13 Replies to “Unlicensed salon operates inside Albuquerque antique shop”

  1. He continues to do hair while the inspector is there… which means they truly don't care. These two are scam artists, and they know the state will ultimately do nothing to them.

  2. i am starting to hate my home state of new mexico. fuck that. complaining about cutting hair? Land of the Fee!!!!!

  3. Just pay to renew your license and work in a salon that has an establishment license. It's not that hard. This guy doesn't want to do those things because he's not willing to follow the rules. I doubt he's sanitary.

  4. Licence , licence, licence , money for welfare, money for welfare , money for welfare and bureaucrats. BIG BROTHER. Leave them alone. If clients want to go there then who is gov to tell them not to?

  5. …can just see the jailroom talk….
    prisoner 1)What are you in for? ———————————–>prisoner 2)MURDER
    prisoner 2) What are YOU in here for? ———————————->prisoner 1)cutting hair hahahahhaha….sigh

  6. Funny that it takes 15 months of training to be a licensed beautician. And only 19 weeks of Police Academy to become a cop. Something is wrong with this country.

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