Victorian Girl Photoshoot with Antique Camera

..agh… stay okay good morning. I have a photoshoot today. And a photoshoot vlog for you. it’s been a while since we did one of these I think the last one I did was that Slytherin one up at Glasgow Uni Im not counting the … .. card videos as “photoshoot vlogs” Because those are as much video projects as they are photoshoots. y’know what I mean? anyway its been a while makeup is mostly done. Hair is done. the photographer this time specifically asked for a “female look” Thats why I’m shaved even all the way up the sides which I dont really like………. BUT……… who am I to argue with someone willing to pay me? ..right? If they want a Female Model, they will get a Female Model and my hair is braided and then pinned at the back Kind of to make it look like long hair that’s been tied up but it’s actually just my short hair in french braids its all an illusion! it’s FALSEADVERTISING AAAAGGGHHH no it isn’t You know, facebook just reminded me yesterday that it’s exactly a year ..or a year and a day since since I did a whole other photoshoot up at the Cathedral and Necropolis for Halloween Reasons it’s a popular location. I cant argue with that. I wonder how many photoshoots I’ve done there I wonder how many photoshoots this dress has been on I’ll show you it you might recognize it if you’ve been watching this channel, or ever seen anything Ive ever done One day, I’m gonna do a video that’s The Life And Times of This Dress it’s been through a lot of things that I didn’t think it’d survive I’ve done quite a few projects where I thought “.. well, I’m going to sacrafice this dress” “that’ll be it” “that’ll be it’s Last Photshoot” and then it always boucnes back I think it’s indestructable …I’m just kind of jibbering at you because it’s early… open? no, it’s not gonna sit like that collar down? collar down. ..collar up? I dont know we’ll see. I can mix it up. okay lets go! these are the hodler that hold the hold the film. The film is actually that size. And once you take these slides out, the film is exposed. thats when you press the shutter. then you put the slide back in again. make sure the film stays dark. [camera shutter sound]

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