Hi everyone for this new video we’re going to find ourselves on a tutorial on how to clean a glass vase first thing in i.e. a glass vase there are some of all shapes and colours and sizes the most important thing is that you have to maintain well in fact a well maintained vase will allow you to have a better session not to have any parasitic taste of residues etc. it’s much more pleasant first of all very important thing at the end of each session you empty your vase, fill it with water and finally shake it a little bit. just to clean up a little bit to remove the residue and odors. permanent it will allow you to maintain them in the long term and also in the short term if you wish clean your base more thoroughly you can use two products is used ready-made products like schmander powder simply with this powder you put it in your database you put water in and let it work a few minutes shake you a little bit and give you a little brush then either with a brush like this one or with a brush type decanter brush with decanter, bottle brush and your vase it comes out brand new without smell finally if you do not have products like this one and you would rather use the traditional method you’re going to settle for dishwashing liquid to remove everything that’s going to be grease, traces etc. and if you want white vinegar to remove all the others, coupled with a brush of course then a brush of this style if you have a vase with fairly simple shapes of medium size well, if you have vases with slightly more complex or slightly larger shapes you can use this kind of brushes so they are decanter brushes, it will allow you to reach the areas a little bit a little bit complicated from your vase and really clean up well finally to give a last blow of brilliance to your base you can use the limpuro product where it will simply be necessary in master on the vase let it work a little bit produces a small blow well rinse and it will really give a boost finally the powder schmander and the limpuro spread are available on the site planete-sfactory.com and this will help you to clean your chicha here we come to the end of this video do not hesitate to go to the description if you want know how to clean other types of base such as acrylic vases and if you also want know how to maintain your hookah on other parts, for example, how to clean a heating system, a silicone tube or a handle. all this will be in the description well, if you liked the video, don’t hesitate to leave a like share and comment and we will soon meet again for new ciao tutos


  1. Salut a toi super vidéo ! (reposte)

    Je voulais te demande est-il possible de faire une vidéo le tabac ?, Cela pourrait être très intéressant, je m'explique… Une vidéo ou tu "présente" les différents type de tabac ( rouge, brun, blond, noir ect…) Donner leur principal caractéristiques par exemple le noir est plus nicotiné que les autres, il est plus fort mais a un meilleur goût ect…

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