Valuing Antique & Costume Jewelry – Find at Thrift Stores by Dr. Lori

Got 1/2 a yard sale what made you buy this cabochon black onyx set in copper? Just like Right Wellhe’s laundry heparin seem to think so their little black dress Okay, this particular piece this piece of morning jewelry mo you are in ing Someone wore this to a funeral in the Victorian era prior to 1901. It probably dates between 1890 and 1901 It’s a cabochon. That means at the carved piece, right? It’s an oval piece and oftentimes what they use these for is to actually go over a locket Okay, so the locket on one’s neck and then you place this over when the person passes away mourning the idea of celebrating death was very popular in the Victorian era the Victorians loved to go to a cemetery and have a picnic with grandma in her grades You know a little morbid, but that’s what they did This is mourning jewelry and Lauren a jewelry from the Victorians very very desirable very popular and quite bountiful the piece in my hand is worth about $400 did you pay $400 at the yarn sell lips? When oh, geez Holding her chest now. Oh my god, no palpitations Would you okay four hundred dollars a few yards down? Hell no Necklace in a thrift store because you were companies you dr. Lurie. Do you wanted to bring her a present? Cuz you’re mr. Birthday, which was January 11th, by the way And you mister I’m 1 1 1. You know 1 1 1. I’m also the one appraiser you need. So ok You’ve got this piece. It’s nice. So you look for the marks because it says 9 to 5 right on it So you’re looking for a sterling silver? That’s what this is 925 parts per thousand and it’s marked very clearly right here However, this is not sterling silver. And this is not sterling silver. And this is not sterling silver The only part that is sterling silver is this portion right here? That’s marked. That’s it The rest of it is in fact, what’s called Gatsby ight? Other elements here are also turquoise other elements here are lapis lazuli lapis lazuli was the actual stone that was ground down and then mixed with Egg tempera paints to make the mantle to you for the paint that would make the mantle of the Virgin Mary She was always shown in in the blue color of the mantle So that’s basically what you have here and then these beads up here are actually glass So you’ve got a nice pendant on a cheapie and a cheapy chain basically with these beads So the pendant in fact has the most value it’s worth about a hundred and twenty-five dollars. What did you pay at the thrift store? What how much So ten dollars basically, so you pay ten dollars for it it’s worth a lot more than that But all the value is right here in the pendant. There are other pieces probably worth somewhere around ten bucks So you got the pendant really for free really quite nice That piece dates to anywhere between I think it’s actually made in in the United States that pendant It’s probably made in the western United States Of course in that tradition of Native American jewelry or what’s called old pawn jewelry And I would say it sometime between the 1920s and 1940s From your mother, okay, so your mother’s costume jewelry necklace you have some aurora borealis Crystals at the bottom those particular crystals you can see in sort of a diamond pattern Three-dimensional and you can see all the prism colors. That’s how we know. It’s aurora borealis Okay, and then you have these elements which are of course simulated pearls Let’s talk a little bit about pearls One of the clues to identifying pearls is how they’re strong pearls would be strung with a knot in between each pearl People will put in pearl to their teeth and go it’s grindy. It must be a pearl. I know what they’re doing Take the necklace out of your mouth Don’t use acid. I love these people do the acid test Yeah, let’s put your pearls in acid and if they deteriorate them, yes you had pearls Completed yes, so don’t do any of those things If you read them on the Internet, the thing about pearls is you’re looking for a luster So you’re looking for the same consistent color and the same consistent Sheen or luster? Okay, you’re usually looking for similar size and they’re identified by millimeters, right? And these particular ones are of course fo FAU X, you know also known as not real. Okay, so that’s what you’re looking at here They’re usually put together in this manner in the 1940s or early 50s Is that possible for your mother’s time era Margaret? Okay, so this could have been that now this clasp tells you a lot This is a clasp that actually has a patent date in the early 1900s so You know when the class was made? That doesn’t mean that the patent date that’s on the clasp is the date of the necklace cuz you could be using an old patent And then make a newer necklace, right? So this particular type of patent really goes back Relatively a long time Value on this set of costume jewelry, which was made in New York in the early part of the 1950’s worth about 125 dollars crystals, very very hot and these particulars same color of the faux pearls very popular if I had real pearls you Talking about probably 1,200 bucks You’ve got this from a knot you Believe so been a while. All right, these particular pieces are glass there are glass beads They are formed glass beads. They’re in pretty good condition. They are set with a clasp that is brass made by a costume jewelry company and marked right on it and the Ehrlich company made these pieces into the 1930s and 40s value on your piece is about $75. It’s a nice necklace all glass beads You had to change So you have a small metal with an M monogram boat in the middle with the forest across in the form of a crucifix So not like a plus sign with like a crucifix So the arms are shorter than the body of the cross that is important. There are many different types of crosses a lot of different types of crosses throughout the history they mean different things just because you see a particular cross that looks like another cross doesn’t mean that it’s from the same period and then what you have here is What the scapular it says 1830 and then there are all scars around Mary right all-stars around her body and then it’s actually a little like a half moon and That Half Moon relates to what’s called the bear fight the barefoot Carmelites Right the nuns the order of the nuns who in fact, will they say? Assisted as she was assumed the Assumption of Mary. So when Mary dies doesn’t just go straight to heaven She needs help from angel and poopd and nuns and everybody else to basically get her to heaven Where is Jesus Christ is able to ascend and of his own power? Right. So what you see this is actually a funerary or memorial for someone who has passed away typically and you’ll Wear it around the neck Jewelry is like this this particular piece is 24 karat gold. It’s very very very (“not durable”, Dr. Lori misspoke) Durable, not like 10 karat gold which is malleable and hammering One side has Mary on it, the other side has a “M” on it. Oh, I look to both sides what your question well My daddy’s other sister wasn’t a Partner, so I’m wondering that’s where we came from So your relative is a Carmelite nun. I’m talking about the iconography of the Carmelites and you put two and two together ago Wow Dr. Lori do that and never met me before And I haven’t met your fear honza none either, right? That’s what you got in Mason’s make sense. Now Marty glad you came is right People have fun because you learn more about your own family history, you know you have me and the object Anyway, they’re very good too, but I’m just saying that’s what you got. So this is probably one of hers It’s something for the scapular, right? We got those catechism after you learn, you know, your Lord prayer your active nutrition or something But typically these are provided for nuns Okay value I loved well the value of the gold and value on is probably somewhere around $350 today, that’s nice. We’re gonna help Hi, hon Hello again. How are you doing? I’d you fire this I Think I think it was my crayons you Think this ones are great on I don’t I’ve had it did your brand? I have the jewelry when she an old maid like me. Oh, she was very well She wasn’t she was a working woman working along with her whole life working realize that she can afford the bling This particular piece dates to the 1950s It is of course rhinestones these two rhinestones on this side are quite fine The one in the middle I think is a replacement not as good as the others now This particular piece does not have a mark on it. It’s not Eisenberg ice or turf re or any of the big high-end names of positive jewelry but it is a nice boost of custom Jordan and you’ll be surprised at custom jewelry sells pretty well today these pieces worth about 150 dollars it’s pretty plain. It’s not all that glamorous, but it still has a value about $150 because there’s a generation of jewelry collectors. They didn’t like my millennial Lisa’s who don’t always want the real thing We definitely don’t lose it. So they’re paying more money for custom jewelry. Very nice

