Tips for Collecting Christmas Figures : Collectible Antique Santa Light bulbs

In holiday collecting, when you’re collecting
Santas, another type of collectible that you can collect are these Santas, these light
bulbs. Some of them work, some of them don’t, you can, when you buy them make sure you check
with the person that’s selling them that they’re either working, a lot of people don’t care
whether they work or not they just like to collect them. They come in all different shapes
and sizes, Japanese, and German. This is a full figured Santa with a sack on his back,
color is OK, he’s missing quite a bit of paint, and I’m not really sure these are working.
Sometimes when you shake them you can hear the rattle of the inside of the ornament,
but it’s no guarantee that they are working. Here’s another flat shaped Christmas collectible
in a Santa figure, he almost looks oriental, his beard is straight and he’s got a flower
design around the outside. The color is really, the paint is really good on this ornament
here. So, this one would cost you somewhere in the range of $35.00 for this bulb. And,
here’s another example where you have some paint lost, he almost looks oriental, too,
Japanese with a sack on his back in green form but a full body, missing some paint,
and he’s a $35.00 bulb, also. And one more example I wanted to show you was this Santa
here, smaller form bulb, and he’s carrying his sack, he has a little more detail with
the, you can see his black belt and his sack over his head. His face has really pretty
good color, the feet are a little worn in color, and you can see on the back he’s got
a little detail with the sack with a Christmas tree on the outside of his sack. This bulb
will run about $22.00 for this bulb. So, a few examples of Christmas Santa lighting that
is out there and very affordable. And, some of the things to look for though is paint
decoration, whether or not they work, and size, condition, will make a difference in
your price.

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