Tommy and Bonbon Review Vintage Board Games! (Plushtrap goes crazy)

– Hello, everybody. My name is Tommy, and last year, Bonbon said he wanted to review
some vintage board games. And here’s Bonbon. – I’m Bonbon. – Hi Bonbon. So what would you like this year? – Board games. – Board games. I like board games. – I like those vintage ones. Let’s do a board game review. – So that’s what we’re
gonna do in this video. So let’s go get Bonbon. (electronic dance music) Alright, here’s the puppet theater. We’re just gonna get Bonbon. There you are, Bonbon. Alright you’re gonna
get what you asked for. Let’s review some board games. Oh by the way. There’s Plushtrap. Whatever you do, do
not look into his eyes. He can sense fear. Alright, let’s do this show. (door closes) (laughs) So I will be reviewing these games with Bonbon. – That’s me. – [Tommy] So Bonbon, which one
do you want to review first? – Um. The fishing game. Fishing game looks fun. – [Tommy] Yeah let’s review that, that I’ve had for a very long time. But let’s do that. So we’ll put these aside for now. We’ll get back to them a little bit later. Alright so me and Bonbon
will be reviewing this game. It’s called the Great Walleye
Tournament Board Game. So it’s about fishing,
it’s actually supposed to, it’s supposed to raise environmental and conservation awareness. Great family fun. I’m just gonna take a
quick look at the back. Oh yeah, so it’s an exciting
race from marina to lake. Competitive fishing on the lake, and fun return trip to the marina. Like I said, had this for a long time. Instructions are no longer here. But I still remember how to play it, because it’s actually very easy. Okay, and here are the contents. So we got some cards. Alright, and we got ourselves some dice. This is your fishing die here. And this is the racing dice here, and we have our pieces. One of ’em is broken, that’s too bad. This black one right
here, it broke, oh well. Still have enough. Here are the tokens. And for some reason we have airplanes. Look at this. This is a boating game. This probably came from
a different game here. Huh, okay. That’s interesting. Well we’re gonna use the
right ones, we’ll put that… Right here, the game board. Let’s get this set up. Me and Bonbon, we’re gonna play this. Okay Bonbon, what color do you wanna be? – I wanna be yellow. – [Tommy] You wanna be yellow, alright. Yellow it is. These are the racing die,
and what you wanna do is, you wanna get out to the fishing area, catch a walleye from each spot here, and then race all the way back. And Bonbon’s gonna be rolling
with his mouth, I guess. Kids, don’t be rolling
dice with your mouth. It’s a choking hazard. Okay, go ahead. I think he’s choking already. Okay. Alright Bonbon, how about
I just roll for you. – Okay. – [Tommy] Alright, that’s a 10. That’s a very good start. So one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Alright so here’s where Bonbon is. He needs to choose which
direction he wants to go. He can go direction A, or direction B. Okay Bonbon, which way are you going? – I’m taking the shortcut. – [Tommy] Okay. Rolled a four. One, two, three, four. So you landed on the red square, so you gotta pick up
one of those red cards. – You do it. – [Tommy] Okay. No worries. Oh you got the good one here. It says here, “You are
fortunate to have no wind “and smooth water, advance 10 spaces.” Wow, you got a good one there. And there you are. You are way ahead of me. You’ll be fishing before I am. – Oh boy, I can’t wait. – [Tommy] Yeah. Look at me, way behind here. Okay, my turn. I got a six. One, two, three, four, five, six. Oh I landed on the red one. So it means I gotta pick something up. Here let me get that out of the way. I got a bad one. “You develop motor trouble,
go back to the marina.” Ugh. I gotta go back to the
marina and fix the motor. That means I gotta go way
back at the beginning. – Oh you got a bad one. – [Tommy] Yeah I got a
very bad card. (laughs) Alright so we’re just gonna go ahead. I wanted to show you how
the fishing part works. So this is where we all go. We’re done with the red cards. And that’s where me and Bonbon are. We’re on the deep water. Okay we’re looking for
walleye specifically, and if it’s not a walleye,
we gotta put ’em back. As a matter of fact, when I go fishing, when I fish I always like putting the fish back in the water. Alright so now we’re
done with the red dice, so we’re gonna be using the green dice. Or you can just use one dice. Doesn’t matter if you use colors or not. – So how do we do this? – [Tommy] So what you
do is you roll the dice, and if you get an even number,
you pick up a blue card. And if it’s an odd
number, you catch nothing, and it’s the other player’s turn. – Sounds simple. – [Tommy] It is an easy game, actually. Well there you go, you just got four. That’s an even number,
