Tutorial: selfmade Shabby Chic mit Chalky Vintage Look

Welcome to Viva Decors creative workshop! Today I want to present you a brand new product from Viva Decor. Chalky Vintage Look makes exactly what the name promises. For example you can create a gorgeous vintage-look on simple design objects for indoor and outdoor. I will show you today how it works exactly. For my theme today I need these 2 wonderful wooden hearts as well as 4 colors out of 12 available Chalky-colors. First I put a small amount of each color on a separate plate. Both hearts will be painted with a base color. I decided to use light blue for the bigger heart. Please use a changeable underlayer. The small heart will receive its base color in light green. After completely dry you will see that Chalky is an ultra matt color, but you won´t see neither a chalky-effect nor a vintage-look at the moment. For this we need a second painting in another color. The bigger heart will receive its second coating in rose. The smaller heart receives its second coating in dark green. This second painting must dry for about 10 minutes. To receive the chalky-effect and the vintage-look you need some sand paper. Sand the painting as long as you will start seeing the ground painting. Now you will see that great vintage-look. The chalky-effect that has been promised by the name Chalky is only tactile. As I want to pretty up my hearts, I chose some stamps from the MyPaperWorld-program from Viva Decor. I also need a stamp block. Theses clear stamps just have to be removed from the backing and set on the stamp block. Clear stamps are self adhesive. Now you gently apply some color with a sponge brush. Then you can simply stamp onto the heart. I want to use another stamp motive for the smaller heart: remove the former stamp motive from the stamp block and put it into water. It´s really important to put the stamp immediately into the water, otherwise the weather-resistant Chalky would stay on the stamp and on the stamp block. But if you clean it immediately after using then it´s not a problem. To achieve the vintage-look I just remove some color with the sand paper. Tip: Allow to dry well before sanding. I´m happy with my object. And so you see that you can create really lovely decorations for all indoor and outdoor projects with Chalky Vintagelook. Now you only need some creative ideas, but I´m sure that you will have them! And then you can create wonderful things with Chalky Vintagelook from Viva Decor.

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