– Now is the fun part. There’s vintage booster
packs right here. We’re gonna pick some out. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Leon Hart. We’re more than a channel,
we’re a community. Hart Squad, you solid,
I remember you solid. You know exactly what I’m. My voice was so high there. Hi, how’s it going,
I’m Mickey Mouse. A couple of months ago I
went to Pokemon card heaven. This was vintage
Pokemon card heaven. If you ever wanted to
get old Pokemon cards, this place was the, why
am I going like this? I’m karate chop, hi, hi. The place is called
Limitless Games and today, I’m
about to go there. We’re gonna go on
another exclusive tour. Just for you guys
in the Hart Squad. I’m going to purchase
tons and tons of vintage Pokemon
card booster packs and then I may open
them on this channel. Okay you know. I am gonna open them
on this channel. But let’s go take
a look at the shop. It’s called Limitless Games. You may want to get a little
bib on or something like that. Because you are
gonna be drooling at how amazing this place is. Let’s go. Hey guys. I’m here outside
of Limitless Games. Are you guys ready to see
vintage Pokemon card heaven? Okay I think all you
guys said yes you are. So ready, I present to you. (soft music) And here’s the man
of the hour himself. Welcome back. The Hart Squad says hello. They loved this place. How’s everything going? – Everything’s going finely. And how is everything
going with you? – It’s going amazing right now. But I heard that you
have a very, very nice collection of
single Pokemon cards. Is that fact? – I do, I do. I, actually, picked up
these new Gold Star’s here. I had some of the
ones from before but this Mew, I’m very
excited about that. – [Man] Wow. – I did pick that up last
weekend, last Saturday. And I picked up
all three of these. These are the
three new additions to my Gold Star collection. – [Man] Wow. – I stay pretty
busy so over here, if you want to look. I, actually, come and I put
my cards in this binder. – [Man] No way. – [Owner] And I need
to sort these out ’cause I’m, pretty sure, I have about two or
three Gold Stars in here that I need to. – [Man] This, I can’t
even lift this up. That is incredible. What’s inside the binders? – [Owner] Just singles
from random sets. See, like I’m going
through, I have. – [Man] Wow, this looks like either Expedition, I believe. I’m not exactly sure. – [Owner] Yeah so I
have some customers, actually, help me out
with going through and helping me label
some of this stuff. So that way I can keep
track of it a little bit. – [Man] Hidden Legends. – [Owner] Yeah and
it just goes through. It’s a complete set
and then some of them are first edition sets
and stuff like that. – [Man] Wow, these are gorgeous. – [Owner] Let’s see one
that was really good. Let’s take a look at this one. – [Man] This one– – [Owner] Unseen Forces. – [Man] Japanese
Neo, Legend Maker. You got the MT
patch right there. Wow, this is an
amazing collection. – [Owner] This thing
is pretty cool. I think there was a
Gold Star in here. Look, right there. – [Man] Another Gold Star. – [Owner] Yeah, I
got to get this stuff out of here, yep. – [Man] Kyogre Gold Star yeah. Put that in sleeves everybody’s gonna be shouting right now. Wow. – [Owner] Yeah so
I got to go through this stuff and pull
out these Gold Stars and add em to my
collection here. – [Man] And there’s
just tons and tons from each of the
different series. That’s an incredible collection. (soft music) So with this amazing
collection behind you, I keep on wanting to
open up everything. Kind of like temper my thirst for opening up anything. Is there anything, behind there, that I can open up right now? – Right now? Well you can open
