Tulip Flower Arrangements : Tulip Flower Arrangements: Preparing a Vase

Alright, preparing your vase for your tulips.
You want to select a nice vase that’s going to be comparable in size to the length of
the stem, and you’re going to take and fill it with water. Again, you want to fill it
probably up to about the neck of the vase, like that. Then once you have the vase filled
with water, you’re going to take and create base of greenery. Just cut your stems. You
want to pull off any leaves that are going to be down in the water because that’s going
to decrease the life of your arrangement. So, you just want to go around with the greenery
like this. And you’re going to go pull off your bottom leaves. You’re going to create,
you know, a circular fashion to cover up the lip of the vase. And then you put a couple
more pieces in, will just help to hold the stems in place when you arrange the tulips.
So, just go like that, and then, it doesn’t necessarily have to be, you know, in any particular
fashion because you’re going to cover it up with the flowers. But, you just want to create
a base. And that’s how you prepare your vase.

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