TOP 5 Affordable Record Players!

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Moon! Vinyl Moon is the only monthly record club that presses awesome mix
tapes, on colored vinyl, and sends them right to your door. Sign up today with
Promo Code “Vinyl Eyezz” to get $10 off. Ok so as we all know, the holiday
season is over. But maybe your friend or relative got a
cool looking Record Player for Christmas, and now you’re starting to think about
getting one for yourself. But you also don’t want to spend too much money. So
today I’m going to show you- 5 Turntables that won’t break the bank! Hey Friends welcome back to Vinyl Eyezz! I
am Jarrett New, and today we’re gonna be talking about the Top 5 Affordable
Record Players on the market. And if you guys want to check these Record Players
out for yourself, and do your own research. I put the links to all of them
down in the video description below. Now before we get to the turntables, I just
want to let you guys know that today’s Song of the Day is “Black Hole Sun” by
Soundgarden. And if YOU have a suggestion for a Song of the Day, Post it below and
you might see it in a future video! Alright now getting back to the record
players, the most important thing that you should know, is that you don’t need
to spend a mountain of money to get something that sounds pretty good. BUT
that being said, if your budgets’ only around 50 bucks…don’t expect miracles.
Also be sure to steer clear of those “All- In-One” suitcase style Record Players,
because usually they sacrifice quality for convenience, and they might also ruin
your records which is definitely no fun. So starting us off as the MOST
Affordable Record Player on our list, We got the Audio Technica LP-60. Which is
priced at around $100. Now there’s two versions of the turntable. One with a USB
connection, if you want to hook it up to your computer. And the other one WITHOUT
the USB. So if transferring your Vinyl Records to your computer is not
important to you, I would suggest skip the USB version, and save yourself a
couple of bucks. Now the LP-60 is a great Beginners’ Turntable, because it spins at
both 33 & 1/3 RPM, and 45 RPM. So you can play the Normal 12-inch Albums, like
the ones you see on the wall behind me, but also the 7-inch singles. Also because
it has a built-in Preamp, you won’t need to buy one of those separately. Which is
convenient and it also saves you some more money. Now the only drawback to this
Turntable is the build quality. It’s decent,
it’ll get the job done, but it’s not the greatest. So if you’re looking to upgrade-
That brings us to our NEXT Turntable, The Audio Technica LP-120. Now this awesome
Record Player is about $250, and simply it’s a HUGE Step Up in quality
from the LP-60. In fact, I made an entire video a while back,
about this turntable and why I love it so much. So you can check that out right
up HERE. But overall it can play at 33 & 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM and also 78 RPM, just
in case you want to play those older Shellac Records -if you happen to come
across them. Also compared to the LP-60, it has a much better Stylus, Cartridge,
and Counterweight, which can all be upgraded. And it also comes with a built-in Preamp, and USB connection, which is pretty cool. And, like I said, the build
quality is EXCELLENT because this thing is built like a tank!
I’ve had mine for several years now, and it still performs exactly like the day I
got it. It’s awesome! I love it! Now moving on to Number 3 on our
list is the Fluance RT81, which is also about $250. Now
when I was visiting Texas last year, I had the chance to check out this
Turntable, and I was pretty impressed by what I found.
First of all, I really like the fact that the Turntable’s Cartridge is already
aligned when you buy it, Which is really cool because that saves you the trouble
of having to do that yourself. -Which is oftentimes one of the most frustrating,
and painstaking parts of the entire Record Player setup process. Because
we’re talking about VERY tiny parts that you have to line up just right, or else