one of these 10’s. – [Man] A 10? Okay. – We have two of these. So we’ll have one of each. And you can open
up one of these. I do have some special
stuff for you today. – [Man] Special stuff? – Special stuff. We have a Team Skull
pen collection. – [Man] Oh very nice. – And (explosion) oops,
let’s put that up. Let’s do that like
that so you can see it. It’s all nice and neat. And people have been talking
about Crimson Invasion. This, actually,
comes out tomorrow and it’ll be available
for sale tomorrow. But we have today,
for Mr. Leon there. – [Leon] Nice. – And how many
likes do you think this video will get Leon? – This video? I think this video, I think
it can get 5,000 likes. What do you think? – I think that sounds good. ‘Cause I know what it is. I know what you guys
like vintage stuff. So I tell you what. If you can get 5,000 likes, not only will you
get to open this 10, I’ll go ahead and
give you a vintage 10. – Wow. – You get this vintage 10. – [Leon] A vintage 10? – [Owner] It still has a sticker that says never before
seen foil cards. – Never been seen foil cards? (owner laughs) I’m touching it. Okay, okay, this is real
ladies and gentleman. Get this video to 5,000 likes and this is gonna be opened up. Do it for the cards
please, please. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for this. – [Owner] No problem. – [Leon] Wait so
you’re saying though. Can we open this up today? – [Owner] Absolutely. – [Leon] Oh we can open it up? – Did you see the
stadium crowd there. – [Leon] Yeah, yeah, it was
a little montage earlier. – The kids come in. I, actually, don’t do this. And they set up something
different every time. I think it’s so cool. I just leave it here and
everyday, when I come in, it’s in a different
setting. (laughs) – [Leon] What is this exactly? – [Owner] I think this
was a battle stadium game. Where they battle. I’m sure it’s out
of batteries now but I’m sure they would
come forward like that. – [Leon] No way and you can,
actually, insert the coin? – [Owner] It’s says, okay. – [Leon] It says insert
coin right there. – [Owner] (laughs)
It’s like a bank. Okay, so it says
bank right here. – [Leon] Oh you, probably,
lose some to something whenever you insert the coin. – [Owner] Yeah I’m sure they
come up like that and fight. ‘Cause if you look on the back, there’s a place where
you put the batteries. It has little sound effects
and stuff like that. I just leave it here and
they come up with everything. They made this guy
from Star Wars. – [Leon] The rancor. – [Owner] Yeah,
yeah, they made him hold Pokey Ball
and then they got the audience thing set up here. I always find it
funny when I come in and I see this stuff
set up a different way. I just laugh, I
think it’s great. – [Leon] I think
that’s great too. Just gives it such character. – [Owner] I never see who’s,
actually, doing it. (laughs) – [Leon] Oh really? – No, I don’t see them. – [Leon] At the end of the day, is it a different setting? – Yep. – [Leon] That is funny. – I think, one
time, where they had the rancor was eating
Jigglypuff here. (laughs) – Poor Jigglypuff. Hey Hart Squad. I’m here at Limitless Games and I will be opening
up this Tapu Bulu tin that was, generously, donated. But let’s see, on this day, where we are in vintage
Pokemon card heaven once again. If it can give us
some great pulls. Now you’ve seen me open up one of these tins
before but you don’t know what’s inside,
exactly, every single time. This is the promo card
that comes with it. A Tapu Bulu GX card. It’s always funny
when I say Tapu Bulu. There is the code card. Let me know what you get
in the comments section. And then this is what comes
with it, nothing, just air. Okay, there’s, actually,
