Transformers G1 Devastator Walmart Exclusive Reissue In Vintage Packaging Unboxing!!!

welcome back everybody to another cooltoy unboxing video today we’re gonna be taking a look at the g1 reissue Walmart
exclusive Devastator combiner kit in the world of the transformers nothing is
what it seems meet the Constructicons 6p the robots
that transformed into one mechanical giant the cons gifts that sold
separately from Hasbro now if you watch my previous videos you saw me unbox
Starscream as well as hot rod and I couldn’t say enough about these things
they’re fantastic reissues the packaging looks fantastic as you can see they’ve
really been faithful with the packaging almost 100% you know duplication of the
original g1 packaging hot rod was a little weird because they put him in
there kind of backwards so once I played with him for a little while
put him back in the package I made sure to put him the correct orientation but
Starscream also fantastic reissue again amazing job of the packaging the only
real complaint I have a Starscream was his missiles are kind of big much bigger
than the g1 original missiles so without further ado let’s get those guys out of
the way and let’s talk about this so this has been available often on since the San Diego comic-con announcements regionally when
these were first kind of announced I tried literally almost every single
day for the past two months checking on to try to get this but every
single day it was out of stock lo and behold walking around my local Walmart’s
though I did find this on the shelf as well as the Starscream in the hot rod
this retails at Walmart 74 dollars right now it is you know a Walmart exclusive
so you can only find it at your local Walmart’s again you can try Walmart comm
but I have not seen it in stock for several months so your best bet is to go
in store and try to find this bad boy on the shelf if you’re trying to go the
brick seatrout let me see I get that barcode there for you
as you can see comes with everything you would expect for a Devastator kit
you got Bonecrusher hook long-haul scavenger mix master scrapper everybody
knows Devastator I don’t need to describe to
you devastators history or anything like that if you’ve watched any transformer
anything for any amount of time you’ve at some point come across Devastator
obviously this was a big to do with my childhood this is one of those toys that
my parents were never going to get me it was kind of expensive hard to find and
just well beyond my price range as a child so super excited to have a
faithful g1 reissue of this right now and without further ado let’s go ahead
and unbox him and put them together shall we all right
scissors I know this gives a lot of people
anxiety but you can’t not put them together alright so as before
got a little clamshell plastic case no styrofoam insert or anything like that
because styrofoam is bad for the environment underneath it you have the
sticker book and the combining / transforming instructions
I will definitely need this I’ve never honestly transformed a Devastator kit so
this will be a first for me like said never had an opportunity to have this as
a child so many years later this is the best I can do very extensive instruction so we’ve got the individual
transformation instructions for each and then on the back side you have how to
transform and form Devastator the other way stickers again very cool reflective
chrome esque looking stickers very nicely detailed let’s go ahead and look
at these guys one thing you’ll notice the head is
technically not faithful to the cartoon adaptation this is a different head
sculpt so not a hundred percent accurate as far as g1 cartoon but you know I like
it it’s fine as long as uh as long as you’re not absolutely dead set on having
100% faithful cartoon reproduction then you’re gonna like this kit who wouldn’t okay that’s good news so some of these
already have stickers applied to them that makes me super excited here we go
set him out here looking good actual metal diecast parts not a hundred
percent plastic so they did really good job on these feels nice and sturdy again
a couple of stickers already put in there again nice weight to them feels
good I can already tell that the quality on
this is really really well done just because these don’t feel loose as far as
their joints a lot of these there’s a couple of Chinese knockoffs you can buy
on eBay for $65 or so I have I personally felt those and everything
just feels so much so much lesser quality than this right here like all
the joints on those are like super loose and already flopping around this is nice
tight joints gun is legit but alright so go ahead and get some stickers on and
get them dressed right okay we got the stickers put on and one
thing I will highly suggest to everybody get yourself a pair of tweezers because
trying to put these little stickers on without them is absolutely nightmare so
definitely get some tweezers when you’re putting on these stickers because they
are very small and very intricate and they were in very precarious places on
some of these but first things first we’ll look at a bone crusher and his
transformation mode this sticker in the middle here in particular was extremely
difficult to get on definitely needed tweezers for that but you know he looks
good stands stands well got a nice balance so
good good happy bone crusher yep get a construct crown hook hook again a
lot of good ones a little bit of wobbly just because the weight of the the crane
hook on him but looks good transformed well happy with him next get scavenger
again they all come with their own guns and accessories both in their attack
modes as well as the robot modes but one thing I will notice is missile doesn’t
work so couldn’t ever get that missile to fire I don’t know if they’re just
still too new and I need to loosen up the joints a little bit but it was not
firing but happy with him looks good long haul again lots of intricate
stickers and details things like that but he looks great very happy with him and screw rapper he touched stickers there to reveal that
he’s a Decepticon as if there was ever any doubt okay this one this one was an
issue Mixmaster everything’s fine until I
transform him and realized whoever built this in the factory switched the the
freakin tires and the arms on the wrong side so when his arms are extended the
actual hand-holding positions are on the bottom and you’re like okay well that’s
not a big deal well it kind of is because Mixmaster has the coolest gun
accessory out of all of them and you can’t really put it in there I mean that
just looks stupid and silly he’s got a gun upside down who shoots a
gun like that also his missile firing mechanism doesn’t work so again I don’t
know if that’s just too tight but yeah they they put the the tires in the
wheels in the wrong orientation this one should be on that side and vice-versa
and there’s really no way for me to fix that because you know they don’t just
like pull apart they’re very intricate and I guarantee once I ripped that side
off I’m never going to be able to get it back on there so unfortunately I’ve got
a defective Mixmaster that’s super depressing but I mean I
guess I can live with it because honestly he displays all right and until
you get like right up and close and you notice the hands are upside down I guess
I could probably try to drill a little bit a hole on the top of them or I don’t
know maybe I can contact Hasbro and maybe think send me a replacement
Mixmaster what do you guys think think I should do it
but without further ado let’s do what these guys are designed for let’s
combine them and let’s form Devastator all right so after some mild adjustments
there in the middle I had a hell of a time trying to get his midsection set up
he kept leaning top-heavy but got him snapped in there like said pros and cons
dad having a new one but he looks great I mean great colors
luckily uh no issues with my Mixmaster because I had the upside-down hands you
know that it doesn’t really affect anything you know he’s just a foot down
here so I’ve seen a lot of variations where this Mix Master has a purple
cylinder this is not purple on this one it’s yellow but overall very happy with
him like said 74 dollars at Walmart can’t really complain absolutely in love
with the packaging like having the packaging because I’m never gonna be
able to afford an original g1 Devastator super happy with him super excited how
it turned out a little bummed about you know having missiles that don’t fire I
think that just maybe my bad luck and having some upside down hands-on Mix
Master better than that I think they did a fantastic job and I definitely think
it’s worth 2 $74 so be on the lookout of your local Walmart’s for these and
thanks for watching guys I appreciate it if you’re new this channel be sure to
LIKE comment let me know down below what your favorite transformer g1 figure was
if you plan on getting one of these g1 Devastator kits let me know in the
comments as well and if you’re new this channel be sure to subscribe and hit
that notification bill every time I post a new video because I’ve got more great
video content coming your way thanks for watching