so you pick up a card. Walleye. This is what a walleye looks like. – So what does that mean, I catch it? – [Tommy] No, you gotta answer
a trivia question right now. Since we’re in the deep water, we read the question
on the deep water area. So this tells you how many
points you have, and that’s 17. Okay so now it’s my turn and I got a two. Which is an even number. And I just caught a perch. – Did somebody say perch? – [Tommy] No I wasn’t calling you. – Okay. – [Tommy] Come on, evens. Six. That is an even number. And you caught yourself… – A mut-el-ege? – [Tommy] (laughs) It’s
actually muskelunge. – Muk-el-ege? – [Tommy] Muskelunge. – Muk-el-ege? – [Tommy] Okay we’re moving on. – That was kinda fun. – [Tommy] Okay and this is the
next one we’re gonna review. It’s called The A-maze-ing Labyrinth. Now this is actually a game where you can shift the game board. It’s kinda cool. So it is actually a maze. But it changes every turn. So it’s like a mystery dungeon. And here it is, this is the board. Well I’m just gonna get this set up. – Hey you got an extra one. – [Tommy] Yup, and we’re
supposed to have an extra one. I’m gonna show you how this works. – This looks hard. – [Tommy] Ha, actually it’s not. I’m gonna show you. So what color you wanna be? This time you have red,
blue, yellow, or green. – Blue, blue. – [Tommy] Ha, right on. And I guess I’ll be red. There we go. So now we just need these cards. And they actually have, well, basically what these cards are, you have all the pictures that
you see on the game board. So. Gonna put that there, and
we’re gonna put this aside. Flip a card over, and we compete, to try and get this treasure first. Let me just zoom in on
this a little bit more. And that’s how this works. Now before you start, you see all these arrows
here at the corner? You’re supposed to take one, supposed to take your extra piece, and push wherever you want. This will shift the maze,
and that way it changes. So you need to shift your way to victory. So right now I one of us
needs to find these keys. So that’s the goal. – I gotta go get the keys? – [Tommy] Yes, that’s what you gotta do. So we’re going after this. So I’m gonna go first, just
so I can show you what to do. I’m over here and we have a maze, so I can go, nope I can’t. I’m actually blocked right now. But that can change. So what I’m gonna do is, what do I do? That’s a good question. I could do this. There, you take the extra piece. Now I can go this way. You see? – Oh, that is kinda cool. – [Tommy] It is cool. So why don’t you give it a try? – Can you do it, I don’t
really have any fingers. – [Tommy] Fair enough. So where do you wanna shift? Okay. There we go. Now you wanna go after the keys, so where can you go? Do you… Can’t get them yet, but you can go. You see that’s how the game works. You’re changing the maze. – So it’s like a puzzle, really. – [Tommy] It is a puzzle. However I just found the solution. I’m gonna move this piece down. See if I can show you. There. – You did it! – [Tommy] I did. So that means I get to keep this card. And we go after the next treasure. Spider. Oh Chica would love that. – Really? – [Tommy] There. Now I can go and get the
spider, and this is mine. – You’re good at this game. – [Tommy] (laughs) Well,
maybe you’ll get the next one. That’s the ring. – I don’t need to move it. – [Tommy] That’s right. (door knocks) And then… And now this card is yours. – I finally got one. (door opens) (puppet laughs) – [Man] We’re currently
experiencing technical problems. – [Tommy] I guess we’re not
gonna finish our game now. Thank you Plushtrap. I put him in the other room. Oh I don’t know how he got out, but I guess we’re just gonna have to move on to the next game. Oh boy. Think he did that on purpose. This is the next game
we will be reviewing. Rock Jocks. It’s called a cliffhanger of a game, and that is exactly what
it is, a cliffhanger game. So looks kinda scary, it’s
actually a lot of fun. So what year is this? This is by Milton Bradley, by the way. And Milton Bradley, very well
known for their board games. Oh let’s see what year, what year. 1994. So this is what the back looks like. – I don’t like Plushtrap. He’s mean. – [Tommy] Oh he’s not
mean, he’s just insane. – He’s crazy. – [Tommy] Very, I agree. Okay. (laughs) Alright so let’s unbox this thing. Hey check this out. It’s a skeleton. Spooky scary skeleton. (light-hearted music) (dramatic music) – Oh that looks so cool. – [Tommy] It is pretty cool. Okay so how this works is that each of us gets three of these tokens. So Bonbon, you get three. And I get three and the rest remain here. So this is my, those are my tokens. So you can make me play
the vulture, the snake, and that is actually, this
is actually a counter card. And it says move yeti one. The yeti has to be in
position before he can be put on a player so we’re safe from him. For now. – Alright, I’m gonna play a vulture. – [Tommy] Alright. So that means I have to