your Records are gonna sound like crap! So I really like that they take that
whole step out of the equation, and make the process go a lot smoother! Now as far
as looks go, this Record Player has a really beautiful Glossy Walnut finish,
which is going to look nice, no matter where you decide to place it in your
room. However, you also need to keep in mind that this turntable only plays at
33 and 45 RPM, so if you plan on playing those older Shellac Records, that we just
talked about, you might want to look elsewhere.
But, then again, if that doesn’t bother you, it also comes with a Dust Cover,
Counterweight, Cartridge, Rubber Mat, all of the Cables to hook it up, and most
importantly a built in Preamp. So basically all you need to start spinning
records, would be a good pair of “Powered Speakers” like the Micca PB42X’s, or the
Klipsch R-15PMs, and you’re good to go! Okay so Number 4 on our list is the
U-Turn Orbit, Which can be anywhere from $179, for the BASIC model to over $500 for their
high-end “Orbit Special”. So basically it all depends on which options you choose.
And that’s the really cool thing that I like about this company. They give you
lots of freedom to decide exactly how you want to build your Record Player. So
I think that’s pretty cool. Now this is also another great “First Turntable”
because just like the Fluance, every model that they ship, comes with the
Cartridge perfectly aligned from the factory. So, yet again, you’re not gonna
have to worry about that. And the U-Turn Orbit is also belt-driven, so as far as
the sound quality goes, there’s gonna be a lot less Rumble, which is definitely a
good thing. Also every model comes with a Dust Cover, a Counterweight, a Felt Mat,
all of the Cables you need to hook it up, and it also comes in 7 finishes: Blue,
Green, White, Black, Red, Maple, and Walnut. Now the most important thing to remember
about this Turntable, is that the Basic Models’ will not come with a built-in
Preamp, so if you want to include that, it’s gonna raise the price about $80. Alright now Finally we have the last
affordable Turntable on our list, which is the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. Now it comes
in at around $400, but for that price you’re actually getting a
really good value. Because the most important thing about this turntable is
the excellent sound quality. And the reason it’s called the Debut “CARBON”, is
because the Tonearm on the Record Player is actually made from Carbon Fiber, and
according to their website, this custom carbon fiber, increases the strength of
the Tonearm, and it decreases unwanted resonance. So basically it makes your
music sound KICK ASS! And because it’s a belt-driven Turntable, like I said
earlier, there’s gonna be a lot less Rumble, so yet again that translates to
better sound. And just like the other Turntables I mentioned, it also comes
with the Dust Cover, Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge, which is a fantastic Cartridge.
It comes with a Felt Mat, the Cables to hook everything up, and it also comes in
7 different colors: Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Yellow, White, and Pink. Now the
most important thing to remember about this Turntable, is that it does NOT come
with a built-in Preamp, so you’re gonna need to buy one of those separately.
However since you’re still gonna need a good pair of Speakers, what I would
recommend doing is pairing that Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with the Klipsch R-15PMs.
Because those speakers actually have a built-in Preamp, and a built in Amplifier!
So basically with just those two things you’ll be ready to rock and roll, and
your sound is gonna be FLAWLESS. Now what do you guys think about these Record
Players? And what is your personal Vinyl Setup? Let us know down in the comments
below! And if you love music, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and Smack that little
NOTIFICATION BELL, so you won’t miss the new videos! And most importantly friends,
Have an awesome day, and Keep Spinning that Vinyl! -also if you were thinking
about buying a Crosley …Stop it! Get some help.

