Top 10 Spectacular Senior Citizens on America’s and Britain’s Got Talent, Best AGT – BGT Auditions

Hello welcome, thank you, actually reminds me of a little britain sketch Please could I have your names. I’m paddy I’m Nicol and what is the nature of your relationship? It’s it a professional one And might we ask you your age, I will be 80 this July Do you even win the show oh It would be very nice, but just as long as people enjoy what we’re doing and we give people pleasure that’s semantics Okay effective luck This reseeding ever seen They go straight through the live shows Wow Well, I apologize For what I did because I did obviously buzz a little early. This is before all the crazy things happened You know it was all kind of like slow and normal and then it all went ballistic It was extraordinary You’re an amazing example to Older people because you’ve shown me however old you are you can still be spectacular and beautiful and do something amazing She can all people can if you want to come How did you get into dancing I had been a dancer from the age of two and a half like lots of little girls And I gave it up to get married. I had four children Then when did you pick up dancing? I went to live in Spain with my husband and Unfortunately after 18 months he died and for something to do I went to Nico’s Dance Academy to learn something totally different and This is the result My grandmother is 93 years old and I just kept thinking of her when you were being thrown around that that man And I think she would have wanted me to press my buzzer for you as well, so Me and my nan are going to be right behind you and I hope you win Britain’s Got Talent The fact that you did it for all those years And then and then had your lovely children then lost your husband you gave up so much in Korea And I started to do this I spoke with the family and I said What do you think and they said well you gave everything up to have us about to dad and he would be proud yes? How do you are my hero like you are Unbelievable, I pray to God that I am like you when I’m your age I don’t want to sound patronizing, but we have to just say it as it. Is that is something I’ve never seen before I’m so pleased demanders pressed their back What is your name my name is Shirley Clara Shirley Claire, and what do you do? Are you a a singer a dancer singer just a singer may? I ask your age. I’m 87 87 87 and surely I can tell just from the way you look that men must have been a big part of your life I mean, I’m sure guys were always coming on to you am. I correct. Well. I didn’t exactly fall off the turn of the truck You presently married do you have a boyfriend where yeah well I’ve been married four times Wow three of them died yes And I almost killed the fourth one getting a divorce You see you know you look at Heidi and Mel their lives are so complicated so many divorces And yet you see you can’t come out on the other side this should be an inspiration to you ladies You realize how the church yeah, that’s true the truth Is that death is easier than divorce because death is final? right versus When you sing your song now sing it to NIC he needs the most powerful lots of stuff This is it it’s time now My numbers up enough fill my cup. I’ve go away I We here’s exactly why I love being part of this show no don’t Pardon me. It’s Howie Howie. Mandel. Yes. I recognize your hair. Thank you Good you are so witty and quick and so much better than people 1/4 your age your unique you’re different You’re adorable I Want to see a lot more of you Heidi? What did you think I’m so excited that you came today? And I love the audition process of America’s Got Talent because everyone comes children come and acrobats ventriloquist’s And you are here right now with 87 years old. I think you are a huge inspiration I think you’re super funny super elegant. I’m just in love with you Well it’s time to vote well we all loved you why don’t we all go it together sure How old are you granny I’m 80 Do for us to either share some information about family values so share hi Reggie, hi will This is Randy Jeanne and I’m talking are you horny boys? Pinch if you make a baby and then just click you got no heart if you don’t know Daddy no child You see And of God and you’ll get high with a love of a child money can’t buy Donut per class girl meets eight-year-old mom of seven grand mother of 13 and great-grandmother of 4 JT Cutler Don’t sit you on come on How are you hello, how are you? Fine good what what’s your name darling? What’s your name? Jeanne couply okay, and if you don’t mind me asking Janie. How old are you? 80 80 Very good and Jamie. Why are your different for the show? Well I like singing so my friend says go for it All right, Janie no regrets all right good luck I Oh Thank You B. Just kidding Lois pubs and clubs When when and what you wanna newest and in there I didn’t know what to expect I did not Expect you to have a set of lungs on you like that Show me how many years have you waited to do that I’m just thankful. I am here tonight Okay moment of truth, Janie here’s your sonnet oh absolutely I think the royal family would love you, so I’m gonna say Three thousand and three yeses Which I tell my friends, and I’m what in kiss I mean wish that the mate Hello My name is Mike Greenstein. How old are you young man December? I was 93 An accomplishment in itself what is your challenge my talent is pulling vehicles with my teeth? You’re gonna pull a vehicle with your teeth that’s right are these your actual teeth these are my actual teeth They’re all my own Are we bringing a vehicle in here outside in New York City yes, I Cannot wait to see this okay. I’ll follow you sir, okay. All right As well do this Mike Ladies and gentlemen we are in the streets of New York City where we are about to watch a 93 year old man pull a car across this finish line Mike. Are you ready to do this? I’m as ready as I’ll ever be I Did the front of the car has to cross the finish line correct That’s right to the front tires have to cross it so that means you have to go all the way up there That’s right. Good luck Mike Boom in the car I have my kid brothers 84 years old With his wife and my lady friend angelator friend Oh My god The brakes Fine Ain’t gonna take your trash Baby I Ain’t gonna take your church no more Just see what I brought you so much 71 when you think you know better. I got a pack of all that thing I’m walking my ass I’m gonna show you why you’re listening. Here’s a little story I Came home a little early I Couldn’t believe my eyes You won’t light that buck naked with a woman Take your trash, No I’m gonna pack up all that thing Right out the door have to be folks when you caught it I Chris Christmas This night Yes I’m gonna take your trash no more Hello, it’s just working yeah, I guess your you antastic okay We could go on all night like this yes, you want to yeah, I