Traditional 22K Gold Jewelry Manufacturing

[Music] as we were documenting the entire industry in Sri Lanka including jewelry manufacturing and retail we visited a traditional jewelry manufacturer this was on the famous street C Street which is a hub for retail and manufacturing in Sri Lanka it was in a very small building and very classic of what’s going on on C Street for traditional 22 karat gold jewelry manufacturing the jewelers were sitting right next to each other using a variety of hand fabrication techniques that have been going on for decades and centuries in Sri Lanka hammering and forming gold with hand tools it was really quite an experience and it was very hot inside this little factory with the combinations of heating that was going on to melt the gold and just the heat of Sri Lanka in general the factory itself was quite warm for people that were not used to it here you can see the use of charcoal and basically hand powered air blower to create heat to preheat this tray where molten gold will be poured into but they also used the same technique to melt gold and to anneal gold they’ve used this for centuries this was really amazing to watch this charcoal furnace if you will for all their heating and melting purposes in conjunction with electric furnaces that we saw used earlier this was really an amazing combination in traditional jewelry making to see old techniques use right side by side with new techniques now watch this jeweler as he furnishes this 22 karat gold to put a polish on it and I love the use of a lighter also have to apply heat so all types of tools were used in this manufacturing process look at the speed of which this gentlemen is forming these links how fast he’s using that hammer to hand form these links that will be used in a chain many of the jewelers were using jeweler torches in the application of heat and of course pliers in forming the links so he’s annealing these links that are going to be formed and then he’s attaching them by pliers onto the chain [Music] piercing and the use of saws was going on throughout the factory and is of course a classic traditional hand fabrication technique for jewelry many of the jewelers were not wearing a shirt due to the heat of the factory I like the economics of this particular jeweler with his foot propped up many of them just sat in the classic lay Crosse position now even though jeweller torches were available this particular jeweler still preferred the hand-blown torch and it was amazing the accuracy and the skill he had to direct the flame right to the area where he wanted to melt the solder he had complete control of the flame on the jewelry take an overall look at this Factory now the men with no shirts because it was so hot in there sitting on the floor legs crossed and performing this hand fabrication with one area with a little bit more of a modern mechanized apparatus and that was to roll out the gold roll the wire and roll the sheet metal there were literally hundreds of these small shops on C Street [Music]

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  1. Growing up with automation in the 50s, I wouldn't have guessed that in 2018 link chains were still being made my hand.

  2. Iam also a gold worker but wedidnt having more persentages of gold all are going to big jewelry and we didnt having work

  3. This method are using Bengali people, u will go to see old Mysore gold Smith , It is very old and traditional.

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