put this, one of these, on my climber so let’s go do that. Alright I’m gonna put him on the backpack. There, see now he’s hanging
down a little bit lower. And the plank, there’s
actually some planks here. If there’s enough stress or weight on the climber he will fall off. The plank will lift out. It’ll pull the plank out and
he’ll be forced to fall off. Okay, and now you played,
that’s where you get to pick a token from the pile. There, alright. And now you have two, you do its. So I have. Bighorn sheep, when it says “on me,” that means I’m forced to put
the creature on my climber, so I’m not gonna play
that unless I’m forced to. Or I could trade tokens. Okay so I’m gonna put the bighorn
sheep on Bonbon’s climber. So that means. This is actually the heaviest
one, besides the yeti. You wanna put that on my climber? – [Tommy] Yes, I do. – That’s not nice. – [Tommy] Well that’s the
whole point of the game. You wanna make the climber fall. So I’m gonna put it… – Stay on, stay on, stay on. Don’t fall, don’t fall. – [Tommy] Looks like you’re okay. He would have fallen off by now. I could put it on Bonbon’s climber. That’ll probably make him fall. But it’s not in position. Alright what are you gonna play? – The snake. – [Tommy] That snake. Well that means I gotta
take this snake here. And I gotta put it on my climber. Oh I could put my, I could
hang it on the vulture’s wing. Or I could put it, I’m
gonna put it on the leg. Snake isn’t very heavy. Alright, then you need a token here. I think I’m gonna trade. So that means I get your
token and you get mine. But you now have the yeti card. And here you need another token. Okay. I’m gonna make Bonbon
put the bighorn sheep on. Okay here we go. Your climber’s getting
pretty stretched out. – Stay on, stay on,
don’t fall, don’t fall. – [Tommy] He’s good. You’re okay. – [Bonbon] I’m gonna play the vulture. – [Tommy] Alright so I would
have to put the vulture on, but I’m gonna… So I’m gonna play this card. That says, “No you do it,” and Bonbon has to put the vulture on his climber. Sorry Bonbon. And we each get another token here. And it says move yeti one. I’ll show you that in a second. Because your climber may not last. Oh he’s just hanging on there. – Oh he’s got good arms. He’s strong. – [Tommy] (laughs) Well aren’t you lucky. Now we need to move the yeti one. So that means I gotta
move him forward, oops. Right there. He still has a couple moves to make before he’s in the ready position. You don’t really have,
you’re not in good shape. You only have “on me” cards. – I’ll play that one. – [Tommy] So Bonbon, it says “on me,” so that means he needs to
put a snake on his climber. Well, here we go. Will your climber last? I don’t know. Getting pretty, oh! He’s still hanging in there. – He’s got good arms. – [Tommy] Yeah you already said that. Oh does he ever. Well I am gonna play “give away.” That means I can take one of the creatures off of my climber and put it on Bonbon. (plastic crashes) Oops. I guess he couldn’t hang
on that much longer. Unfortunately Bonbon’s climber
has plummeted to his doom. Sorry Bonbon, but… – I lost? – [Tommy] Yeah. Well look at your climber. He’s still there? Mine is. I didn’t even have to
give him my…(laughs) He just was under a lot of stress. I mean that’s how it works. There’s just a little plank, and it just goes into a little slot. Okay so now we are completely reset. – Okay I’m gonna beat you this time. I’m gonna give you the goat. Actually wait, I’m gonna
give you the snake. I have a bad feeling about that. – [Tommy] Oh you are
absolutely right. (laughs) I was gonna play one of these on you. Imagine if the goat went on you instead. – I’m getting smarter. I know how you play. You’re predictable. – [Tommy] (laughs) Oh am I predictable? Since I play the counter
card, it said, “No you do it.” And move the yeti one. Look where he is now. This is the ready position. He is ready. This is where it gets scary. Alright so each of us gets a token. Well Bonbon I am gonna
play this on you now. Lose grip. – What? What? – [Tommy] Yep. Like you said, I’m not very nice when it comes to board games. And he’s just hangin’ on by one hand. Oh. I feel bad for you, Bonbon. – Yeah well I’ll be like this. I’m gonna play this card. – [Tommy] Uh-oh. This is the yeti when he’s ready. So that means I gotta put this big, white yeti on my climber. This is gonna get ugly. Oh boy. – He’s still holding on. – [Tommy] Barely. I can see the plank under a lot of stress. Oh I hate to do this to you. – Nope, you do it. – [Tommy] Oh boy. (laughs) You are really getting even with me now. I’ll put the goat on my climber. Oh. – How is that possible? – [Tommy] (laughs) Good
arms, like you said. (door creaks open)
Alright, so I guess… – Someone there? – [Tommy] I didn’t hear anyone. (Bonbon yells)