wouldn’t be great What is your name? My name is Ray Gesell? Would you share with us your age? Sorry, I’ve got plenty to share 84 Eighty-four, are you excited to be here. I’ve never performed before judges before I’ve appeared before judges Brain what will you be doing for us today a song I’ve written can’t wait to hear it alrighty, thank you Thank you sir very good wonderful Okay and for my second song I’d like to I Met. This girl. She’s just great this girl. I just adore The problem is She has much more than I had bargained for She’s got that style She’s got that smile. She’s got the walk She’s got the tuck. She’s got that zing. There’s just one thing She’s got a penis She’s got that Flair that what to wear That girlish great sweet it’s got pizzazz too bad. She has a penis It’s always some failure always some flaw Ain’t that what they call Murphy’s are but male genitalia. That’s where I draw the line Besides hers is bigger than mine But under that dress she’s gotta be and I Thank you very much You wrote the song is that right yes did that happen to you? Is this a true story, and you turn it into a song well actually something like that happened to a friend of mine Oh, oh, I know those friend of mine things, but this is true actually You have no idea what you just did in my house my children are all sitting in the audience And they’re all will be singing that song later on Very catchy tunes I tell them to cut in tune I like to write catchy tunes they don’t run like that anymore Pro tell you something you know, I’m really thinking you’re a breath of fresh air Mel B gray you are a naughty funny dirty Thank you dear and I loved it made me laugh Thank you. We need more laughter Howie. You were up on your feet. I love it I’ll tell you something you’re funny and witty and personable, and I just I can’t see enough of you I love you mr.. Jesse Yes, yeah rain how many of you poor yes Hello hello, how are you? I’m very well, thank you what’s your name, I’m a vladimir Georgiev ski great name Thank you. Where do you live? Swansea, swansea. Yes, okay. Be married. Yes. We have two sons Lovely what are you going to do for us today? Um I bought the trampling for my kids my boys for in the back garden I just start bouncing with them and some of friends of us told me you know I should do a Britain’s Got Talent So do you believe you can win this show if I wouldn’t believe I wouldn’t be here, okay, well, that’s good good luck How y’all doing guys, where are you guys? I don’t know who they are, but I know they spend a lot of time in the gym yes I mean wow we’re the Omega force strength team how old is the oldest member of this group this gentleman right here? 75 years young 75 Well I’m inspired already, let’s see what you have best of luck, thank you very much here we go Ladies and gentlemen P. Omega bars Do not try this at home. We have the world’s strongest senior citizen about to do a 300 pound giant barrel squat help him out, Chicago Randy Ricci is about to slam his elbow through 42 walls of concrete Wanna give you a yes Hello hello Who you? We’re old men grooving. Okay, let’s you have jobs. Oh, yes, we do I’m an IT manager I’m a teacher And I do some part-time teaching as well Do you think that this is something that the Queen all the royal family would like yeah? We think they’re gonna Love what we’re doing okay, best of luck. Thank you I want to get into it, man. You know Clastic brains Got Talent Good evening good evening and welcome to America’s Got Talent What a thrill it is a thrill what are thrilled to meet you? Well? Thank you to throw at you sir Lady you love the lady Frankie baby, are you single I’m single Oh Joe’s Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi Heidi Okay, and what is your name young man? My name is Frank Dimitri? How will you sir 74 Wow? Just a young guy just a young guy, and and what did you do for a living? Well I was a bartender right? From the time I was 28 and I retired when I was 69 right and what do you do now? Well, I’m retired Right and I like to walk a lot, and I love to sing so you’ll be flying and singing for us this evening absolutely Dazzle us sir all right I’ve got the world on a string sitting on Got the strain my What a world what a life I’m in love I’ve got a song that I sing I could make the rain go Anytime I move my baby girl lucky me can’t you see? Life’s a beautiful thing now as long as I hold that string I feel silly so if so If I should ever let it go I’ve got the world on a string sitting on a rainbow got the string around my finger This is Well joke about Very fine All right Frank Frank One second one second Frank one question why did it take so long you have just been discovered tonight? Is this something you tried to pursue when you were younger Well, I always wanted to be a singer, but I I stuffed us stutter a lot It’s an emotional things And there’s times when I can just talk and talk and talk And I won’t stutter and there’s times when I get on the phone and it’s a struggle and when I was a kid I stuttered a lot, so I’d never had that the confidence to Relate to really do it. Well. I’ll tell you something better late than never This is the right time and it would be such a loss for the world if you never had done it so this was a wonderful moment for us here at America’s Got Talent I Have to say to you your voice is so smooth and so sexy I Think I’m probably a little bit in love with you, I think I am I really like you a lot. I think you’re fantastic And you seem very humble and very nice. I give you this I give you my heart You did a great job up there honest to god. You are fantastic. Thank you. Thank you very much Okay, let’s vote you know what they say if you can make it here. You’re gonna make it everywhere. It’s a yes from me It’s a definite yes Our Sinatra Tony Bennett have nothing on you. It’s a big yet Yo, what’s up YouTube? How are you fine, thank you Simon sir who are you? I’m Ian, and this is my lovely wife and what’s your last name? Well she lovely no. I said, what’s your last name? Oh my last name, Marshall, I’m sorry. It’s a bit thick don’t listen them So your husband and wife we are okay, how many years you’ve been married for next Friday 44 years Thank you that is extraordinary and your kids yeah, got four boys one’s an active soldier at the moment We were both soldiers when we met right I hope you enjoy this song So deep in your Mower every time when you leave, I’m begging you lap to go what we made to three times in a row Funny thing for me to explain Oh, yeah I think you really are the spirit of Britain’s Got Talent the pair of you Got this beautiful relationship For once I just knew David was gonna do that but I’d sleep for once I get it It’s max like you that makes me love this show I love this country Wonderful it was great. It was pretty good. It wasn’t bad

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