Unboxed Silent Mind Tibetan singing bowl Review Amazon Balance and Harmony Design 4″

hi YouTube okay i’m doing an unboxed because I’ve already unboxed my thing this is a tibetan singing bowl and so I’ve already unboxed it so that’s why I’m calling it an unboxed review and so anyway but I wanted to show this to you guys it came in this nice box two days because i have amazon prime shipping came in all this bubble wrap everything was all put in the bubble wrap and everything so it was nice and secure and I’ve been looking at these for quite some time they’ve been coming up on my channel it has a little it’s from silent mind singing bowls and there’s instructions with it here and i’m going to show you here ok this is the bowl this is the side this is inside the bowl and this is the bottom of the bowl and so I was looking at several different bowls and I was listening to people playing and some of the people on the on amazon they were complaining about some of them and so you know always one of those things with something new you just don’t know you know um you just don’t know this one I’m going to tell you this thing sings it sings like mad i’m going to show you guys here hopefully it will work i’m hoping it will work right away the thing that i found though is that the warmer it is the more its inclined to sing bit better let’s see if I well there’s a couple ways you can gong it like that you know gone with that side and then listen to this here she goes [singing bowl ringing] and even feel it vibrating on your hand I think that’s cool let’s see if we can bring it back that I totally love that and for me now it’s the challenge to keep it going to or to get it going from nothing so yeah I i’ll put the link to the Amazon I don’t know what you call them they’re not are the channels the shop the Amazon shop I’ll include it in the video description below I can do it this way to this one’s a little more challenging but let’s see if we can bring it from nothing she’s starting she’s starting her singing who knew I had other talents playing tibetan singing bowls that’s cool now you can feel it vibrating in your hand maybe I already said that I don’t know but that’s cool came with this little pillow I don’t know if I showed you guys or not but i like it on my hand because you can feel you can feel it vibrating on your hand and and i found it plays better to when it’s warm so that’s something i found is when it’s warm both that and the stick when they’re warm it seems to sing a little bit better so i don’t know that’s a i don’t know i mean i just–that’s what I was found now I’m not an expert or anything I just got it today never played one of these before so this is just within oh gosh i think i got it about three hours ago so yeah but i want to thank you guys so much for watching please thumbs up this video ring my bell ring my bell ring my bell subscribe leave comments suggestions ideas and i’ll see you guys soon peace love and avocados love you guys see you soon

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