Trips to The Hague and Son to find collectables in antique stores and thrift shops – Erix #46

It’s nice sunny weather, it’s weekend, so let’s go thrifting! Good morning! Today is Saturday and actually we had a day off yesterday and decided to go some antique stores and a toy store in The Hague, somewhat north of where we live in The Netherlands I will show you that footage first. “Playstation 2!” Found this nice EL122 Sharp LED calculator from the seventies That’s a nice find in a thrift / antique / curiosa store as you can see they didn’t have that much real collectables or vintage tech This is actually the only thing there I found that was really interesting. Found a TRS-80 cassette interface For the TRS-80 pocket computer That’s awesome! And it’s cheap Yeah this is what I consider the find of the day This Radio Shack TRS-80 Cassette Interface for the TRS-80 pocket computer After the TRS-80 was a big success as a home computer for Tandy they decided to make, or well, that’s a story on itself, they asked Sharp and Casio pocket computers; they were rebranded as TRS-80 pocket computers they were not even compatible; they didn’t even have the same microprocessor so they dragged along on the fame of the TRS-80 main computer and for that pocket version of those computers they created, or it was probably also created by Casio or Sharp, the cassette interface. As you can see new old stock So totally new the way it works is that you plug in the pocket computer here, it has a pin-out on the side and you can plug in the cassette recorder here And of course, if you asked Radio Shack, you should buy the Radio Shack brand of cassette recorder, but any regular cassette recorder of that era should work so for me definitely the find of the day. We found a great toy store in The Hague which had a huge amount of Funko Pops, and I also found one that I think is vaulted! So let’s dive into the box because I bought several so first of all from the Godfather This is Sonny Corleone And second.. also from the Godfather Fredo Corleone From Jurassic Park, very nice! The T-Rex! Awesome. And last.. and certainly not least. From the Rocky Horror Picture Show Janet Weiss. This is an old one. I was happy to find it. yeah! good one! Today as I said it’s Saturday, it’s nice weather and decided to visit some shops here and there Let’s see if we can find a thrift shop in Son, a place slightly north of Eindhoven What do you think of the prices? Well I haven’t seen anything here that I wanted to know the price of Maybe that [Nintendo Scope]? 30 euros.. that’s a bit pricey Here look at this Old fischer technik it’s too much! Copies of ancient coins Replica coins. Ancient coins, but they’re replica That was a bust, because everything that was maybe slightly interesting was going to be sold online on auction The store itself, even though it was pretty big, didn’t have anything interesting collectables or anything else all the toys, anything of age – everything was in display cases and it was going to be auctioned online – at the wrong auction at the competitor of my employer but… there seems to be another thrift shop, probably a small one, nearby so we’re heading there! Let’s see if that is more succesfull than this one Oh my god Sabine That was not the best.. – I’ve never felt this unwelcome in a store ever It was like.. two people sitting in the back (bless you) wondering what we were doing there It was extremely strange! It was not a thrift shop, it was, hmm, a curiosa shop she bought stuff in, uhm, everywhere I think things to dust, Christmassy stuff.. and ehm as soon as I walked in they were staring at me like, knowing I wouldn’t buy anything So I asked them if they had any vinyl records or any toys No! She said she only buys the “nice stuff” for her store! well..That’s an opinion! – cause we didn’t buy anything so yeah, that was bust number two in Son I’m thinking we’ll head home and do some other stuff You win some, you loose some Yeah that was my weekend, so on [Friday] we went to The Hague small finds in the antique stores there Nice Funko Pops The other day we went to the thrift shops in Son and we couldn’t find anything That’s what happens; those are the difficulties of finding 70’s and 80’s collectables If you want to see more then look at my channel Look at my other videos This is already the 46st video that I put up, so make sure you also subscribe for future videos coming up Thank you very much for watching! It was a great toy store we found in ehm… where were we?! cut?

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