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  1. You are absolutely awesome and I just want to let you know how much I enjoy watching you! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

  2. I have a bling costume jewelry braclet made by Trifari. Good thing you mention the price. I was going to discount it as something not valuable.

  3. For many years I collected vintage costume jewelry. I have boxes and boxes of many similar to those you are showing, plus lots of rhinestones brooches, but, is time to get rid of them. Your evaluations sound wonderful, problem is, where do I go to sell them for these prices? I would settle for much less than the values u put on them. No where locally will give me anything close to these prices, and even ebay prices are horrible. 30 years ago, when I first started collecting them they were selling so a decent amount, but, I wasnt wanting to sell then, I was strictly collecting. My bad, maybe I should have sold them then to get a pretty profit.

  4. THE expert, as always. Wow, how timely. I just inherited a pearl set,the first thing said to me was, 'it's real, rub on your teeth and see.' LOL I bet you rule in ANY kind of trivia. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Lori, do you recommend any books that help identify antique items with the depth of detail that you cover ? Any subject. Thank you!

  6. No your not an old maid because her aunt worked hard !! Like you don't work hard😂🤣. Geeze thanx lady😳😮☹️

  7. I always go to yard sales. Everything over 10 years old here they tell you oh, its antique and I want such and such high amount for it lol. Hard to find anything decent at a good price. As always Dr. Lori, great show. I try to learn from you. Thanks for posting. 😊😊😊

  8. My Aunt gave me lots of old clip-on earrings and necklaces back 30 plus years ago and I made Christmas ornaments out of the pretty 4:41 crystals. I love it when you're on Oak Island.

  9. Thank you again for you fun educating videos analysis. You are always a pleasure to watch. You must have been a fun professor too.

  10. I have pieces from the 1950’s that belonged to my aunt and they’re very similar to a few you showed. I had no idea they were worth so much. Thank you.

  11. Dr Lori not only do you look like my niece as I have said before , Your birthday is the same as my daughter's.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! That is the gift! I have learnt so much just watching your videos. Love that they are short and tow the point with a bit of light humor! BLessings!!

  12. I have a few solid color stones which are beautiful but the jeweler referred to them as being "synthetic" today… I think they only like diamond
    You said on that one film the darker the color the better.. right? Some of them are dark rich colors at least
    It's too bad that CZ is so cheap- I found a gorgeous CZ the other day!
    The lady at the jewelry store knew INSTANTLY from a distance if diamond is real .. I was skeptical but I guess maybe they know from experience
    Your films are great I'm very thankful

  13. There's always been something I love about diamonds and opal and anything else colorful. Going through these is kind of fun

  14. Lol! “Yes! Let’s put your pearls in acid!” You crack me up Dr. Lori! I never realized how valuable costume jewelry could be until I started learning from your videos and website.

  15. I used to collect vintage jewelry in the ‘80’s while in college, it was very affordable and I was enthusiastic. I had many, many signed pieces. I moved to the west coast, my home was burglarized and they took a pillow case off my bed to use for all my jewelry. Since then I’ve only purchased a few pieces, most unsigned. Interesting to come across this channel today.

  16. I would love to know where I could sell necklaces like these for the amounts she's quoting. Most of these wouldn't go for more than $20 on ebay.

  17. Can anyone tell me which of these brands are the most valuable? I have a lot of jewelry (esp clip on earrings from grandma) from these brands but to me they all seem the same level of quality. Is one brand more desirable than the others? Napier, Trifari, Monet, Sarah Coventry

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