Understanding wine vintages

Hi guys! I’m almost ten years in hospitality and trust me, I saw so many situations and stories about wine vintages. How old this one should be Which year was the best, so many of them. So I want to clarify here one thing. Obviously, wine industry depends a lot on nature. 50 years ago, whether influenced wine much more than these days because wine making techniques improve and enology as well But still things like rainfall in Spring or during harvest period Or hail and heavy frost Can make one year very successful and another poor? but in particular piece of land. Remember Bordeaux vineyards cover 120 thousand hectares of land How many times you saw one parts of the city is raining like Amazon Forest and another one is dry like UAE either? So I want you to understand two different type of wines. First one where the vintage means a lot. Luckily there is not many of them. Bordeaux and Champagne are the biggest players. You will see the vintage clearly mention on the bottle and this wines tend to age well And improve the lot in bottle. On the other hand, you have the affordable price range where the Winemakers make their wines to be ready to drink on release and lots of them are done in the more than and healthy way of the screw cap What I’m trying to say is that if your Pinot Grigio is already five year old Probably is not the best time and don’t try to play smart and tell me things like this Yeah this 2012 Cabernet from Chili tastes much better than 11 And if you want to know a couple really good vintages for Bordeaux or Champagne just see the chart under this video and Memorize a couple of years could be a birthday or the year you’ve graduated school or maybe fall in love for the first time and then you have Something nice to mention on your next wine dinner. My name is Sam Denshchik. Follow me to get your piece of wine inspiration.

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