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  1. Where are the best places to find affordable records? I found all the records I want in Borders but it's pretty expensive :/

  2. I want to buy the LP60 but I read several reviews online and they were all terrible. Now I don't know if I truly want this. Have you actually tried it out before? If so how was it? Because so far, the customer's arent happy. And after I just bought a record player and it broke I'm very cautious. Please respond if the LP60 works well and is trustworthy.

  3. ….. everything he said at the begining was true. A family member did get a record player for christmas. And i am interested in getting one for myself. And i dont want to spend too much money.

  4. If I'm going to hook up a turntable to my Denon receiver I don't need to have a built in preamp right?

  5. These are NOT "Record Players" ! A record player is a self-contained box that includes its own turntable, amplifier and speakers. This video is pushing turntables, each of which need an external stereo amplifier, and a set of 2 stereo speakers…otherwise called an audio "components system".

  6. Unless you know what you're doing and can garbage pick a great turntable from a thrift store/yardsale etc., paying less than $500.00 for a new turntable will not return your investment. I used to be an audiophile but I don't care anymore, got rid of all my stuff & listen to FLAC files on a good laptop through old Gateway speakers that sound fine. But if you want to go analog, you have to spend the money or else you're just wasting your time.

  7. Personally i like the pioneer pl-990 its a nice automatic with a good cartridge and has adjustable speed pitch and neede weight

  8. Re: the LP120. How is the anti-skate holding up VinylEyezz? I've heard some owners have experienced issues with this. Hope yours is fine.

  9. You got the Audio Technica LP-120 on here which is great, but there's a similar player priced just slightly above that offers a few nice extras: The SynQ X-Trm 1. Seriously, when I first got my hands on this turntable back in 2008, I was absolutely blown away by the extremely high build quality. This so-called "OEM" player offers 33, 45 and 78 rpm, but is even capable of playing 16 rpm records due to its +/-50% adjustable pitch range. You also get a quartz lock to effectively eliminate wow and flutter, adjustable start/stop momentum from 0.2 to 6 seconds, reverse play and a built-in preamp to top it all off. It's difficult to get a hold of one in the U.S., but here in Europe, it's even available on Amazon!

  10. I thought about getting one of these new turntables…but then out of curiosity I got a Technics SL-L3 linear tracking turntable, for 120€. I was a bit sceptical, but that thing sounds great. No setup required, uses T4P cartridge, fixed 1.25 gram tracking force, no alignment required (linear tracker), has track program, track skip, track search…functions like a cd player ?.

  11. So for someone who is new to this and is worried about sound quality is there a different in sound between players??

  12. >record player

    Yeah that's not affordable. Stop being elitist. You can make a better record player than that for way less money.

  13. I've heard countless times that the crosley and other budget turntables ruin your records because of excess tracking force weight. Are you seriously telling me that there are no budget turntables out there where you can adjust the tracking force? None at all?

  14. urban outfitters has record players for around 70 dollars. then they also have records for around 20, 30 dollars depending on the artist, or if it has more than one vinyl. thats affordable. 300 dollars, is not affordable. sorry.

  15. Active speakers with a phono pre-amp – a good one :D. Actually, Pro-ject has much cheaper options (without kevlar tonearm that does not make a lot of sense in this price range) that sound excellent too. However, you need a real pre-amp and a real amp. This is just a very expensive hobby if you want to have a good quality of sound. CD will definitely sounds better on a machine for 100 dollars.

  16. it's always surprising to see more expensive record players getting les advanced features. like for a couple of hundred dollars i expect it to be automatic and have digital speed control and electronic anti-skating. but no, they are supper bare bones.

  17. I bought a Revolver Rebel turntable 26 years ago, still use it regularly – it's awesome, love it. (UK company, no longer in business)

  18. Coming back to this channel, I can't believe how cringey it is. Every video sounds like a BuzzFeed article written by someone who just googled "best record players" and read the Amazon reviews. Watch a channel like VWestlife or Techmoan if you want to learn about audio. Not this guy.

  19. Wait, the Audio Technica comes with an Ortofon cartridge and the Fluance has an Audio Technica? Go figure.

    An important point for sleepier listeners like me is that the Fluance is semi-automatic – the tonearm returns to rest at the end of play, while the rest go tic, tic, tic, tic until you get off your butt and lift the tonearm yourself. That’s also important if you’d rather not replace the stylus as often. Honestly, it stumps me why more tt manufacturers don’t at least include auto-lift.

  20. Record players are self contained with amplifier, turntables are component which require a stereo amplifier with phono input. A quartz direct drive is better than belt drive, find an old Techniques or a Pioneer in good running order, avoid linear tracking at all cost. Set tone arm to minor mass to keep from wearing down record surface and a diamond tip needle with a decent cartridge. Resonance is due to loudness of music and position from speakers.

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