Unique Finds From Texas Antiques Week – HGTV

[theme music] Somebody had a big
jackrabbit, antelope, deer, coyote tailed weird
thing all put together, and it was real big. That I saw, that caught my eye. This is a Beech 18. This one was sitting in an
airport scheduled to be junked. And I bought it because that’s
what I do is buy old airplanes. Take them back to the hangar
and come up with the idea that if I cut the
airplane in half it will be the neatest
bar in the world. Let me give it a shot. Everything in the world
about junking is here. You find it. Whatever you’re looking for,
if you don’t find it here, I don’t think you’ll
find it anywhere. And I make fish out of antique
car parts and old lawnmowers. And the hard part is
finding all the cool stuff to make it out of. And the easy part
is making them. If it’s not here,
it doesn’t exist. You just have to look for it. But you’ll never see
it all in one day. You’ll never see
it all in three, you’ll never see it in seven. It’s just amazing how
much stuff is out there. It’s a giant seed pod. Grows from a palm,
like the attalea palm tree in the Amazon. Wow. [music playing]

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