TRADE in your UNUSED stuff for Trade Coins and Gemstones! The Antiques Dealer | Forge of Empires

My eyeballs don’t really move that much. Ok, is this natural? Yeah yeah yeah! Hey guys, today we’re gonna be talking about
our brand new feature, the Antiques Dealer. But first, if you haven’t subscribed to
our channel yet, make sure you hit that red button down there and
join the Forge family today! And, if you enjoy this video,
make sure to give it a like! What’s the matter Gabriele? You seem kinda down… Yeah…It’s just my inventory in Forge of Empires,
it’s so full of buildings and items I have absolutely no use for anymore. I know exactly what you mean. I have so many buildings from the new events, and I don’t have any space in the city to put them. If there was only something
we could do with them. Well, now there is! Are you tired of seeing your inventory
growing bigger and bigger? Full of stuff you just don’t have use for
anymore…sitting around collecting dust? Well, do I have the answer for you! For the first time ever, you can finally make
use of all your old unwanted stuff. With the Antiques Dealer,
you can turn all those dusty items into stuff you actually want! Before I found the Antiques Dealer, I used
to spend hours scrolling through my inventory trying to find stuff I still have use for. Now, I only have useful stuff! You can find me on the outskirts of your city! Where you can bring any items
that you don’t have use for! If you don’t want it, I’ll take it! Last week I won 5 Face of the Ancients
in the Guild Expedition, and the Antiques Dealer exchanged them all! That’s right! I’ll buy just about anything! Even your Face of the Ancients! Just place your unwanted items
into the slots provided, choose the length of time you want to
spend exchanging them, and hey presto! Before you know it, you’ll be swimming in
Trade Coins and Gemstones! You may be asking yourself, what do I do with
all these Trade Coins and Gemstones? Well, the answer is simple. You use them to buy stuff you DO want! I got Forge Points, goods, units, blueprints, boosts. I got just about anything you could want! Even event buildings! With new items coming in every day! With all the Gemstones and Trade Coins
I got exchanging my unwanted items, I was able to get a whole new
Cherry Garden Set for my city! Sounds great huh? But wait, there’s more! If you’re low on Gemstones, but don’t
wanna miss out on a bargain. Why not try our fantastic Auction House, where you
can get your hands on very rare and exclusive items. Going once, going twice…
Sold to the highest bidder! The Antiques Dealer helped me get
my Tholos of Idols up to level 10! Thank you Antiques Dealer! We hope you enjoy the brand new
Antiques Dealer feature. As always, let us know what you think in our
forums and in the comments section below. And if you haven’t done it already,
make sure you hit that notification bell so that you get updated whenever we post a new video! Well, what are you waiting for? Head on down to the Antiques Dealer today,
and turn that dead weight into something great!

87 Replies to “TRADE in your UNUSED stuff for Trade Coins and Gemstones! The Antiques Dealer | Forge of Empires”

  1. Why that guy is in a suit? Why I have doubt that Gabriel has anything in a inventory? Actually I'm tired to see that designers keeps changing anyway good feature.

  2. Antique Stealer ayyy

    Jokes aside, what a cool new content! Also, you finally got something good on 😀

  3. This is something that I suggest in forum. I suggest also to sell items in an online shop that other players buy it and the opposite. In other words the players decide the prize of the selling item. That's means that you can buy anything anytime if this items exist in shop.

  4. Can we have storage instead for old stuff? I keep finding myself needing to produce certain goods again later on in game

  5. It seems pretty nice, but the way you put it in practice is complicated. Why wait 2 hr, why not sell for pf or diamonds? I ve got tens of altars, faces, flames etc.

  6. Instead of a video containing "hilarious" jokes and acting, how about some instructions on how to use the bloody thing ?

  7. Just selling my first item Put in the longest just to get a stock of trade coins and gem stones.😃

  8. Этот торговец он навсегда? Или на какое то время? Или будет появляться периодически?

  9. Nic ve zlem ale co lidi co právě začali a nic nemají kdybyste tam daly něco co by nám pomohlo bylo by to velice dobře jsem rad jestli jste si to přečetli i když neumím anglicky jazyk

  10. Наконец то, что ждали многие. Спасибо, что замечаете ужды игроков и придумываете такие клевые штуки. Спасибо огромное)

  11. Good thing they did something like that, Goooood idea, it’s great
    Kurt looks very serious in a suit 😂

  12. Fabuloso!!! Me gusta aunque tengo pocas cosas en mi inventario pero sigo trabajando en conseguir más 😊
    Gracias Forge 👍🏻

  13. Great idea. I've got enough stuff for a pretty nice city in inventory. Just no space for it all. Being able to dump unwanted or easily purchasable items toward things I can use is a huge improvement. Thank you.

  14. A great feature but how to use it is not clear at all. What does this outcome screen with a timer on it showing my item and some amount of coins mean? Did my item get sold for that amount? Why do I have to wait for the timer to end to collect, assuming that’s what the screen is showing me? I can’t sell anything new now.

  15. It's so nice to see a company making content that benefits their players with minimal push for monetization. I came to Forge of Empires after playing Plarium games, and quite frankly, Plarium is a company that abuses their player base without regret. I am happy to have swapped to your company!

  16. I hope you'll put in upgrades for the Winter Spire. I got mine only up to level 8, which means it's all blue. I hate blue.

  17. The auction is not fair. When I put a bid in the last second, instead of giving me the win, it added another 30 seconds for someone else to bid over me. How is that fair? That’s not how real auctions work.

  18. Too bad the auction glitches and screws you over. Bidding on a Future Menagerie and the auction just closed as I was going back and forth with bidding. Total garbage. I wont be wasting my time with this anymore.

  19. I think this was awesome and such a good timing, I was researching economics and the day I finished the antiques dealer was added to the game!

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