving from Clark AFB to Hawaii,my mother dressed me and my 2 brothers in a suit and my father was in his AF uniform,my mother was dressed real nice too,every Pan Am passengers were dressed well that was class back then from when I remembered,we were in economy class but we still got good service with real dish wear like silver wear,the stewardess were dressed in blue with white blouse underneath and in 1980 I flew on Pan. Am again only it was a Boeing 747 Clipper class flying from San Francisco to Hawaii round trip,I enjoyed every moment flying with Pan Am and I even still have the Pan Am bag,thanks Pan Am for all the great service it was worth it.

  29. WOW, this is the best YouTube video that I have ever seen. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane with your parents, your mom is super cool. At one point in the video, I had a huge grin sharing your parents love connection in the Swiss Alps. Just a super video for the air travel enthusiasts. My mother stew'd for TWA back in the day (60's) so I could sort of relate. Thanks guys!

  30. To make air travel great again, not only do you need to bring back that level of service…..you NEED to bring back that level of client. Do you really think any of these pigs who fly now, who, back then, would have been on a Greyhound or stayed home and BBQ'd, would appreciate that level of service??? If you tried to do it now: I think the Bible calls it "casting pearls before swine." My last flight on PA was 1989, JFKLHR, and they still served you individually in coach….no chow carts. There was, not too long ago, a club here in NY called "The Clipper Club" that was themed around PA. One of my other fave-rave airlines was British Caledonian (BCAL)…they were bought by BA…and that was the end of any Glam in air travel. Thanks for sharing your night out!

  31. No wonder your parents produced two beautiful, smart, cultured, cool sons. An apple doesn't fall far from its tree ? and they're still madly in love! ?

  32. Just found you guys because I was specifically looking for information on Pan Am, thank you so much for this video, it is fascinating.

  33. Thank you for doing this video! I am going to purchase the experience for my boyfriend’s birthday. He has worked in aerospace for over 20 years. I think he’s going to love it! I can’t wait to surprise him!!

  34. What a charming couple and a nostalgic look back when air travel was an event you dressed up for and a real treat. Now it's like a trip from hell. Unruly slovenly passengers, and flight attendants are not well groomed. They act disinterested and robotic.

  35. As a Pan Am Pilot and an American… I really enjoyed this movie. But here is the other side of the story about what was done to Pan Am. The very short story. I know. I was there on the last dastardly Pan Am day of infamy: http://www.renocitizen.com/panam10.htm

  36. I lived Pan Am growing up.  My dad was a Passenger Service Supervisor for Pan Am in Seattle.  We used to fly free all over the world on Pan Am.  If there were empty seats available in first class, we got to fly first class.  Talk about "can't beat the experience", nothing beat flying first class to Europe on a Pan Am 747.  It was just like in the video, only better.  They would roll up a cart with prime rib on it, carve off a big chunk and put it on an actual ceramic plate and you had real silverware and glasses to drink out of.  I traveled all over the world on Pan Am.  I saved a whole bunch of Pan Am memorabilia and have collected Pan Am stuff for years.  I am retired now, but I run a small collectibles store in Brinnon, Washington during the summer months.  I have on display in my store, what I claim is the world's largest Pan Am bag collection with over 50 bags on display. I had specially made Pan Am logo panels made and I also have a 1960's era Pan Am world route map on display that measures 6 feet by 10 feet.  Check out my Pan Am bag collection on my website at:  HIXSONVILLE.COM.

  37. That was the only way to travel! Now you have to deal with Nazi stewardesses, and packed sardine flights , and a cardboard lunch you have to buy, and the seats are 3 inches in width! I will never travel ever again on an Airline !

  38. Went on the Pan Am Experience back in 2015, wow time flies. It was great and good to see the Clipper Class being used now. When we went it was open, but no one was seated there. Great experience and worth the price. Fun to dress in 1970's leisure suit to!

  39. Great for those flying in those days, coz you don't have to be worried of being YANKED OUT by the airline with airport police in tow just because they have someone who wanted to be in the flight..lol

  40. When I was 4 my mother and I dropped my dad off at the airport. I ran away to find him and when the airport authorities found me my mother asked "where were you going?!" I said "Pan Am sign…dad!" And that's my first adventure of the travel bug. Thanks Pan Am….missing those wing pins. ?✈️

  41. Without a doubt, the finest airline the world has ever seen or likely to see. A wonderful time that's tragically lost forever.

  42. I remember as a kid having to wear a little suit and tie when we took a plane, long before deregulation and the Greyhounds in the sky like today. It was a wonderful time, even coach was treated like first class. Peanuts were still given out before, snow flakes freaked out about them. PAN AM forever.

  43. I didn't fly until the late seventies. We got pre-prepared microwave warm-up meals, but the food was very good. At least we got fed! The stewardesses wore pant suits, because that was what had become the style. We didn't say Flight Attendant yet.

  44. How did I manage to miss this epic video and even more epic channel?. Great episode, plus interesting to hear your Mum talking about how it was back then. Must have been a great job back in the day. The experience looks like a party atmosphere as well, I'd love to check it out sometime.

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