four booster packs. Guardians Rising,
Guardians Rising, Evolutions and a Steam
Siege booster pack. Let’s go ahead and open them up from oldest to newest. There’s no Guess the Energy game in the Steam Siege pack. So we’re gonna get
right into this pack. See if we can get
something very, very good. A Non Hollow Rare
for the first one. Alright, next pack is
an Evolutions pack. And guys, remember to get
this video to 5,000 likes. Hart Squad, we can do this. We can do this easily. So we can open up that vintage
tin from Limitless Games. Poliwhirl, Trainer,
Staryu, Energy, Growlithe, Gastly, Charmander, and a
Beedrill Non Hollow Rare. Well we’re down to it. Sun and Moon Guardians
Rising packs. If you see my “Where
Are You At” series where I go to public places and open up Pokemon cards, I am still searching
for the secret rare, double colorless Energy card. Yeah, I think the next place I’m gonna go to is a mall. Guess The Energy Game. I’m gonna say fire. Nope, nos goes on
that but there is a Energy retrieval card. Alolan Vulpix, Fletchling,
and the rare nos goes but guys, can we
get and the pack’s upside down as always,
some last pack magic? I think I’m channeling the
inner Poke Gods right now. Because we are gonna get some
last pack magic right here. Guess the Energy Game. I’m gonna say Lightening Energy. Metal Energy, should have
guess that this time. Sableye, Cottonee,
a Lowland Sandshew, Mudbray, Geodude, and the
rare is a dancing bird. What do you know? You got to love
the dancing bird. – [Owner] Version
of a secret rare. – [Leon] Wait so
you’re saying this Pikachu, right here,
came in this box? – [Owner] Yeah, just like that. – Wow. That is incredible. A secret rare Pikachu. Now is the fun part. There’s vintage booster
packs right here. We’re gonna pick some out. – [Owner] I researched
those myself. They’re really old, I can tell. – [Leon] Very colorful too. – [Owner] Yeah, I don’t know, it says 2003 on them. I don’t read Japanese. I have a translator that
does the translations. I’m gonna have to
ask him about these. – [Leon] Could we pick out
some booster packs here? Some vintage packs? – [Owner] Yeah sure. Let me know what you need. This is Gym Heroes. – [Leon] Gym Heroes, that’s
always a favorite of people. How much are these
Dragon Frontiers. – [Owner] These are $42
a box and the prices are right there,
hidden away on the back so I can cheat my way. (laughs) There you go. – [Leon] And then, definitely, gonna check out the
Legend Maker set. Definitely got to
get one of these. How much are those? – [Owner] 38. – [Leon] Okay, I have
opened up those before. Expedition’s always a treat. I’m, definitely, gonna
get one of those. Let me look at Blastoise-1. – [Owner] Blastoise-1? – [Leon] Yeah. – [Owner] Okay. – [Leon] I just love the artwork in the Expedition set. I’ve never opened up a
Magma and a Aqua pack. There’s a Sharpedo, I think, on the cover of that one. – [Owner] That one’s cool. – [Leon] And then, definitely, an EX Delta Species, the
Dragonite one would be great. – [Owner] Dragonite. – [Leon] And we have opened
up a Deoxyx pack before but how about those
Unseen Forces packs? – [Owner] Which? – [Leon] The Umbreon one. – [Owner] Oh yeah,
I should have known. (laughing) I should have known. I’m surprised you didn’t get
the Charizod from Expedition. – [Leon] Oh I didn’t even know if there was another one. – [Owner] Absolutely,
well, I don’t know if there’s one in here. – [Leon] I like Blastoise. I mean everybody
likes Blastoise. Oh there is, wow. (owner laughs) – Another video for likes. You know what? You know what? You tell me how many
likes you have to get, I’m gonna donate
this Charizard pack. – [Leon] Oh my gosh.
