Using A Full Size Headboard And Footboard With A Queen Size Mattress Set

Hey guys it’s Candice with The Sleep Shop and today
I’m gonna show you how to put together the 515-3H now when you get this product in the box
will be directions for the 515-1 I don’t know why i guess the
manufacturer thinks that it should be simple enough to put them together but there’s a huge difference and that confuses a lot people and i can understand why with the five 515-1 this bar is bolted
onto the side of the rails and with this, that is not the
case you have to bolt it on yourself that so this is the 515-3H I’ve already assembled the head and the foot center
support we’re just gonna show you how to bolt on
that support rail because it is not in the directions now for these two up here, for the head and the foot
you actually do exactly like this paper says for this center support Okay, so I’ve already put the plastic piece into the leg and the threaded foot, so that part is done for me I’ve got my C-clamp on. You slide those together, tighten your c-clamp to keep it in place it’s just gonna go right below each of the side rails you may need to adjust it a little bit and that’s fine once you’ve got your holes lined up, tighten your clamp So put your bolt in, go ahead and tighten that then you move to your other side, do the very same and tighten it, and once you’ve got that complete you’re ready to go! so this is what it looks like when it is
all together this is the 515-3 H or 3 B depending on if you get hook on or bolt on

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