Transforming Women Into Historical Figures

(exotic music) – So, I’m Indian, from Mumbai, so that makes me a Hindu. Everything that Indians do has a meaning, or some culture towards it. – My heritage is English/Irish/Scottish, obviously, pale skin. – My Mom was born in Taiwan, my Dad was born in China, and I was born in Detroit, Michigan. (chuckles) So I’m very
ABC, American-born Chinese. – Okay, oh, wow. Oh, my God. (chuckles) I love this headpiece. I could get away with
doing the eyes everyday. – Oh, my gosh, wow, uhh. It’s insane, I’ve never
looked this regal in my life. It’s a bit historical, like the queen, darling. (chuckles) – It’s traditional, but at the same time, there’s
like, that element of, there’s like an edge to it. It’s so cool. (laughing) Like, I love it! I’m like, walking out just like this. – It looks so authentic. – It’s like taking the
tradition to the present time. – I feel pretty. (chuckles) (exotic music)

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  1. the moment when you realise you are all of them (mum is Indian/Chinese) (Dad is Irish/Scottish) god help me ahahah

  2. I'm English, Scottish, and Irish. I got the English from my mom and Scottish and Irish from my dad. I have pale skin, blonde-red-brown hair that is getting redder each day…

  3. what would be cool is to have a mixed racial person and split their body down the middle and have one side one race/culture and the other half the other race/cutlure

  4. Honestly they could've done so much better with the Indian girl! It should've been a more diverse look with heavier jewellery and more graceful clothes.. loved it anyway 🙂 (coming from an Indian)

  5. I feel like I don't actually have a heritage and that makes me really sad. I mean I was born and raised in Germany but actually I'm mostly Slavic (Polish, Czech & Russian ) and I feel like I've missed out.. I've never been to eastern Europe, I don't know anything about the cultures and I don't even speak the languages…

  6. I'm Filipino-Spanish (I'm not kidding) and my skin colour is white…so…I am wondering if I mostly have Spanish or Filipino because I am more than half Filipino-Spanish. I grew up in the Philippines and almost all people assume that I am American because I speak English and my appearance. I guess that am mostly Filipino because I grew up in the Philippines.

  7. No lie the Indian eyebrows are the definition of fleek they knew it even thousands of years they got the good eyebrows btw I'm Indian.

  8. I'm Indian but I find some traditional clothes itchy for some reason XD
    IDK but Indians use a lot of gems and sparkly stuff like gold coloured thread BUT SO ITCHY

  9. If they didn't say that the girl was having a traditional Indian makeover, I would've thought she was being turned into something Arabic! That is not Indian, because Indian fashion is all about assembly. You can't miss a few elements. It will just stop looking Indian.

  10. Anybody Chinese here, let me know what's the name of head accessories and wherein it can be purchased online from USA.
    Please respond
    By the way, a great selection of model and they all seems so appealing and extremely gorgeous

  11. I am Indian & I am happy that everybody liked our hysterical dresses but they should have included African girl too.

  12. 'i am Indian, from Mumbai ..that makes me hindu.." – no it does not automatically make you Hindu wtf. Indians can be Hindu​, Christian, Muslim, Sikh or any other religion.

  13. They'd probably make me look like an old russian lady with the scarfs and everything!I'm russian 😅

  14. We need to get rid of value judgements and social hierarchies based on skin color so that European Americans can celebrate their heritage without it being problematic

  15. You guys nailed the other two looks but the Indian one wasn't done as properly… becuz there is also a very rich makeup aspect in the Indian princess looks… not just jewelry.
    Anyways, awesome.

  16. That Asian girl looked pretty but at least a red dupatta with traditional jhumkey would have been better. It looked more of a wedding look rather than the Goddess herself.

  17. Goddesses are not historical figures. They are either mythological or spiritual figures. You guys could have chosen our queens.

  18. How dare they don't include my culture. I am 50% picnic baskets, and .3333333% chalkboard and 27% maple tree. I feel so unrepresented.

  19. India still wear that today tho.😂😂 it’s an ancient culture which is still very much alive today. We are very proud of it. Traditional outfits and jewellery etc.

  20. The Indian one wasn't accurate at all. Since she's from Mumbai, something like Kashi Bai's look from Bajirao Mastani would have been appropriate.

  21. That was nothing compared to Maa Durga …. Goddess Durga looks way more divine than anythng in this world….

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