(Plushtrap yells) What? Oh come on. (puppet yells) – [Man] We are currently
experiencing technical problems. – [Tommy] And of course, once
again, the game is ruined. – [Bonbon] Is he gone? – [Tommy] Yes, I put
him in the other room. This time I put a chair over the door. How does he keep getting out? – Hey he’s still holding on. He survived Plushtrap. – [Tommy] Yeah he did. After all that, he’s still hanging on. Yeah he ate my climber. Not even the yeti could
have survived Plushtrap. Oh he’s so hard to work with, that guy. – Why did you make him? – [Tommy] Good question. Hey have a question for all
of you viewers out there. Please comment down below and tell me why I thought making
Plushtrap was a great idea. Really, I wanna know. Alright well you win this game. Can’t believe he survived Plushtrap, wow. This is what we’re reviewing next. A very old game called… Where is it? Pogs. Pogs. Now this actually dated back, I believe, in the late 20s, 1920s,
and these are actually caps from a juice, a brand
of juice, called Pog. And people had been collecting
the caps that came from them. And they made a game out of it. I believe this originated, from my understanding, in Hawaii. Maui. And I’ve been there before. Beautiful place out there. – Wow they’re so colorful. – [Tommy] Yeah there’s a lot
of artwork on these things. Well I’ve actually been playing these. I had a huge collection of Pogs when I was growing up in the 90s. And they actually came
with the newer Pogs, they were really nice, but I’m showing you the old, old Pogs. Like we’re going way back into time here. So this is what me and
Bonbon will be playing next. I’m just gonna show you
some of these Pog caps. But yeah, you can just see
how really colorful they are. Question authority, but
listen to your parents. (laughs) That is true. Please listen to your parents. Oh yeah, Pog tastes good
and is good for you. Like I said Pog is actually
a brand of fruit juice. So yeah, let’s see, if I
can remember correctly, passion fruit, orange
juice and guava juice, if I’m not mistaken. Correct me if I’m wrong. Dive bomber. World Pog Federation, classic. This little red guy here. He just makes me feel so
nostalgic, just looking at him. Good times, good times. This is what I really
like about the olden days. We did not have fancy
computers, smart phones. Nope, we just had our imaginations, and this is what happened. Alright, so basically what you do, is you stack ’em up and I’m
gonna put this one on top, just so we can see what we’re playing. Now the game, you gotta have a slammer. And these are slammers here. They all have, yeah, so
these are some slammers here. Some creepy ones, and
some really cool ones. Heh, this one’s kinda cute. So these are what slammers look like. Oh yeah and there’s one
that just says Pog on it. That one’s a little bit
faded, but that’s alright. So anyways, that’s what
the slammers look like. This is the one that I,
I’ve had this slammer for a very long time, so I’m
gonna be using this again. Which one do you want, Bonbon? Well, come on, pick one. – I want that one. – [Tommy] You probably
think I’m a little weird by saying this is cute but it kind of is. You take your slammer, you
stack up your Pogs like that. I’m gonna take mine, and you throw your slammer down right on top. That’s it. Now you’ll notice that some turned over. Those are the ones you keep. Any ones that got flipped
over, you keep ’em. And the one that has
the most Pog caps win. It’s just that simple. Well that’s all you gotta do Bonbon. Okay Bonbon, you gotta take your slammer. And you’re using your mouth, okay, just don’t choke on it
like you did with the dice. Well you got one. Might want to implement a
better strategy, but okay. Good for you, Bonbon. Okay, that’s all there is to it. Oh and I only got one. Okay Bonbon, your turn. – I can’t throw very hard. – [Tommy] (laughs) That’s okay. I mean we’re just playing just for fun. Yeah, that’s all you do. Oh, that’s a fail. There you go. That’s my stack, there’s Bonbon. So I won. – You beat me again? – [Tommy] Well you know, I have been playing this for a while. I mean it’s been a while since I have, but kind of have experience. Apparently I still got it. – One more? – [Tommy] Alright, one more. And none of ’em flipped over. (door creaks open) (Plushtrap yells) – Give me the hammer! Give me the hammer! – [Man] We are currently
experiencing technical problems. – Okay, I am so done with this video. And he is trashing my office right now. (objects crash loudly) – Why’s he doing that? – He doesn’t have to have a reason. He’s insane. – There goes our man. – What, oh. A climber. He lived. Well, I hope you enjoyed our video. – I did. – Well I’m glad. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you all next time. – Bye! (Plushtrap laughs, wood bangs) (electronic dance music)

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