Tips to Check If Your Ray-Bans Are Vintage

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are classics. You can find
a new pair at virtually any sunglass store. These happen to be Wayfarer II’s from like
thirty years ago. Wayfarer II’s are basically oversized classic Wayfarers that were popular
in the 80s and 90s. They are heavy due to the glass lenses and notice how they seem
to lean forward a bit more than modern models. In the 1930s the U.S. Military commissioned
optical company Bausch & Lomb to create UV blocking lenses to protect aviators from damaging
sunrays. The original Wayfarer design followed afterwards in the 1950s. It was made of
plastic in contrast to the metal used in Aviators. Baush & Lomb made variations on the classic
Wayfarer like these Wayfarer II’s. In 1999 Baush & Lomb sold Ray-Ban to the Italian company
Luxottica Group. Here are a few ways to verify if your glasses are vintage. If you look closely,
these ones have a B & L inscription on the edge of each lens, which signifies that they
were made by Baush & Lomb. You’ll also get a Ray-Ban logo badge that looks like this
on the temple arms. The inside of the arm says B & L Ray-Ban U.S.A. The other arm has
the name “Wayfarer II”. The name Wayfarer will appear on your classic models. These
words have been stamped into the arm, not just printed on top. You’ll see on a new
pair of Wayfarers that the lens actually says “Ray-Ban” on the top right corner. This
is a feature that only exists on Wayfarers made after 1999. You’ll also notice on the
inside of the arm it says, “hand made in Italy”. There are a lot of fakes out there
in circulation, so it is important to do your research or ask an expert if you have any
questions. If they’re in good condition, a nice pair of vintage Wayfarer sunglasses
go for about 100 bucks on average, but if mint, they could go for hundreds, which means
that although the price between the old ones and the new ones isn’t that different, the
vintage ones will allow you to stand out from the crowd that much more. What’s your favorite
style of vintage shades? Share below.

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  1. i just found a pair of wayfarers in amazing condition at goodwill. very rare to find ray bans that slipped through the net like that, so good for me. i can't tell when they were made though..? inside of the frame, top right above the lens is marked "B&L 5022". left arm inside says "WAYFARER". right arm inside says "B&L RAY BAN U.S.A". tortoise framed with the greenish G-15(?) lenses that feel like glass to me. everything looks right, everything feels right.. i've owned 80's era wayfarers and the build quality is top notch. far better than anything today. there's no lens engraved "B&L" though, even though they don't appear to have been replaced by my eyes. there's no "ray bans" logo on the temple.. or anywhere else but the right arm inside. i know they are legit, but i'm stumped on the time frame they are from. these are as close to perfect condition wise as i've ever had. the heft and the shine is just incredible. i look at these and think JFK more than Tom Cruise.. any ideas?

  2. The Carrera 5512 that don johnson wore in miami vice is my favourite vintage shade, whats the lense height difference between the B&L and 2140?

  3. 80's vintage Wayfarer II do not have the metal Rayban logo on the front of the arms. They have the same metal post (rectangle/diamond shape) as on the front of the frames. The 'Vintage Wayfares in this video are from circa 2000 on IIRC.

  4. Noice! check out

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