99 Replies to “Transformers G1 Devastator Walmart Exclusive Reissue In Vintage Packaging Unboxing!!!”

  1. i was able to find a couple copies of hot rod in store. But no luck with the other two models. my favorite g 1 model was soundwave. It would be great if do jetfire or shockwave models next.

  2. I was lucky to find Devastor at my walmart. I grabbed the only one plus the last Starscream.

    Still looking for Outback, beachcomber, etc..

  3. I suspect the firing mechanism was disabled for child safety reasons. I may pick up a reissue Starscream if I see it, but I've yet to see any of these figures where I live.

  4. I so wanted this when I was a kid and I had some birthday money to drop on one, but I went with a Voltron lion complete kit instead lol

  5. I saw a walmart exclusive tie fighter in its old school packaging in the same pricing too, might pick it up later.

  6. Cool review! For your arm issue, unscrew the three screws on Mixmaster's chest to free the arms, switch 'em on their respective sides and screw everything back together. Simple fix that will take you 3 minutes at the most 🙂

  7. You could contact Hasbro about Mixmaster, but i was able to fix mine. He has screws on his chest plate. If i remember rightly, i removed these whilst he was led on his back, and carefully removed chest plate. The arms will just lift out, so you can swap them over. I don't think you need to remove the crotch screw. Should be simple and painless. Oh and they have removed all spring mechanisms so none of the weapons fire 🙁

  8. 3 in stock right now at Walmart–just picked on up (THANKS!):

  9. Devastator is really the one set of the 3 that I want, but I'm glad my dad's Walmart in Idaho had Starscream and he bought it for me as an early Christmas present.