– [Owner] How about that? This right here. – [Owner] That
was a special one. – [Leon] That’s a special one? – That’s a special one. – [Leon] That’s a
special one brought to you by Limitless Games. – Yeah, yeah, only when you get. I think you can get
10,000 likes honestly. But we’ll see. – With the quality stuff here at Limitless Games, I have no doubt that
this video can get, I think it can get
way past 5,000 likes. If not, 10,000 likes guys. This is incredible
just looking at all. Hey guys, I’m back at
my house right now. Limitless Games. Guys, go check out
their Facebook page. I will put a link in
the description below but let’s take a look at all of the amazing products that I got or purchased from
Limitless Games today. And then, it’s gonna
be up to you guys. Remember this. This vintage tin. This video, let’s try to
hit 10,000 likes guys. Hart Squad, come on. You guys, right there,
I know we can hit 10,000 likes on this video. But we just got
to hit 5,000 likes and I’m gonna be
opening up this. Look what this comes with. It looks like it says, “Three ruby and sapphire packs.” “One Sandstorm pack and a poster “in two holographic
Pikachu and Meowith.” “Never before seen
holofoil cards.” Like (rattles box) I want
to open this thing up. I’ve never opened
up one of these or I’ve never seen
an opening on it. I know people have
done an opening on it but I can’t wait to do that. Let’s take a look at the
other stuff right here. We have this Crimson
Invasion booster box, I need to open up
another one of these. I already opened up one of them. But this one, I’m
very excited about it. The pull rates for
Crimson Invasion are extremely difficult to
get everything in this set. But we have another chance. So I’ll be opening up
this very, very soon. And then, of course,
Team Skull Box. I’ve already opened
up one of these before but it’s always good
to get more chances. ‘Cause it has several
Burning Shadows booster packs in this box. Evolutions and
then there’s a card that’s completely fallen
on the side, right there. I’ll be opening up
that very soon as well. We got my quesadillas which I’m eating up right now. So, hopefully,
nothing’s in my teeth. I apologize if they are. And then, oh yeah,
hook of horns baby. Get ready for the coup de grace. My vintage booster packs. I want you guys to comment below which of these vintage
Pokemon booster packs do you want me to open up first? And then I will do it. Every single one of
these booster packs will be opened up. You already saw me
open up a Neo Destiny, Sky Ridge-2 or 3 Legendary
Collection booster packs. I’ve already opened those all up on this channel guys. Ya get your vintage
packs here at Leon Hart. But get ready,
let’s take a look. First pack, Expedition. And you know me. Expedition booster packs guys. The art work in this and in all of the e-reader series cards are just amazing art work. This Expedition, Charizard
art on the cover for that one. And then, yeah, you
didn’t see this earlier. But get ready. It’s here and it’s so green
and shiny like an emerald. Shiny emerald green
Sky Ridge Genosect, or not Genesect, Kabutop’s pack. Genesect was not around yet. This is beautiful and
it is a Sky Ridge pack and I will be opening
up that as well. We got another Blastoise
Expedition pack. It’s pretty cool. May divvy those up
into different videos. And then we’re
getting into packs which I’ve never even
opened up myself. This is gonna be a
first time for myself. And here’s the first one. An EX Delta Species booster pack with Dragonite on the cover. And then, we got Jaws himself, the Aqua and Magma
or Magma and Aqua, whatever way you want to
say it, you can say it. ‘Cause this is gonna
be really, really awesome opening up that pack. A beautiful Midnight Moon, Unforeseen Forces
Umbrian booster pack. We still got more. Dragon Frontier, very nice. And a Legend Maker
with Mew on the cover. All of this stuff
that you just saw is gonna be opened up here. So guys, be sure to subscribe. Welcome to the Hart
Squad if you are new. Let’s get this video
to 5,000 likes guys so I can open up this thing or he’s not gonna
let me open this up. He gave it to me but he’s like, if you open up that
Leonard, I will destroy. He didn’t say that but. Let’s get this video
to 5,000 likes guys. Comment out of all of
these vintage packs, these three and then
there’s so many of them. The Expedition,
Unforeseen Forces, the Sky Ridge Expedition. Let me know in the
comment section which ones you want
me to open up first. I go through the comment
section every single video. Heart your comments,
respond to your comments because you guys,
the Hart Squad, mean the world to me. I hope you enjoyed
this trip back to Pokemon nostalgia
for everybody. Or if you’re new,
these old packs, these series were
the real deal guys. So I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be going back to
Limitless Games plenty times. Check out their Facebook page. Tell the Leon Hart sent you and I hope you enjoyed this. (lively music) My name is Leon Hart. Stay awesome and stay positive. And as always, I’ll see you all in my next video. (lively music)


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