Vietnamese army gun oil bottle restoration – Vietnam War Repair

Vietnam army gun oil bottle restoration Vietnam war repair Applying WD40 It’s stuck and need some heat It’s a Vietnam War gallantry cross medal Like this one The Gallantry cross medal was given By the former Government of South Vietnam For displaying heroic conduct while fighting the enemy I will use the stone to clean the inside of this gun oil bottle 80 minutes of tumbling will clean the inside perfectly This needs sandblasting I use virgin white aluminium oxide this time Air pressure it set to 80 psi when sandblasting This is the air compressor I use when sandblasting Sandblasting the Vietnam army gun oil bottle The result of the sandblasting I will use 12% vinegar To make a nickel plate solution I will use this later to nickel plate the bottle Adding a little salt to the vinegar I use pure nickel to make anodes Connecting power to the nickel anodes Remember always to user proper safety equipment I leave a link to all the products that I use in the video description Now we are brewing a nickel plate solution After 2 hours the nickel solution is ready Please subscribe to my YouTube channel This Vietnamese bottle needs a lot of polishing Connecting negative pole to the bottle Cleaning the Vietnam army gun bottle I use strong alcohol to do that First I dip it in 30% hydrochloric acid This process emits toxic fumes So good ventilation and proper safety equipment is a must Then I dip it in water And down in the nickel solution I made earlier I nickel plate with 4.5 Volt and 0.36 amp I let it nickel plate for a few minutes Now I polish the nickel plating very gentle I need to restore this old rubber sealing too Rubber sealing is now as good as new Now we nickel plate the bottle cap Switching on power supply 1.5v 0.2w Moving the power to get the nickel plating even Sandblasting the Vietnam war gallantry cross medal Polishing this beautiful Vietnam War medal This is a ultrasonic cleaner I leave a link to all the products that I use in the video description Cleaning the Vietnam medal in a ultrasonic cleaner Vietnamese gun oil The Vietnam army gun oil bottle before restoration

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  1. "Former government," meaning the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, verses what it was after unification, The Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

  2. I saw plenty of those when I was there in 70 and 71. My military occupation of skill or MOS was 05K teletype intercept operator

  3. That looks so beautiful now. The blue tinge on the metal against the bright shine of the medal looks absolutely perfect. Congratulations on getting it spot on.

  4. Hey dude! Not sure if you can see this comment, but I have fairly rusted old hunting knife that my grandfather's father (can be my father's father.. forgot which.) I wonder, can I send it to you to restore it?

  5. Esse tipo de item não deveria ser restaurado. A história por trás da sujeira e ferrugem vale mais que qualquer brilho.

  6. My father brought Gun oil. I used to put it in bicycle chain and sewing machine. It was never used in guns. After some time father asked about oil he got a shining empty bottle only😂😂😂

  7. Watching your restoration videos is like smoking crack. One hit & you're addicted! 😉 I say you're more than an object restorer. You're an artist!

  8. I have to disappoint you, gentleman. This is not a Vietnamese gun oil bottle. This is a Soviet Army gun oil bottle from assault rifle AK-47, SKS carabine, Mosin's rifle or machine – gun PPSh.
    There were using two kinds of gun oil bottle: one-head and two-heads bottles for different kinds of gun oil.

  9. I like that you nickel plated it but the polished aluminum look is cool too. One tip though make sure that rubber doesn't dry out. I have these for my guns.

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