  10. So I've heard the new/old toys are coming with the points again. Is there a chance we will have some sort of point mail in again? Maybe for a G1 OP.

  11. Unfortunately the missiles will never fire. To be legal in the US all projectiles need to be 2 inches long. That's why Starscream has those horendous looking missiles now. I'll take the good looks over a launcher any day.

  12. Can't wait to get my hands on these. I had only 2 of the 6 when I was a kid (I suspect they were knock-offs as they were not green), and I could never afford the set back then.

  13. I did the same thing with my Hot Rod. Was bugging me that he was backwards. I used Brickseek to get my Devastator and Starsceam.

  14. Got the original gift set as a Christmas present along with Omega Supreme.

    Woke up early, opened it up before my parents awoke and…broke Hook while trying to transform him and…got yelled at by my father when he found out. Ahh. Childhood memories. 🙁

  15. Constructicons and Dinobots were my favorites. I still have them. It was hard to get them back in the 1980's man because they sold out fast. I had to call Sears, JCPenneys, TRU, etc… to get them. I bugged my parents. lol You should do a video on the differences if you have the original transformers and the reissues.

  16. I remember as a child, one day in my schools' playground, I found like 3 or 4 constructicons made out of paper. There were drawings that were cut out and colored on both sides, I took them home and realized that by folding them I could sort of combine them to make a devastator. So i drew the remaining constructicons in the same way as the others, colored them and cut them out and voila! I had my devastator. I wish I could remembered how I did it.

  17. Hey, good vid here! I've some of the same issues, including putting the stickers on (it was during this process that I realized the job was meant for an early grade schooler's hands — or tweezers as you figured out, lol), and the risk of some parts popping off (like Hook's left arm did for me the first time I transformed him; luckily it was easy enough to snap back on). I didn't have the issue with Mixmaster's arms being placed backwards, though.

    I also noticed that the missiles don't fire, but I've heard this is because that the earlier editions' launchers were spring-loaded. Some collectors opted to remove the springs from the earlier issues due to some wear-and tear, and I've heard that you may actually be able to acquire them somewhere and place them into this reissue's launchers.

  18. I never had G1 Starscream or Devastator back in the 80's. I'm glad I got these reissues to make up for it. I have to wonder if the reissue packaging was 3D printed.

  19. I bought a yellow one, I noticed g2 stickers on each one. It's still in box. Did someone switch it out or is it something of a variant

  20. I HATE how they made Devastator look and act in the newer Transformers movies!!! He was in the movie for about fifteen minutes before he got destroyed, and he acted like an animal or a monster, and didnt talk!

  21. Very cool. I had this as a kid and may have to buy it again. Does anyone remember how much it sold for originally in 1985 or so? I remember the decepticon plsnes we're 11.97 or so USD

  22. My mixmaster has upside down hands as well the missiles don't fire and mine came with two right hands instead of a left and right hand..

  23. Stumbled across these at Walmart the other day. Had to buy Starscream. They had him and hot rod. I lost a ton of my original transformers when my mom got rid of them for god knows what reason. So any chance I get at rebuilding my childhood toy collection I take it. Plus I never had Starscream. Thanks for the vids.

  24. Hey there brother if you have a chance I need just a tad of advice… I bought all the new reissues as well and I'm sitting here now with my DEVASTATOR and I can't keep the purple middle chest piece with the to neon green missiles to stay inside him and he keeps toppling over as if it's loose but I'm tempted to take it back however it may be an easy fix if you have any advice please let me know… thank you a ton and I enjoy you were videos a lot!

  25. I've had no complaints with the new Walmart reissues except for Devastator took some time to put together however eventually he stood up straight,nice, and bold and is now a part of my permanent collection I would recommend any of the reissues from Walmart to anyone… once you open them up you'll see that they're well worth the money. Get them while they last!

