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Hi, everyone, welcome back to my kitchen today i’m gonna share with you My deep obsession with pride of Szeged spices let’s go see what these are all about This, is my top six list except you see there’s more than six i’m actually sharing with you my, pride of Szeged collection now i have a Deep obsession i would say with This particular brand of spices and it is because it is close to my heart is something that i grew up seeing my grandmother My, mom who is hung it was hungarian Used as a child My mother always used the Hungarian paprika in her cooking growing up and then you know, as time went by they Became increasingly more difficult to locate, well Several years ago i found a website that actually Carried all of these spices But even before that i started seeing them pop up in places like tj maxx and i did find the The paprika in the local grocery store and it just took me back you know it was a happy memory for my When i was a childhood who knew that they, made more than the paprika but that’s Where it all started now Szeged, if you don’t know Used to be the capital of hungary and so pride if said jed is made in hungry all these spices are imported and I buy mine now, from a website called columbia spice company you’ve heard Me talk about them before they, carry every single pride of such a spice that is available in the united states They, currently, have three or four new ones that they’ve come out with they’ve come out with a poultry seasoning they’ve come out with nutmeg pumpkin, pie and apple pie spice and Something, else like hmmm, what it is but i don’t have, those yet because? the people at columbia spice don’t have access to them and when they, did get some they sold out of them super fast and i Unfortunately, was not some of those people, who were lucky enough to get them? But i’m telling you right now you hear me talk, about the chicken rub all the time this chicken rub Is by far the Best chicken seasoning that i have ever used and i will never attempt to replicate it you know I make, my, own spice blends all the time i share how you can
make Them at home but honestly these are some of the most delicious spice blends i have ever used i use them all the Chicken, and the steak most are the two that i use the most and i use the chicken on pork i use it on Obviously chicken for roasting chicken for pan searing chicken breasts the steak rub I use in hamburgers i used in just about anything i use ground beef in i use it in pot roast Anytime, there’s beef i’m using that steak rub The rib rub is so delicious i use this one i pressure cook, baby Back ribs i use this one i make a barbecue pork tenderloin or quick roast You, name it this is just the perfect Blend it’s sweet its Savory it’s got a little bit of heat to it it’s just really amazing the fish rub i use a lot but We don’t eat a lot of fish i use this, also when i make shrimp or crab Throwing in a spoonful of this really enhances the flavors but. You know it all started with Paprika, and that’s the only kind of paprika i will use the hot paprika is delicious it’s not like smoked Paprika it’s just spicy paprika i would say it’s, along the lines of a cayenne pepper so keep that in mind you’ll Also see there’s a pizza Seasoning this is some of the finest pizza seasoning i have ever tasted it’s just a wonderful blend it’s got the perfect balance of heat And it’s got some fennel seeds in there and it’s got lots of garlic and onion and it’s chunky so it’s not like Super fine and it just is delicious to put on top of your pizza i’ll Use this in meatballs i use it when i make anything with a spaghetti sauce base And it’s just really delicious You, also see garlic powder cinnamon sugar and ground cinnamon now You’ll, also notice that there are some differences in the packaging these smaller containers are newer and they’re Also, plastic these older containers are metal and this is what i originally bought? And will never ever get rid of and if you are one of my, viewers who’s been with, me a, while i did give away
Whole sets of these i know four or five years, ago and if you have these Do not get rid of these tins because they, don’t make them anymore i Often will just refill these with powdered garlic that i get from, sam’s club or whatever but the tins are really to me What’s close to my heart they’re really nostalgic and i just love them But like i said Columbia, spice company carries all of these but they have gone to this smaller plastic container these are less refill friendly, these the lids just pop right off and it’s easy You can just pop the lids right back on and these are getting a little bit aged but i’m not gonna get rid of them Because they’re they’re, awesome to me and i love them so that is my said Jet spice collection so that is my top six plus four because there’s ten today But that’s, my, whole collection of my sejun spices and a lot of you asked, about them i’m gonna leave a link down below To, where you can go check them out at columbia spice company and i think that you’ll find they have a lot to offer not Just the pride of Szeged spices but they have a lot of things if you are a sausage maker or If you just want to buy spices in bulk they Have really great prices on stuff like, that this is not a sponsored video this, is just me sharing my Obsession with pride of Szeged spices you guys know i am the flippin spice queen and if there is a spice to be had i’m gonna Have it so i hope you enjoyed today’s video and if you, did please consider giving, me a Thumbs up if you are, new to
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  1. I am so happy Noreen to be a new lover of your channel. I am Italian, but I always use that brand of Paprika. Besides, my son in-law is Hungarian… anything to make him happy. I love all your recipes, especially your breads. You have a friend in me. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. We really enjoy Szeged spices. We are able to get them from Weavers country market, located in a Mennonite community 1-2 hours from us. (Also on line ordering)

  3. Can u attempt to recreate them for us I have a ton of spices not a lot of spices blends tho but don't want to buy any because I have a ton of single spices

  4. Wow! My parents always used Szeged brand paprika in the kitchen, but I never knew they made the other seasonings.

  5. Another great video as usual Noreen. Hey I have a question though. What style is the steak seasoning? Is it Montreal style or what?

  6. Noreen, I have been watching your channel for years and fell in love with these when I first saw you post them. I have every one shown here and also found mine at TJMaxx. Fortunately, mine are all in tins. I will never get rid of these now that I know they are no longer selling their spices in tins!

  7. I subscribed to your channel awhile back and I am still loving it. You have such great recipes to share. Thanks so much!

  8. This is no longer Hungarian paprika. It is now Hungarian “style”. Plus they went to plastic, and made the container smaller.

  9. OH I love Szeged spices. That pizza spice is amazing!!! My gramma used to have these spices in her kitchen all the time. I remember the little metal cans.

  10. I absolutely love that company my mom always used it now I'm obsessed they're fish the chicken the steak the pork one is a great product as well I absolutely love love love

  11. As I was watching this, I thought to myself, "Isn't that what I have always used?" So, I walked over to the spice cabinet, and sure enough, there was a tin of Szeged Hungarian Paprika inside. It has always been the brand that I have used for Szekely Gulyas and Chicken Paprikash.

  12. Thank you Noreen! I found most of the Szeged seasonings at a local store in the Detroit area, tried the steak rub last night and it was delicious! Love your channel. 🙂

  13. These spices look so cool. I am not sure that these are available in Canada. Will have to go online. And will have to consult my Hungarian best friend🌼I am sure her mother will be happy to see this. Thank you so very much for sharing Noreen🌸🌼

  14. Enjoyed this so much. My mom always gets their paprika since I was a kid many years ago. I am loving the chicken one now that you introduced me to it. Can't wait to try some of the others.

  15. Noreen, I like your channel and glad to hear that you are a fellow "Földi", said in hungarian coz of your Granny. But only to correct information, Szeged was never the capitol of Hungary. The crown capitol was first Esztergom, then came a lot of towns in the row like Székesfehérvár, Pozsony, Buda and so, for a short while during the revolution in the early 18th century, Debrecen. But Szeged was never on the list. Greatings from Hungary, Pécs.

  16. I finally found these at a little country store. I got the Steak Rub and Chicken Rub. OMG. The best ribeye with this stuff on it! Thanks, Noreen.

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