Unique Shopping in Port Hope – Primitive Designs

We import from seven different countries. We buy direct from the artists. We do fair trade, free trade. A lot of the products that we have will never hit
the markets outside of our place because of the fact that we go right to the villages
and deal directly with them and we get to do our own design, our own colouring. It is just fun clothing, comfortable clothing. We have a music section. We have a big load of pottery coming in. We have a number of sculptures that are made
of metal on the premises which have been a big draw for us. It’s a real interesting store. It’s lots of fun. Come for five minutes and stay for a couple
of hours.

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  1. Like Rhonda says, we dropped in back in 2007 for a quick stop and stayed nearly two hours! Now our home is almost completely decorated by Primitive Designs.

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