  26. Not worth $74.00 !!! I still own my original Devastator from 1985. Back in 2003-2006 Family dollar sold the Chinese bootlegged combiners. I got the bootleg Devastator for $5.00 bucks back then !! The bootleg Devastator quality was great !!

  27. I'm crying because I'm jealous cause everyone else's Walmart and has 50 "million" copies of devy and my mom, dad and myself can't seem to find him

    We have what I like to call the Wasteland Walmart/Forgotten Walmart because we keep getting everything late like last week I finally, for the first time in my Walmart, studio series Grimlock but still have never seen blackout
    Stupid Hobbs New Mexico Walmart never stops moving sections and forgetting to restock the toys

  28. heh… you think the sticker is hard on devastator ha ! try to do gunpla ( gundam plastic model kits ) stickers now that is annoying

  29. These are new molds. The original molds were lost. so in 2008 Takara (the company who invented the toys) had all new sculpts made based of the originals. No of my walmarts ever got this. A damn shame. Guess my G2 version I bought in 1993 on my 12th birthday will have to due. They don't make things like they use too.

  30. Yeah, like you he was way outta my moms price range as a kid and ive always wanted him. Didnt realize they were reissuing g1s with the bumblebee movie until a few days ago…ran straight to walmart and all i could find were a few minibots, so im crossing my fingers i stumble upon a devastator

  31. The issue with mixmaster sucks but i wouldnt mind to fairly much cuz he would be displayed combined in my collection, anyway

  32. You can see the Mixmaster is wrong before you even opened the box. The wheels were upside down 😉 Maybe a sealed box with that flaw would have been worth something!

  33. it certainly looks pretty cool, but definitely not worth more than $35 in my opinion. The reissues are taking advantage of our nostalgia hungry generation and seem very overpriced.

    Glad I can experience them through youtube for free, though. Thanks!

  34. I had almost the entire collection of g1 Transformers. Long story and. My brother decided to make a Transformers/Voltron graveyard. Lol. ??

  35. I bought this on Amazon for $133 & change. Lolol!!! I was hesitant until you mentioned they were diecast. Thanks!!! Hey,my brother burned all of my Dinobots,insecticons,Skywarp and Thundercracker,Jazz and Prime. So,don't feel so bad about your parents not affording them in the 80s. I still shake my head about the "What ifs" at times. Lol. ?✌

  36. Best thing about the Transformers, was…"Nothing is what is seems! Robots in disguise!
    My parent and grandparent, ..would never allow me to have Megatron! (which I really wanted and blew my mind, because it looked like a real gun!) .. But Devastator was alright, for Christmas! lol ..needless to say, that's all I got that year, because I think even back then it was sort of an expensive toy.

  37. Hope you are all playing Transformers Earth Wars! If not, try it! The Devs finally brought us the G1 music (For Keeps), G1 prime cores, and some G1 stories! Great game,.. Free to play, just don't spend too much money on upgrades! You really don't need too, if you're persistent!

  38. Congrats on your purchase. Had him growing up in the 80's. Looks exactly like the original. Also, The missile launchers on the original didn't work either.

  39. That sucks BIG TIME on the Mix Master arms being put on the wrong way ! I would definitely contact Hasbro about that ! Other than that awesome reissue. I am going to have to try to pick one up. Great video BTW.

  40. I know what you're talking about with the knockoffs but they made a black and purple one couldn't resist even if it does have mold errors and other issues

  41. I remember for Christmas telling everyone I only wanted one big one gift and was trying to decide between him or Omega Supreme.

  42. They purposely disabled the missile launchers since toy regulations require each missile be two inches long. That's why Starscream's missiles are ridiculously long. They modified him for the 2002 Toys R Us re-issue. For these, the missile launcher is too small so they just removed the springs. Kinda wish they did that for Starscream.

  43. A lot of people are barring some with a larger display pieces that are like 2' tall there for display they have a lot of moving parts that are dicast a lot of articulations that I feel is not necessary

  44. Great video. To all the people complaining about the high cost at WalMart for Soundwave and the assorted cassette two packs: have you seen what the knuckleheads are charging on eBay? I hate toy scalpers. They have ruined the fun out of buying toys.

  45. Nice video. I had Devestator as a child. Am i wrong in remembering that they were actually construction yellow and all the accessories were purple? Also mine didnt have fireable weaponry. It was all just prop.

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