Trimco 3999SE Flush Bolt

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This video is to bring you a closer look at the Trimco 3999SE Trimco Flush Bolt. So the
3999 is representative of the fact that it is a flush bolt, the SE means that you’ve
got a square corner happening down here
versus a radius corner used by some door manufacturers. 3/4″ wide, 6″ overall length, 1-1/4″ return
on the top. Lets check some of these dimensions. 6″, 3/4″, 1-1/4″ very typical. Operation is
obvious, got a 1″ bolt thread on that. This is shown in a 626 or 2060 satin chrome finish.
Includes the strike for either the head or for the floor, wherever you are installing
it. Screws for everything and available in several different finishes as well. Good quality
flush bolt by Trimco. I like their products a lot and I like the people at Trimco a lot.
There is a link below this video to the cut sheet which is showing the radius cornered
version but the only difference is down here with the square. If you have any questions
on the Trimco 3999SE Flush Bolt or any other Trimco product please feel free to reach out
to us. Thank you.

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  1. my French doors has a flush bolt but the strike plate is round and the bolt is not. where do I get a strike plate to fit the flush bolt?

  2. Please forward photographs of both your flush bolt and your strike plate to the sales email at the contact information here:

  3. Good video, but Never liked these types of flush bolts for security, they can be easily opened from outside, flush bolts with lever action are much more secure.

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