TootsieToy International K5 Stake Restoration – 80 Year Old Antique Toy Truck

This is a tootsie toy, international k 5 steak made in
1940 That’s almost 80 years ago. It is in terrible condition. The
body is broken in multiple places. One of the axles is broken,
the other is corroded terribly. It’s been repainted at least once,
but there’s almost no paint left. This is a perfect restoration candidate. First we need to get those
super crusty wheels off. The axle is a tube and the wheels are
held on by nails that are hammered into the axle tube. Holy smokazoid. This is hard. Yes! and there’s all the parts. I
doubt I’ll reuse that axle. These wheels are pretty rough, but
I want to keep the original ones. I also don’t want to buy
replacements because they are spendy. I want to see what the
original color was. Okay. It looks like it was orange and that
was a common color on these things. I Dunno if this green is a corrosion
or a paint. I think it’s a paint This is probably a good time to mention
that this old paint is almost a hundred percent sure to be deadly led based, so don’t chew on these things. The stripper I use reminds
me of snot. Acid snot. Ugh. This old paint is not
coming off easily and it’s gross. There’s a lot of damage to the body. Those pits are deep. We’re going
to need to fill them in Fo Sho. I’m grinding these dents flush. Now I’m cleaning up some casting lines. Well, that was much easier than I
expected. Violence does solve problems. Even easier. Got To get all the paint and the
stripper residue out of these cracks. This always takes longer than I
would like, but if I don’t do it, the paint will not stick to these areas. I’m going to use good old
JB weld to fix the body. A little dab of white and a little dab of black
and mixed them together. Just like a progressive society. This takes forever to cure
so I don’t have to rush. This is a lot more fun than it
looks. I’m really enjoying this. I’m going to smooth it out
over the pits in the hood. A little finger action there. Now for the big one, let’s
just bend this back into shape and let’s see how well
I can hide this damage. If you put too much on, you’re just
making things hard for yourself. All the extra is going to have to be
sanded off anyway and sanding is sooo boring. This repair will not be
as strong as the original, but it’ll be plenty good
for the display shelf. I hate sanding sooo much. This looks really good. I
impress myself sometimes. Primer will help fill in all
the little pits. Hopefully. I’m just using normal testers Enamel. I wanted a slightly paler orange
but couldn’t find it. I really, really need an airbrush that way I can
mix my own colors. I had one years ago, but my compressor froze and
I didn’t have time to fix it. Shine, shine, shine, scrub, scrub, scrub. The wheels looked pretty terrible. Even after a good washing I am
covering them in matte paint. It’ll spruce them up. Well, the paint is totally dried. I’m not crazy about the
quality of my painting. There’s a little bit of orange peel.
I’m definitely getting an airbrush. Those spray cans are
just too hard to control. I looked at pictures online and
this grill was painted chrome. They hand painted these
in the factory back then. Although I doubt they used paint
pens. They might have, I don’t know. I don’t know much about
forties technology. I’m not sure if these top lights were
originally painted, but I’m doing it. Now to make the axles all I’m doing is
cutting some tubing to match the old axles. I couldn’t find tubing that was the exact
same size and mine is a smidge bigger. Come on, get in there. It’s hard to see around
the camera sometimes. Crimping the tube tight to the nails. I have to do this. Since
the tube was too big, the nails would just fall right out. I was looking at more pictures. I noticed in some of them
that the bumper was chromed, so I got to do it. Wow. That looks pretty awesome. Just to remind her of
how it looked before. I’m surprised someone did not just
throw this away. I bought it for $3. In good condition.
They’re worth $40 or $50. and after, I appreciate you watching this video,
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and thanks for watching.

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